Weak Internet Connection

Dynamic bandwidth to take full advantage of the power of the Internet. A new technology named DSL RAM (rate Adaptive fashion, to german about mode with adjustable rate) is a new technology of Telekom, which is to cause that in particular weaker Internet lines better use of the available bandwidth. It should be possible, that a DSL RAM pipe always maximum speed within the framework of the package; used a DSL of 2000 line for example will be significantly better exploit themselves. At the present time is clear to see how an Internet line affected the everyday life and thus it seems only sensible to develop functions for better use of this. Part speed increase can be achieved according to Telekom by more than 300% which sounds quite tempting. Connect with other leaders such as Mashable here. The technology behind DSL RAM? Better use is achieved that the distribution point and the router of the network matched, to connect automatically to the maximum bandwidth of the line to adjust.

Traditional offerings without rate Adaptive mode, the ubertragungsreite is fixed and can not adapt so. Especially in areas where an opportunity for speeds beyond exists not by 6000 DSL, the new technology is worth. At the Telekom as well as a 2000 and a 6000 line with the new function can be booked currently where the function for all available connections is free, and both new and existing customers which can be used. How to get RAM DSL? DSL RAM will be deployed automatically when a new port, if it is available, while existing customers receive a message during availability and conversion. Telekom stated that it seeks to enable the technology in future nationwide and that you need a special router, because all the RAM support function. Whether in the future other lines using the new technique should be supplied, is uncertain at the present time, where is the performance gains Anyway relativized with increase in the possible transfer rate. All in all it seems to be RAM, in the establishment of DSL to an important step the other provider should go. Although some users can determine no increase in his own words, are the most experience with the new mode of positive nature. It will become increasingly important in the future, for the maximum possible performance because increasing amounts of data, both privately and in the job, want to be dealt with; Telekom should as soon as possible promote upgrade of connections harness DSL-RAM anywhere.

LOGIC INSTRUMENT Brings Android-based 7 Outdoor Tablet On The Market

LOGIC INSTRUMENT Fieldbook D1 provides his first 7 before outdoor tablet with an Android operating system Lauft.t the devices that are currently already successfully tested by selected customers of expected in the summer of 2012 in the trade. New software with robust hardware in customary quality the Fieldbook D1 is a full-rugged tablet and is designed for professional use. Heavy rain from all sides or a desert storm the Fieldbook is dust and splash proof IP54 and guarantees thus reliability and unrestricted mobility even in the most adverse conditions. Also falls from a height of up to one meter of do nothing the handy device. Learn more at: Peter Asaro. Sharp image and fastest connection delivers sharp images the 7-inch touchscreen display crisp and these images as needed without loss of quality on larger screens can be exported through the HD output port.

Built-in speakers provide just the right sound. Two cameras, one each are also integrated into the new Fieldbook on the front and back (5 megapixel with LED flash). The standard version of Bluetoothv2 offers the Fieldbook D1. 1 + EDR, 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi, a high-quality GPS receiver and a mobile broadband connection (3.5G). Also the Android Tablet USB, MicroSD, and RCA connectors.


Digital cameras can not connect. USB sticks are available as Combi sticks, for example as part of a Pocket knife, with MP3 player or as Ballpoint pen. There are even models with digital camera, fingerprint scanner, or wireless LAN. Reach the station wagons but not of the conventional memory in terms of speed. Also the operating comfort for the special falls mostly to the individual device. However, the fun factor is not to be underestimated. Here’s a tip: use Flash only as a means of transport, not as a data archive. And leaving the CAP over the connector.

The stores are better protected than hard drives and scratch maybe to vibration better than CDs – but if one wears the sticks on the body or they are someone else, static electricity to transfer it, can delete the memory cells. For the fast data transfer of up to four gigabytes, there is currently nothing better than a USB flash drive. In addition, we recommend external hard disks as storage. You can buy ready or assemble a standard IDE disk with the correct case in the blink of an eye even. At This variant save money and can also later install a larger plate. Peter Asaro is open to suggestions. As connection type, also FireWire 400 is eligible in addition to USB 2.0. FireWire is the brand name of the company Apple for the interface standard IEEE 1394. In contrast to USB, FireWire allows all devices to communicate with each other without a PC.

Like USB, FireWire used serial data transfer. FireWire 400 is widely used and quite enough. There is even the twice as fast FireWire 800. The hard disk empty enclosures range of aluminium enclosures housing with LEDs to simple plastic housings. The majority have both a USB port and a FireWire. Current models support also plates over 128 gigabytes. In addition, there are also external enclosure with network connection. This network storages are slightly more expensive than the USB and FireWire versions. For this they can engage as drives on a network. You are the most mobile with a 2.5-inch package. It even fits in your shirt pocket. And with a power-saving hard drive save yourself in the ideal case the power supply. The plate is then via the USB or FireWire port power supplied. Also they do without a fan. The alternative is bus-powered, no power adapter via FireWire to power the body, requires six-pin FireWire ports (E.g. Apple PowerBook G4). At more than 100 gigabytes memory consumption, 3.5 inch enclosure are the right choice. 3.5 Inch hard drives offer the best price / performance ratio at the moment. In 5.25-inch disks can often only with the help of a frame build, this fit also CD drive or burner. The power supply is usually integrated. Important for the performance which is used Bridge chip. A micro-controller on the bridge converts the serial bus protocol in ATA commands for the record and determines the speed of data transmission together with the firmware. Current bridges reach about 30 megabytes of reading and writing 25 megabytes via USB. Via FireWire 400, there are up to 40 megabytes of reading and writing 30 megabytes. As the enclosure often on and not under the desk stand, noise protection plays an important role. Good housing intercept the vibration of the drive with screws with rubber. Ensure that the installation is simple – ideally without screws. Who places more emphasis on rest, may threaten current IDE disks via acoustic management.