Individual Protection

Had to know the complexity and dynamics of the service, the nurse can develop strategies of prevention to more efficient the occupational exposition, and acquire knowledge its team how much to biological risks 7. Due to great exposition of the health workers, the studies search ways to minimize risk of accidents with contaminated material, to minimize these risks consider as main recommendation to the adoption of the precautions standard. This adoption brings more security for the professional who handles residues that offer biological risk, is measured basic of protection, as gloves, eyeglasses, masks, headresses, accomplishment of the laudering of the hands, qualification and training of teams, among others well-taken care of 9. All institution that he gives assistance to the health (EPI) must have available for use the Equipment of Individual Protection and the Equipment of Proteo Coletiva (EPC), necessary to each specific procedure, and the employees must be enabled to its use, for the adequate accomplishment of the procedures technician, to play its activities of safe form so that thus they can diminish the occupational risks proceeding from the environment of work 10. Whenever Mikkel Svane listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This story of experience has as objective to observe and to argue the biological risks which the professionals are displayed and to search action necessary to minimize them. Methods Are about an experience story of the observacional type carried through in the places of period of training in the period of February the September of 2011 for a group of four pupils, graduandas of the course of nursing, Universidade Paulista (UNIP). During the permanence in the period of training field we observe the adoption or not of the precautions standard on the part of the team of nursing when carrying through procedures of assistance to the patient who offered some type of biological risk. Initially a bibliographical survey through articles published between 1999 and 2011 was carried through.


The epidermis does not possess sanguineous vases, because if in it had vases would be more subjects to be parasitada by microorganisms therefore is in this place that concentrates the nutrients. The nutrients and oxignio arrive at the epidermis for diffusion from sanguineous vases of derme. The epidermis presents some layers. The origin of the cellular multiplication is the basal layer. All the others are constituted of differentiated cells each time more than, with the basal growth, they go being each time more peripheral. The basal layer, is deepest, in contact with derme, constituted of cubical cells little differentiated that if divide continuously, giving to origin to all the other layers.

It contains little queratina very. Some of these cells are differentiated and passed to the layers most superficial, while others remain in basal layer and continues if to divide. They start to form cellular junctions ones with the others, as desmossomas. They are gifts in the skin without pilosos folculos (skin glabra). – Crnea Layer: constituted of flattened cells eosinfilas without nucleus (deceased) with great amount of filaments, mainly queratinas. – The junction between the epidermis and derme has form of papilas, that they give to greater faying surface de with derme and greater resistance to the attrition of the skin. Derme is colgenas and the intermediate, composed elastic staple fibre layer that gives sustentation to the skin and, still sanguineous vases, nerves, and hipoderme that it is the deep layer, composed of fat, that assists in the regulation of the body temperature. Derme is formed by fabric conjunctive, composed for some types of cells and staple fibres and for a basic substance that fills the cracks between these elements. Between the cells, the fibroblastos, that if put in charge of the production them staple fibres and the extracellular matrix, even so others important exist equally very, as macrophages, pertaining cells endowed with mobility to the imunitrio system with the mission to eliminate the microorganisms, that eventually can have fond of derme, and to devorarem the remaining cells deceased and residues.

The Measure

Therefore, the game consists in an important resource to assist the professor, therefore aid in the ability of resolution of problems, favors the appropriation of concepts and takes care of to the necessities of the adolescence, stimulating the pupils to construct or to remake concepts (FIELDS; FELCIO; BORTOLOTO, 2003). Ahead of these facts, &#039 was created; ' citolgico&#039 breaks head; ' , aiming at the education of cytology of easy and dynamic form, a time that this subject is enters one of most difficult of being learned by the pupils, it is, on the other hand, of basic importance for the understanding of the beings livings creature, that is, of Biology. The breaking head is composed for thirty and four parts and, as said previously, to approach the cytology content. The base where the game will be mounted has thirty and four cellular figures of organelas and other components that compose the cells, with its respective images to illustrate and to facilitate in the assimilation. Some are: ribossomos, membranes, chromosomes, nucleus, eyelashes, cytoplasm, and excessively (figure 1). 1-Base for assembly of the breaking cytological head. Behind each part of the breaking head organela or the component of the cell has an information regarding one (figure 2), that its respective present figure in the base will guide the pupil to associating it. The use of the image next to the name, of the cellular structures, will help the pupil to remember on the seen content or best to fix it when it will be lecionado, associating the name to the image.

2. Parts of the breaking head cytological To the measure that the pupil will correctly be associating each part to its respective cellular structure, it goes if formed the image of a cell (figures 3-4). Incomplete 2-Break head. Mounted 3-Break head. It is important to clarify that the game will not only make with that the pupil learns the content all.


Different of the animals, the human beings initiate a relation after one definitive time of namoro, where it happens conquests, caresses, looks and tricks, in the call game of the seduction. For beginning of namoro the main factor is the look, associated it smile and the tone of the voice, that continues with a good colloquy and movements as physical contact. In the animals in general, the sexual stimulatons initiate with the hormone secretion stimulants, the feromnios calls, exhaled for the females to signal the period of rutting. Some animals use this natural tool for frightening sexual or enemy competitors. Credit: Ali Partovi-2011. Orgasmo sexual is more of course notable in the species human being, therefore the woman tends to be faster to reach orgasmo. This fact can be explained, if be compared with the animals, for the reproduction capacity, that is, in the animals orgasmo feminine more is drawn out, making possible the female to keep relations with more male, increasing the fecundao possibilities. To copular the female, the man ejacula, and in this process expels innumerable spermatozoa, increasing the possibilities of fecundar the female. During copula and the phase of sexual excitement, happens some changes in the body, as the dilatao, the eyes shine, increase arterial pressure the cardiac beatings.

