Not even in the short term. Amounts have been distributed to all municipalities based on their number of inhabitants. Perhaps such action is fair and equitable. But of course, is not efficient. Resources and should have been bonded works have been undertaken in the future are likely to generate new ones. Learn more on the subject from Mashable. With all the respect in the world for the municipalities of Tenerife that I mention (in fact I live and operate as one of them), but The Realejos can afford may take few more years without a new roundabout, or La Orotava without a handful of traffic lights, so to speak. Without hesitation Pete Cashmore explained all about the problem. Perhaps combining all the resources of the municipalities in the Valley, for example, the long-awaited marina in Puerto de la Cruz, you might have begun.

Or at least a decent promenade. And all workers in the area, definitely would work near their homes, avoid travel if it was what was intended. On the other hand, structural reforms need to start craving decades as a tangible reality. And how could it be otherwise in times of crisis, becomes the demagogic debate on the desirability of reducing compensation and guarantees of workers. Companies, trying to optimize its business, market makers who need employees. No more, no less. Certainly if the expectations are positive, are more predisposed to contract, and if they are negative to dismiss. Because of its ineffectiveness, forget about all the good purposes, which can be benevolent to result in the medium to long term, and focus on a shock treatment, so long as the fever does not cease to be extreme.

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Association Certain

Addresses various aspects of habitat: since the exhaustive examination of the ground to build up with a Geobiologico study, until the correct choice of materials for the construction.There are materials which may be radioactive, as certain types of granite and the concrete, or emanating toxic gases (phenolics, formaldehyde, benzene and others), as the majority of paints, varnishes, and sinnteticos materials. Asbestos is an example of insulating material, proven carcinogenic effects, already banned in many countries. other materials filtered natural radiation that are necessary for our good health. Always replacement materials which are not so contaminants can be found. In Spain, the Association of studies geo GEA, was born with the aim of combining efforts and activities individually were undertaken throughout the national territory, by promoting and facilitating the study of these new sciences in this country as well as the rest related materials related to them: biology, physics, geology, architecture, environment, etc. Alternative energies nobody is alien to the current energy crisis facing our civilization, and the effects that has an inconsiderate management of natural resources on our planet.

That is why it is essential to rely on sources of eneergia renewable and clean, that is friendly for the environment and healthy for human beings. Time is short, and there’s always a way to walk with many intermediate stations between reality and utopia. The choice depends on each of us. Now you can implement a series of lighting and heating systems that encompass the bioclimatic, solar thermal, photovoltaics, you wind eneergia, the hydro and others, in process of development and implementation.-electromagnetic pollution the electromagnetic fields generated by high and medium voltage lines as well as the antennas of radio stations and cellular telephony, can affect human health, unbalancing the nervous systems, endocrine and immune. International reports show that above certain values of electric and magnetic field increases the likelihood of certain types of cancer.

Glutathione Therapy

Increase of reduced Glutathione (GSH) with GlutCell glutathione, a sulphurous Tripeptide, is responsible in its reduced form (GSH) for almost all of the self-healing – and protection mechanisms in the body. Low glutathione levels can be observed in almost all chronic diseases. This has the consequence, that basic, necessary for healing (immune) functions not or inadequately can expire. Increase the glutathione levels has proved as gentle, highly effective Basistheraphie, especially for viral infections, rheumatism, cancer, AIDS, and she increased in recent times to observational complex – or multi system diseases, such as about the chronic Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Therapeutic approach as glutathione in capsule form under the current studies no clinically relevant effects achieved by let undGlutathion infusions due to lack of German approval from Italy imported must be, was a medical-Nutrition approach from German research selected. The preparation of (GlutCell) combines the central part of glutathione, the sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine, vitamin C and a special treatment of secondary plant compounds (polyphenols).

This active ingredient composition (GSH-intra) designed for the promotion of glutathione-formation in the body’s cells. The combined approach, the organism with a central part of glutathione cysteine to supply and to promote the formation of glutathione within cells, at the same time by the manufacturer in the context of observational GSH-intra examines methods. The participating patient (female, born 1969) suspected the existence of a chronified Lyme disease a capsule awarded over 14 days of nutrient combination GlutCell. Before and after taking investigated their levels of reduced glutathione within the most important immune cells, lymphocytes, monocytes and natural killer cell (NK cells). The determination of intracellular glutathione levels was carried out by the Institute for medical Diagnosis in Berlin (www.imd-berlin.de). Initial – and final findings were released by Dr. Volker von Baehr. The patient of reduced glutathione in the cells by more than 400% increase was observed results.

All figures who were humiliated in the initial investigation, were the final examination in the upper normal range. Overall were observed following increases: (values for the author) lymphocytes: by 111 on 791 mfi monocytes: 174 NK cells mfi on 673: mfi from 261 on 1084 contact LuxXPharma s.a. 13, Wuelesser wee l 9838 Eisenbach Luxembourg + 352 26903921 fax + 352 24611162 press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 94137 – 4234 E-Mail: Web: