Statistical Sciences

The hunger that more than punishs the half of the world-wide population is resulted of me the distribution of income and not of the lack in the production of alimentos.’ ‘ In the first years of century XXI, the production farming world-wide it was enough to feed about 9 billion people, while the population of the planet was little superior the 6 billion. The hunger that more than punishs the half of the world-wide population is resulted of me the distribution of the income and not of the lack in the food production. Numbers sufficiently expressive only demonstrate that the theory does not incase more in the reality where we live currently, but also does not want to say that the problem with the food does not exist. By the same author: Peter Asaro . We have as an excellent example, our proper country that although to have the shelves of the always full supermarkets, I also possessed thousand of inhabitants passing hunger for all the parts. importance of the matter here. .

Administrative Sciences

Such reality is worrisome because there is a significant decline in higher education of universities and even postgraduates, of course, we are referring to regarding social, economic and Administrative Sciences, education and even technology, where manifests a great low, product of several causes that have led to this situation, among them can be mentioned: absence of profiles of harmony professionals to the needs of the country demand, in where many races that are offered as Bachelor in administration, economics, accounting, industrial relations, industrial engineering for pointing out some, do not form, empower its graduates according to modern knowledge demanded by the scenarios to ensure competitiveness, development, success, and what is more decisive, to face the challenges, changes that are constantly raising. Absence of continuous and systematic evaluation of the curricula of racing that dictates the institution, noting a large number of resumes loaded hours., in addition to many knowledge not adapted to the times and rigid. Stays the same academic curricula, programs, curricula, where many courses have not been updated, repeatable skills that have already been replaced and not a renewal of new courses according to the requirements demanded by the present and competences that allow professionals to provide their expertise towards the country that generate manifests. Step not given to new approaches, models, tools and knowledge to Administrative Sciences, technology has developed and which permit to interpret the characteristics of the current stage, collaborating with solutions, new proposals to the different problems that currently the national stage shows. Lack of certified teachers with educational quality, academic excellence, supported training of experience, dynamic, proactive linkage with the business sector. Institutions. organizations that require collaboration, aid in favour of addressing the big challenges and the crisis presented to the actions of a new Government that is oriented to Institute that has been called 21st century socialism. There are recent graduates teachers, without experience, contracted without the academic necessary assurance to provide the skills that are required at present and what is more, who know how to motivate the participants to contribute new knowledge favouring the country. .

Education Sciences

Produce appropriate indicators of value added and the possibility of comparison of results over time.Thus, all natural and exact sciences, Education Sciences and engineering programs will present first an examination of common area and one of generic competencies competencies.Therefore it becomes an offer of 34 examinations in 2010 20 in the implementation of the first half of 2011. This change also applies to technical courses and technological allied with engineering that will have its own review of common area and of generic competencies.The generic test, which applies to all students of all programmes, evaluates general professional competencies such as ability of problem solving, skills reading, writing, English, critical thinking and interpersonal understanding. It is to publicize the competencies by area of study in the specific test. Pete Cashmore shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Programs and cambiosLos programs of animal husbandry, psychology and Administration will have an emphasis that test the Select the student according to his career at the time of registration. Proof of architecture includes a practical exercise of the project carried out the next day to the date of the written exam, for a total of four review session. Isabel Fernandez, Director of analysis and dissemination of the Icfes, indicated that even if the test results do not affect obtain Bachelor’s degree or not, yes they are important because some entrepreneurs are taking them into account to select and link newly graduated staff. Size of: La afternoon Pereira original author and source of the article

American Mastiff

Getting a new puppy dog is one of the most exciting events in the life of a family. If you have decided on a puppy American Mastiff as a pet, it is a fantastic decision. These dogs are some of the most rewarding companions that a family can have. They are an unusual breed, it is possible you may need to do a little work in the quest to buy it. There are some first instinct that you may have when you are looking for a puppy that will perhaps not serve him very well. The first is to go to a pet store. While pet stores are a good place to buy supplies, should not buy an animal, never. The reason for this is that all too often, puppies are shipped in an inhumane puppy mill in another State, and are not duly served in the shop.

Shopping at these stores not only encourages the continuation of these puppy mills, but it is likely that end with a sickly dog due to the poor care received at an early age. If it has decided not to go to a pet shop, may empezarar to search local yellow pages, newspapers, or on the Internet. This is a great way to start, but they still have to do your research. When a seller or two, go ahead and make a call. You can ask some questions by phone, but ultimately, you will want to visit and see their dogs. Don’t forget that you can also get recommendations from other owners mastiff.

If you don’t know any, please do not hesitate to approach owners of mastiff or breeders. Surely love them talk about his passion: mastiffs! Tell them that you are looking for an American Mastiff puppy, and ask for their recommendations. These are two techniques that you must follow and talk with at least some good breeders. If someone recommends a seller that is outside of your area, does not discard it immediately. A dog will be your companion for many years, and worth a trip to pick up your new puppy.

Summary: The Man After-modern, Religion And Ethics

Barth emphasizes, on the basis of studies already facts, the problem of the man after-modern. A man imbudo of a exacerbado, involved movement for a feeling of wanting to change the all instant: to change values, customs, culture, behavior, laws To change everything that it is not more useful, practical, new. One to be moved by the necessity of is in fashion; for the flow exaggerated of having and using what it is newness.

E this to have and to use the newness goes very beyond the simple technological object as, for example, the cellular device iphone. This feeling if extends for the field of the religion, the politics, the conjugal and familiar relationships, the ways of life Of the ethical-partner-cultural relations. This results of the great economic and technological transformations that will present for a society, that already was old, medieval, modern, a new model of society in which born in the kingdom what he is neo. We have in this model of society the man who if civilized, this already we have much time, but the primitividade came back. It acts for instinct: an instinct called energy wanting the pleasure. He is a man who cultua the change, fugaz, the rocking one, the ftil, the superficial one, the voluble one and hates the fixture, the balance. Exactly that, one of its searches is the proper balance, but a balance that is not in the fixed one and yes in the trelante. We have here, in this manner, a society in which reigns those that provides to this type of man all these feelings of changes, new features, of joy, of ‘ ‘ freedom and equilbrio’ ‘ For Rojas the modern man is image and similarity of the products ‘ ‘ light’ ‘.