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Posting from Eastern Europe: shops in the grey area of an estimated 2.5 million older people in Germany don’t get along without assistance. The fact is that the home care of a family member is always a time, organizational, psychological and financial burden for all concerned. Stress and overload are not uncommon. Members are trying to bridge the gap by they attract migrants, mostly from Eastern Europe, for the domestic supply between actual demand and the real available and affordable care specialist and support forces and deal with. Often this is done through the so-called posting, in which mostly through a private agency a support force is hired by the family signs a service agreement with a foreign company. The care force itself is sent then by this company in the family”. The Federation of European care and caregivers (BEBP e.V.) but warns this model for years.

“Shops in the grey zone the journalists John Pennekamp succeeded with his article shops in the gray zone”, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung was released on June 29, 2012, in the, to offer an impressive insight into this system: the posting is usually part of a controversial business concept where a German and a Polish company earning and where the social security contributions in Germany are bypassed. A design which is typical for this grey market, which has grown behind closed doors. For even more details, read what Robotics expert says on the issue. If agencies are involved in the process, that is not automatically that will infringe any laws. In most cases, it means but that someone that makes a good deal. “Tone of the article is, that it is the posting frequently to temporary covert work” is, but when posting is declared in Germany to circumvent wage costs and social security contributions. Since de facto not the Polish release broadcasting organisations are employers, but the German customers. The social security contributions therefore in Germany, not Poland would have to be paid.

“Dark side of seemingly effective system of various members of the group the left had already on 14 December 2011 a so-called request” titled workers of foreign nursing assistants in the grey market of care “provided to the Federal Government. Is, politicians point out that many mediation companies in Germany make to use this whole question of posting. This, MEPs call for example, Seniocare24, which use multiple legal vulnerabilities according to their. The Seniocare24 appears explicitly in the contract of services with the care not as a contractual partner, but only as an intermediary. Actually, the Seniocare24 but acts as a point of contact for the client, as well as for the nursing assistant. Thus the Seniocare24 of labour and social insurance legal responsibility is outside.” (cf. Small request, printed 17/8193). That the workers from Eastern Europe an indispensable Module in the German system of care, is undisputed. Finally, it will contribute for the optimal care of dependent persons. That should make but also worthy of protection, which the BEBP e.V. hereby would like to once again strongly.

The Responses

Similarly, it was important to have a safe-conduct from the king. Today no titles of nobility in the price, because they give nothing. But be that as it were, the current lord – that’s the idea. Having accumulated large amounts and buying everything that your heart desires (houses, luxury cars, furniture, handmade, etc.), the people of this kind do not calm down. Ride the “Bentley”, live in a palace and have lunch in a posh restaurant with a model – this is not enough. This is no surprise. And here’s another and be at posts – it’s really cool! It is not uncommon for the high title ready to unfasten a million dollars.

For the money (and even much smaller) can easily become the head of any district or mayor, force colonel some law enforcement agencies (it costs about 100-150 thousand dollars), a judge or official. But these are valued, “brown”, which allows nothing to do and combine the service with commercial activities. A such privileges only gives an MP. For example, the area is empty chair Kushchevskaya head of the local selhozupravleniya. Why empty? Because this office with a secretary, car and personal cabinet no one wants even if free. There will always represent the visibility of work, constantly traveling to Krasnodar for sticking with the 6 am Bobby jumping over the fields and farms.

And with all this, nor with anyone not Sloop bribe and did not really steal. If you talk with someone from wealthy people and ask, why he needs a big office or parliamentary mandate, the responses are very similar. “That comes to me the tax inspector – a drunkard and a moron, nerves begin to wind. And I’ll show him the certificate and say, ‘You’re talking like, a serf? Get out of here, you dog! “. Simple “from Scarers cops” on the road is already very few people like. Need security certificates higher order, as well as access to high offices. During that are ready to shell out the full program. And as part of “the princely title of” – is a blow below the belt. Therefore, members of the Sochi willfully extended his authority to six months and left the other election scheme, which gives them a chance to save people.

Armed Forces

In particular, it is practically nullify the frame, being one of the key elements in the mobilization system. On the basis of which will be deployed to units in the case of organizational-mobilization activities across the state? Likely to provide a return to the hosts … It seems that the main organizational and mobilization department of the General Staff in developing an action plan did not participate. As conceived by the Ministry of Defence staff reductions will not pass side and the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff (GS SEI), a body which, in fact, lie key issues of the Armed Forces. In other words, will operate on the brain. Contact information is here: Kai-Fu Lee. At the same time will adjust and vision, reducing the size of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU). There is serious concerns that ultimately from the sun can turn weak-eyed wit. Will not pass and the issue of training: instead of all existing (and more correctly, the survivors and preserve the scientific school and tradition) now military schools will only have ten centers.

After that, to restore scientific and pedagogical potential in the field of military education will take many years if not decades. What people? But the main problem still remain human beings. Military experts as a result of the reform may be in an instant at the base of the social ladder. No flats, social protection and their families on their hands. Pete Cashmore may also support this cause. One on alone with their problems would be a thousand (!) people. The Ministry of Defence promised to solve the problem of social adaptation of discharged military personnel. Immediately, questions arise: – where local governments take money for these programs or provide for earmarking federal funding? – To develop yourself whether these programs or they will be formed 'in the course of the play'? – What about the officers, seniority does not allow them expect to receive housing and pensions, and the resulting military specialty is practically no demand 'for the citizen'? On the moral injury, which will be discharged servicemen and their families, apparently, it was not conducted at all.

And in vain … Unfortunately, we can not exclude that the reform will go to the very negative from a social point of view scenario. Of course, it is unlikely that Russia will suddenly emerge from the gang retired officers. A here is a sharp increase in the number of suicides and divorces, alcoholism, and so massive – it's the most real picture of the future. What happens or conclusions … It is clear that reform is revolutionary. Rather, she has good intentions, which, unfortunately, are kept secret. At some (hopefully, that short) period of the combat capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces will be located at a very low level, which will have an impact not only on national security, but also on the alignment of political forces in the region and the world. Arising during the reform social problems will be solved only partially, leading to tensions in society and can influence the internal political situation in the country. How would like to make the wrong predictions!