IVF, or fertilization in vitro, is one of the most popular and well-known assisted reproduction techniques today, while you practice only when the rest of procedures fail. This technique consists in fertilizing oocytes with sperm outside the mother’s womb. Once the fertilized oocyte, is transferred to the uterus of the woman within a period of 14 days after fertilization. Results depend to a large extent on selected patients. Angel investor addresses the importance of the matter here. Some of the reasons why this fertilization can failing are: that damaged the oocytes during the extraction are abnormal, the cellular division of fertilised oocytes will not occur, or that the embryo does not develop properly. Just as in other techniques of reproduction assisted, there to consider that there may be risks, as for ectopic pregnancy, in which the embryo is implanted outside the uterus, multiple pregnancy, or an early loss. We must also bear in mind that, in most cases, the treatment is not successful until the second or third attempt, but the success rate is between 30% and 40%. As for the cost of IVF, varies depending on the assisted reproduction clinic in which is carried out, the age of the patient and the problem of infertility, but the price tends to be around 4,000 euros..

Materials Prostheses

Implant – a foreign body, so implantation can be a problem: how to find such an alloy which would not react with the surrounding tissues, is not oxidized, and most importantly, not reject them. In addition, each body reacts differently to the same thing, that is something that is safe for one person may have a negative impact on another. With prosthetics Wednesday mouth is very aggressive. On aids and prostheses affects a range of chemical, physical and biological factors. Ali Partovi gathered all the information. Not remain passive and synthetic materials – they also affect the teeth, mucosa, and the entire human body as a whole. How does it done? Food and saliva are none other than the chemically active electrolyte. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Peter Asaro . When the mouth is a seal or a metal prosthesis, it becomes a cause galvanic cell, which generates a galvanic current.

It occurs usually during the electrochemical corrosion of alloys or metals, and the higher acidity of saliva, the greater the value electromotive force of galvanic cell. This phenomenon can cause and corrosion-resistant materials, but have different electrical or electrochemical potential. That’s why not all the alloys, used for the manufacture of dental prostheses are compatible with each other. Marc Mathieu follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Patients then begin to complain about the burning of the mucous membrane, discomfort, metallic taste and bad breath. In the process occurring in the oral cavity of complex chemical reactions, and sometimes can form harmful for the body material. In addition, some materials may cause negative shifts in fluids and tissues, to influence acidity, changing the microflora of oral cavity, break sensitivity, blood circulation and cause inflammation.

Unfortunately, even today, used in prosthetic dentistry base alloy can not claim on entirely inert to corrosion. Therefore it is necessary to cover the metal parts of prostheses with a protective layer of nitrite titanium, gold and other similar inert alloys. High chemical resistance are based alloys gold, palladium, platinum, stainless steel, acrylic plastic, and, finally, porcelain. This is because they are always wrapped in the thinnest oxide film, which protects the metal from further oxidation. So, to summarize. Materials for dental prostheses must meet the following requirements: be chemically inert and harmless; have sufficient resistance to the power of influence, have to be mechanically strong, to keep constancy of volume and shape. This should also add a good technological features (otherwise it is impossible to conduct molding, stamping, molding would nullify all the previous virtues). Well, of course, the materials to prosthetics, which are difficult to hide under a smile or conversation, the color should be close to the enamel, and it is their property they need to maintain a sufficiently long time.

Energy-Water Purification

But none of these methods are not fully implemented the entire chain of energy-water purification, which it passes under natural conditions. Indeed, among all natural hydro-water recovery factors are several main. Steve Wozniak understands that this is vital information. The first is compression of water in the interior of the Earth's rocks, its long-term physical and chemical contact with many minerals and salts, as well as phase transformation associated with evaporation, condensation, crystallization and melting. In addition, the water is very complex and dynamic movement in a different mode of liquid-phase state in the gravitational and magnetic fields of Earth. But Today the water cycle in nature only in small degree has a super-powerful to her influence that she had at birth.

And this influence was an ancient stellar gravity. Of course, under the influence today's Earth's gravity water alive and rejuvenated in his non-stop movement in the mountain streams and rivers, jingling the keys in the forest ravines and streams of bright impetuous waterfalls. However, the strength of natural Recovery 'juvenile' water potential can not overcome its present degree of pollution, including haze and bioinformatics. Therefore, we need a new technology to rejuvenate yuvenilizatsii or water energy commensurate with the gravity of the star. But to get on an industrial scale such gravitational fields is not possible yet. Output from the seemingly dead-end situation can be found in the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein.

According to its creator, the effect of gravity on matter is equivalent to acceleration – the change in velocity per unit time. In this sense, and in the nature of water is sometimes subject to rather large gravitational accelerations, such as when hitting the rocks in mountain waterfalls. Moreover, the natural cleansing action gidroperegruzok amplified and supplemented by their frequent repetition of a virtually infinite in a long journey water to the seas and oceans. In turn, they continue to actively gravity-replacement treatment of water, shaking its gentle waves or the roar of a hurricane hitting the rocks. However, in the stellar magnitude scale of these gravitationally accelerating effects on the water is relatively small and changeable. Therefore the main task of technology to create a 'juvenile' water will be the implementation of super-controlled acceleration, accelerations, which be subjected to dust particles. As a result of this disintegration will required the structure of water, followed by erasing, zeroing out unnecessary information.

Tissue Bank CITO

Moreover, they found svoe use in neurosurgery, ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery, dentistry, etc. 11. Tissue bank CITO on the market of medical services offered also alloimplantaty of spongy bone tissue, which are made in blocks of various sizes. Read more here: Peter Asaro . They are carefully cleaned myeloid component and can play an important role not only of replacement material, but also serve as a carrier for biologically active substances, and for the transplanted cells. These units are widely used in reconstructive operations in traumatology and orthopedics, where there is a need to fill large bone defects 12.

For the sterilization of all materials produced by the tissue bank CITO used radiation method stream of fast electrons with a dose of 20-25 kGy absorption. It should be noted that the conditions of application of this method of sterilization for bone implants have been developed for the first time as part of the scientific Tissue Bank CITO program. As a result of joint activities with other scientific institutions we have developed a new generation of materials biokompozitsionnye 'Allomatriks-implant' and 'Osteomatriks'. Main difference between these materials lies in the fact that 'Allomatriks-implant "bone contains collagen and sulfated glycosaminoglycans bone (sGAG), a' Osteomatriks', having in its composition the same two major components bone tissue contains more and hydroxyapatite (HA) in natural form. They are available with tissue bank CITO in the form of blocks and beads.

The reason for creating these materials served a number of theoretical assumptions. It is known that in processes of bone formation actively involved major extracellular matrix components such as proteoglycans, glycoproteins and collagen, and bone morphogenetic proteins and growth factors. Proteoglycans are proteins, composed of complex polysaccharides, mainly sGAG. In bone sGAG are chondroitin, dermatan, keratan, and, it is they who determine the key features of the bone proteoglycans. Proved that the ability to modulate the exchange sGAG connective tissue cells and influence their differentiation 13,14.

Understanding Disease

World Health Organization released a report which suggests that up to 80% of all existing human diseases caused by parasites, either directly, or are a consequence of their activity in our body! All doctors, no matter to what degree they belong, must recognize the fact that according to the testimony pathoanatomical practice, 90% of the autopsies are teeming with large worms, protozoa and unicellular microorganisms. It’s no secret that asthma is often parasitic nature: the cause of liver disease is a parasite – fluke. It’s no secret that diabetes in many cases is parasitic roots (Fluke of cattle). It’s no secret that eczema and psoriasis – a disease associated with lack of silicon, which absorb the parasites who have settled in the human body. It’s no secret that trigger the development of inflammatory joint diseases often are caused by parasites. It’s no secret that the protozoa parasites infect the baby in the womb and to deal with them can not be applied or antibiotics, no irradiation, no operations.

Parasites cause allergy of the human body, reduce resistance to infectious diseases, creating a predisposition to chronic diseases, as well as reduce the effectiveness of vaccination. A person can be a ‘master’ of more than 2000 species of parasites, from the smallest microorganisms to the meter of worms. Parasites live not only in the rectum – they can be found almost anywhere in the body: lungs, liver, muscle, joints, stomach, esophagus, brain, blood, skin, and even in eyes. People ignorant of the dangers flowing sluggishly parasitic diseases, not aware of the fact that pets are natural carriers of a large the number of parasites, which they scatter throughout the house and infect hosts. Get more background information with materials from Ali Partovi. This is usually not carried out any special measures to prevent the spread of parasites or of the measures taken are not enough. K Unfortunately, today’s infectious disease can not fully explore the person using traditional diagnostic methods. Every doctor prescribes various medications that are often not able to cope with a cause disease, but only ‘chase’ the symptoms deep inside the body. The main symptoms of pests are: intestinal and gastric disorders; depression; violations of the weight and metabolism; pain in joints and muscles; chronic fatigue; malfunction of the immune system; allergies, anemia; increased sensitivity to weather changes; problem skin; gnashing of teeth; sleep disorders; inflammation, warts, granuloma, and others already being in hospitals, women and newborn babies infected with staphylococcus, chlamydia, trichomonads and other infections.

