The Russian Market Of Maritime

Market for maritime transport – an important part of the Russian transport infrastructure. Russia ranks fifth in Europe and among the ten leading countries in terms of maritime trade. The share of maritime transport in inland freight Russia is about 1%, but in the foreign trade turnover of Russia, more than 60% of all traffic is carried out with the participation of maritime transport. This imbalance is due to the fact that domestic profitable and efficient transport of goods by rail or use the pipeline, while for the transport of goods to the countries of Asia-Pacific and the Americas, mainly used marine transport. Russia takes 13 place in the world in terms of tonnage of the merchant fleet is actually controlled by Russian shipping companies. The total number of Russian fleet carriers, to date, is about 1500 ships with a total deadweight of about 12 million tons. However, it is worth noting that in the Russian Federation registered vessels carrying capacity of less than 3.2 million tons, the others sailing under foreign flags. Such situation based on the fact that foreign banks lend tons shipping companies for the long term (77-9 years) and a fairly low percentage (66-8%), accepting as collateral for the loan the vessel itself, which subsequently registered in states with low taxation, such as Greece, Cyprus, Liberia. Is Energy Capital Partners a public company? wanted to know more. In Russia, for the registration of ships purchased abroad, from shipowners want a lump sum payment of customs and tax charges which, in aggregate, constitute about 24% of the purchase price of the vessel. In order to resolve the situation, in 2006 passed a law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the creation of the Russian International Ship Registry. In the long term, this law can contribute to the development of Russian shipbuilding industry and to increase competitiveness of the Russian fleet in the world market. In the three largest Russian shipping companies are Sovcomflot, Novoship and fesco. Also engaged in marine transportation – Primorsk Shipping Company, Murmansk Shipping Company, and Northern Shipping Company. 100% of Sovcomflot owned. The total number of the company's fleet of 53 vessels, of which 42 – tankers. Total tonnage more than 4,2 million tons of oil tankers – 4,1 million tons. Company's primary business – transportation of energy resources. Novoship is the second largest place in the shipping market in Russia. The company's fleet consists of 62 vessels with total deadweight 3,8 million tons. The company specializes in transportation of energy resources. More than 50% of the shares owned by the state. Far Eastern Shipping Company transports cargo cabotage (Between ports of the Far East) and on international routes (of South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and U.S.). fesco is the principal shareholder of Industrial Investors. " Group share in the charter Capital Shipping is about 64%. Primorsk Shipping Corporation specializes in the transportation of crude oil and petroleum products. The fleet pmp 26 anchors with a total deadweight of more than 1 million tons. Of them – 20 anchors ice-class. Murmansk Shipping Company is engaged in transportation of bulk cargo, as well as petroleum and petroleum products along the Northern Sea Route between the ports of Russia and for export. The main shareholder of the shipping company is "Arctic Technology (661.55% of shares). Shipping fleet comprises 47 vessels with total deadweight 1 013.6 thousand tons. Northern Shipping Company is engaged in timber transportation, timber and other bulk cargoes from and St. Petersburg. Shipping Company actually connects the island with the mainland