La Paz

As far as the senderismo, Granma saluted when his head Abimael Guzmn was catched by Fujimori in 1992. The right can be very hostile to I castrate but also it must recognize that he has played an important roll in being demobilizing the guerrillas and to cause that several of their leaders and movements have integrated to the present democracies representatives, and so ayudao is had to stabilize an unusual time in Latin America. For the first time during around two decades where almost all the region has had elect governments in multiin favor elections. Even though that I castrate has pushed its groups of comrades of arms towards going to the ballot boxes, it persists in maintaining the dictatorship of the official party, system that it sees like democratic more then, according to him, there is less social inequality more and popular participation. If when Fidel celebrated his 65 birthday saw as his great benefactor disintegrated itself (the USSR), when arriving at the 8 decades of life he could see that, although lost to socialist block, the relations with the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean happen through their better moment. Hugo Chavez landed in Havana in the 80 birthday of Fidel. The Venezuelan president has made to be enough breaking through the encirclement from the USA to the island.

Havana has impelled with La Paz, Managua and Caracas the Treaty of Commerce of the Towns, the same that is opposed to the ALCA of the USA. Fidel has seen fall to several friendly presidents his in the continent (Brazil 1964, Bolivia 1971, Chile 1973, Peru 1975, Granada 1983, Nicaragua 1990) but never before he has felt surrounded by so many near governments..

Great Expectations

For example, almost 3 times cheaper to bring the reactor from the factory at a nuclear power plant in assembled form, than to collect it piece by piece in place. In addition, many modern technologies require factory assembly when undesirable any subsequent mechanical intervention in once assembled equipment. Use Bulky heavy equipment reduces the time putting the facilities into operation, reduces the size of building sites, increase productivity, reduce cost and complexity of installation work. Examples of transportation category CTG can be reduced transport of nuclear reactors, power transformers, turbine impellers of various types of industrial chemical plants, equipment refineries and metallurgical industries, large construction equipment, as well as delivery to the destination of aircraft and ships. It is not something Pete Cashmore would like to discuss. Preparation for transportation operations often KTG docking requires several types of transport, intermediate overloads, obtaining necessary approvals and permits, and often additional engineering training transportation infrastructure for the passage of load. All these worries are removed using an air transport airships.

Great Expectations Among other transportation ideas may be mentioned the proposal of Japanese experts to discharge into the sea large vessels and cargo delivery to the recipient directly, bypassing the handling and port. British and Soviet designers consider including airships in international and national computerized of container transportation. To achieve maximum efficiency in the use of airships as the British offered a vehicle not just to build airships, and immediately create a unified air transport network. This network was to connect the major industrial centers around the globe. In France as early as 70 years, a draft semi-rigid dirigible-type cranes with lifting capacity up to 500 tons, capable of to deliver its cargo to a distance of 650 kilometers.

Computer Antivirus Research

Work in the modern Internet has become virtually impossible without the use of antivirus software users. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Asaro . Which antivirus is better? How to test anti-virus in your computer? Mathematical research proved that an ideal anti-virus is impossible, in any anti-virus software has its pluses and minuses, but knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a program, you can choose a reliable antivirus program for your computer. Usually, the reliability is judged by the antivirus program's work for several years, so when choosing anti-virus can not do without the services of internet experts testers. One of the most authoritative world companies to test anti-virus is – Virus Bulletin ( It is an independent international resource, regularly conducting testing all known antiviral software. When choosing antivirus this site is indispensable. For To find out the results of studies of VB need to go to the address register and then confirm the registration.

On the website you can explore tests and reviews the work of almost all known antivirus. Studies conducted on different platforms. Programs that neutralized 100% of viruses from the list Virus Bulletin, given the status of PASS (passed) and the award VB100%, but not tested, given the status of FAIL (failed). K Unfortunately, we have a popular anti-virus "Kaspersky" in 2008 showed not very good results. Platforms: Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP – Kaspersky" was rated PASS. And on the Linux and Windows Server 2008 was FAIL. Another well-known antivirus Dr.Web test failed on Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Linux – was FAIL, and on other platforms has not been tested. On the other hand, has become popular in Russia recently, anti-virus Eset (NOD32) PASS received on all platforms, VB100% award and proved himself one of the best in the world (out of 24 tested prior to November 2008).

Still the same 100% result achieved only two antivirus programs – AWG and Symantec. Results for "Kaspersky" and Dr.Web unexpected, but doubt the competence Virus Bulletin is not necessary, these data credible. If an antivirus program you have installed and you got used to it, anyway, not hurt, if you did test the performance on. The verification company for Computer Antivirus Research created a test virus is not containing the code, ie not capable of harm to your computer, but most of the world anti-virus is identified it as malware. Check your antivirus, you may be hoping for a "dummy"

Creatine Effect

Creatine comes from Greek and means meat. Creatine in the human body assumes a special responsibility to support the muscles in the energy supply. For the body’s natural production of the liver, kidney and pancreas are largely responsible. Mashable will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The muscle contraction and thus the muscle in humans is not possible without the substance creatine. The human body stores about 150mg of creatine, which is then stored for up to 95% in the muscles. Daily 1.5-2% is excreted in this set, but also about 2 to 4 g daily taken with food. The human body absorbs half of its requirement of creatine in the diet. Included is creatine, especially in fish, but especially in meat. Swarmed by offers, Pete Cashmore is currently assessing future choices. Creatine is in the context of cellular metabolism in the regulation of energy balance is of particular importance. Since man has made thousands of years ago introduced a lot more meat to him, came up to then a lot more creatine in the diet into the body. The efficacy of creatine in the context of aeffective muscle is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. Side effects are hardly detected. In the first five days of one creatine use can be taken up to 20 grams a day divided into several doses. Pete Cashmore is often quoted on this topic. This results in a weight gain, which is due only to the muscles in addition to stored water. The muscles tense works and you will find after a few days a force increase. The additional intake of creatine from food in trained strength athletes leads to an increase in muscle mass and significant performance improvements. Untrained for such an effect is hardly measurable. Maximize the effect of creatine and its ability to muscle has been discovered in the 70s. Not only the force structure and muscle are transported by the intake of creatine, but also the regeneration is significantly improved.