According to the resonance frequency of diagnosis, parasites 97% of infected people, particularly high rate of infection with ascarids, pinworms and tapeworms all kinds. Fungal infections are infected more than 25% of the population. According to data from different regions of Ukraine, 70% of patients studied infected with Toxoplasma – tiny parasites that live in the brain. This intracellular parasites that destroy brain cells, as well as living in the internal organs, muscles and lymph nodes. Infection occurs from cats, dogs, birds, and through the milk of farm animals. Infected during pregnancy and the unborn child, as the placenta of infected women are not able to deal with the penetration toxoplasm. And that’s just one example of the harmful effects of parasites. In the course of life, the person in contact with a lot of harmful microorganisms, infected them. It would seem that develops a hopeless situation – we have to put up with new and effective way of getting rid of diseases!

Garlic Tabs

Take 1 capsule 3 times a day with meals. Garlic Tabs (Garlic) has anti-inflammatory action. It prevents platelet aggregation than the circulatory system. In addition, it inhibits the production and secretion in the body of thromboxane B2 – substance that causes a spasm of blood vessels. Recommended dosage – 1 tablet 2 times a day with meals. The rate of recovery of damaged tissue, ie, repair processes are directly dependent on blood flow velocity (Microcirculation). Therefore, the appointment together with an extract of garlic preparations of ginkgo biloba is absolutely justified – Ginkgo / Gota Cola (Ginkgo / Gotu Kola).

Recommended dosage – 1 tablet 2 times a day with meals. Recently, widely used enzyme therapy – the appointment of enzymes, especially proteoleticheskogo series. For example, the drug NSP Rrotease Plus (Protease Plus), a mixture of different proteases (proteolytic enzymes). This complex can be used not only to improve digestion. If you assign it in between meals, then it has another property.

Rrotease Plus anti-inflammatory, anti, fibrinolytic effect, improves microcirculation, provides an increased concentration of nutrients in the lesion. The effectiveness of treatment in the application of enzymes is increased, and the rate of complications is reduced. Recommended dose – 2-3 capsules 3 times day 40 minutes before eating. Another enzyme preparation Food Enzymes (digestive enzymes), it includes a natural proteolytic component – bromelain. Its purpose – to fight inflammation. Samsung will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It also has anti-edematous, fibrinolytic, reparative action improves. Antioxidant therapy with Supplements Antioxidant (antioxidant), Grapine (Grepayn with protectors), Zambroza (Zambroza) provides powerful protection at the cellular level, increases regenerative processes, helps to restore cartilage, inhibits acute and chronic inflammatory and degenerative processes.

Bodily Functions

Their transformations, which are spatiotemporal in nature, occur constantly in the range of acceptable temperatures and biologically discrete decomposition of water potentials: -0.4, -0.1, 0.19, 0.49, 0.78 V (at pH 7, 5). That is why the primary functional abnormalities in the body are due, above all, change the properties of biological fluids. This is due to electrical disturbances, ie ability of water molecules to mediate the transfer of electrons in redox reactions. The most widely represented in biological systems, free radicals formed as intermediates and by-products recovery of molecules oxygen. Among them, the vast majority has a very short period of existence.

After its emergence may be a molecular transformation (or split regroup). Initiated free radical processes have a number of important and useful to the body functions (phagocytosis, spermatogenesis, regulation of membrane permeability, the maintenance of homeostasis, the proliferation of immune cells, etc.). But excess production of free radicals leads to oxidative damage to cellular macromolecules. Their systematic accumulation causes the development of a number of pathological processes (cancer, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, immunosuppression, neurodegenerative diseases, cataracts). It should be noted that the intensity increase oxidative damage depends on the ratio of velocities the formation and neutralization of free radicals, ie, of the usefulness of antioxidant defenses. Such protection is carried out by enzymes and non-enzymatic compounds that affect the intracellular and extracellular education. Antioxidants – "cleaners" free radicals, normalize the transfer of information from extracellular to intracellular regulators effector systems to optimize the "protein-lipid" interaction. Intensification of reactive oxygen species (ROS) contributes to the destruction of cell walls and membranes of microorganisms, makes them easier to digest than the phagocytic cells.

Around Fields

Complex manifestations of will and faith. Mashable is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Around Fields of Consciousness is the sphere radius of one meter, which is the personal sphere, in which consciousness is formed by physical telo.Oblast volume covers the body like armor. Around the meter sphere is a sphere with radius of five meters, in which the interaction with the outside of the inner world. The soul receives and emits a powerful center. All information is projected from a point Archiving Soul (which has its structure) to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland in the thyroid gland projects on cellular structure, organs, body systems, and information structure of the body.

For the information structure of the body are energy-information points along the spinal system Sephiroth, which creates the image of man, and the sphere of personal interaction with the personality of God the Father structures that represent the true consciousness, the Soul, the Holy Spirit – The scope of Christ, God Ra Scope, Scope of the Holy Spirit of Elijah. Sphere located near the head, left, right, at zatylka.Golova fall within the scope of personal consciousness a radius of 25 cm Everything that is in the soul, reflected and manifested in the structure of consciousness. The scope is within a five-meter Cuba Times, which keeps the space of personal existence of human consciousness. Meter and five-meter sphere form a set area of Information-SDI, management structure, external events, interaction outer and inner worlds, process management organizma.Na upper pole five-meter sphere is the Assemblage Point. For information on control through ITNs can be found in the authors' recommended reading 'on the' LIGHT SOUL.

Bitter Melon

The therapeutic effect is evident even when you add cinnamon to the tea, it is useful not only for diabetics, but also those who have hidden problems with blood sugar. The active component of cinnamon was water-soluble polyphenol MNSR. In laboratory experiments, this substance has shown the ability to mimic insulin, activate perceives its receptor in the cells and work on an equal footing with insulin. Tests for people have shown the ability of one, three, six grams of cinnamon to lower blood sugar levels by 20% or more. In addition, it was found that cinnamon lowers blood fats and "bad cholesterol", and neutralizes free radicals. 2. Other leaders such as Peter Asaro offer similar insights.

Bitter melon (BITTER MELON) Bitter melon grows in tropical areas, including areas in the Amazon basin, in eastern Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. In addition, it has been cultivated in South America, in particular for the production medications. It was used by more than 5000 years in China. Bitter melon is used in medicine for the treatment of tumors, trauma, inflammation, malaria, severe problems with menstruation, as an antiviral agent for hepatitis B and measles, for flatulence and as anthelminthic … For decades, the fruits of bitter melon is used as an effective means to enhance cellular uptake of glucose, which is especially important to normalize blood sugar levels.

Bitter melon lowers blood triglycerides (triglyceride (TG) or neutral fats – are derivatives of glycerol and fatty acids. Triglycerides – the main source of energy for cells. Triglycerides come into our body through food, are synthesized in adipose tissue, liver and intestines.


As soon as the diet is stopped, the lost weight is reduced to 2 times faster than more and not in the form of muscle fibers, so that you have already lost at the beginning of weight loss, but in the form of adipose tissue. That's such a natural mechanism to fight successfully with them, if at all necessary, can only those who actively and constantly involved in sports, fitness. Volumes of women sporting types can come close to some international standards, according to height and age, but weight has nothing to do with it! Muscle tissue that fills your elastic buttocks, arms, legs, flat stomach – much heavier an equal volume of adipose tissue. Ali Partovi understands that this is vital information. And if you seek yet fit under the weight of the flimsy standards, then you will lose water and muscle tissue. Depletion achieved and then just as a 'bonus' may begin to fall out hair, breaking fingernails. Bad advice: eat while slimming supplements and vitamins by the ton, if not afraid to break the whole metabolism and to become successful on-patient clinics of the profile.

What do you do to lose weight or lose weight? Understand me: why do you need to weight loss. Do you consider yourself sufficiently attractive (we are not talking about obesity varying degrees) for men, for the beloved? And here you are wrong. Men only pretend to like thin women and rough wine, avoid sweets and biscuits – indeed, they are secretly run by an appetizing beauties, sweet soul to drink wine semi-sweet, sweet beverages (except all the others) and eat desserts. The only thing that always remains undisputed – that the presence of the waist at any weight in women, breasts and shapely legs. If you are a given, just keep your 'capital' in an active state. Swimming and eastern dancing, outdoor activities in the fresh air – it's nice and helpful! Well, if you are born without a waist, and everything else, you can only take advantage of corsets and other tricks. True, they will sooner or later have to be removed. So maybe something else to take men and officers, such as intelligence, if the perfume with pheromones is not enough money! Remember another popular wisdom that the 'thin horse – this is not swift gazelle'.