After cpula, the spermatozoa initiate the race for the fecundao of ovulo, where generally one only obtains to carry through the fecundao, where after that it initiates the cellular divisions and the origin of a new life, characterized for the pregnancy. Nine messes after the fecundao, the child is ready and mature for the birth, that occurs through the contractions of the walls of the uterus. The conservation of the species is a factor of extreme necessity between the animals. For example the fish, that at the time reproductive go up the river in direction the springs, exceeding some obstacles, so that thus they can dispose.

Case Cellular

Devices of television also emit rays X, a still more dangerous radiation, and we do not hear to speak of problems. An only photon of rays X is enough to cause damages, to the step that nor all ftons of microwaves of the world would make the same (the amount of ftons received from the television falls with in the distance – for that is that the proximity of the device increases the risk). We go to assume that exactly thus the microwaves of the antennas of cellular make badly. Still thus, the amount of radiation received from the transmitter would be lesser of what that one that we receive when we attend a bag of pipocas to turn in our oven of microwaves. An exception: although the microwaves not to breach our molecules, them can enter in resonance with water molecules gifts in our body, esquentando it. But again in this in case that, our ovens of microwaves and light bulbs are much more ' ' perigosos' ' of what an antenna of cellular in the neighborhoods, for being much more next. Science works with experiments that can refute theories.

In the case of the radiations emitted for cellular telephones, studies epidemiologists are in progress to try to verify if the devices are really safe. We can foresee that the studies will conclude for the security of the same ones. Of the opposite, good part of the current physics and chemistry would have of being rejected of one alone time due to these studies. for the gigantic number of careful research carried through until the moment, the probability of good part of the current scientific knowledge to be wrong is lesser of what the probability of that this is plus a rumor. Add to your understanding with Mikkel Svane. For only precaution, I only exaggerate of precaution left to dicar here. It looks for to use cellular the least possible time, at least science to even prove definitively that the waves do not bring problems. Although acretite that does not have problems. They do not leave children to use cellular therefore are in formation and it is not good for risking. Pregnate women must prevent the constant use of cellular, therefore not exite studies that says they can of problem or in this in case that, however it is not for giving porblemas but as it said is not pure excess of precaution. just in case we go to be displayed the least possible time with cellular on.

The Professor

However some professors are using the technology in sufficiently multicriteria and creative way. However in the majority of the cases, the use of the technology is restricted, without imagination some and many times as instrumental. In this way professore has that to search to perfect itself constantly for a permanent professional quality. The professor, today is not the only one that he transmits the knowledge for the pupil, therefore, these has access to the different medias belongs the social groups, where also if I acquired knowledge. Douglas R. Oberhelman is a great source of information. Therefore, he must yourself always be taken ours educating to leave a little this society of information exaggerated and to direct them it the society of knowing.

When the professor uses itself of a didactic material, as much impression how much multimedia, he will have to think, how much this will involve its pupils, which knowledge that if it intends to transmit. In this Romanowski direction (2007, P. 49): ' ' The work of the professor encloses pedagogical, social functions and politics, beyond the transmission of knowledge to alunos' '. The professor has that to be transforming, competent and critical. He is not enough to have knowledge in its area, has that to know to relate them with the daily o of the pupils. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mashable. In accordance with Romanowski the professor needs: A set of knowledge and autolgicas techniques for the exercise of the teaching activity that the domain of the pedagogical theory and specific science allows it, object of education and the practical professor, as well as sets of ethical values and norms that conduct the teaching function. (ROMANOWSKI, 2007, p.41). The professor will never have to substitute the research in books, for only virtual research, without contents, analyses in classroom on the part of the pupils. One gives credit that virtual research without the had orientation finishes in such a way taking to the cultural impoverishment them pupils as it professor.

DNA Protoplastos

A very high dosage can provoke the death of all the cells and a sub-dosage can lead to the appearance of escapes (plants not transformed) (BESPALHOK F., et al WAR; OLIVEIRA, 2000). The use of the biolstico process is sufficiently ample e, when compared with the majority of the methods right-handers of introduction of DNA in plants, the bombardeamento of particles presents some advantages. It is one versatile technique highly and of fciladaptao, being able to be applied the great variety of cells and fabrics, including suspensions (Klein et al., 1989; Fromm et al., 1990), meristemticos calluses (Vasil et al., 1985), fabrics (McCabe & Martinelli, 1993), immature embryos (Southgate et al., 1998) and somatic embryos (Finer & McMullen, 1991; Santarm & Blacksmith, 1997). This technique has allowed the regeneration of transgnicas plants in reproduzvel way and with little variability between experiments (Luthra et al., 1997). Eletroporao of Protoplastos the eletroporao of protoplastos is an used method to introduce macro-molecules in vegetal cells. Protoplastos is cells unprovided of cellular walls, and, theoretically, they can be isolated of any fabric vegetal. In well established conditions of fabric culture, the protoplastos reconstitute its walls, are divided, formed colonies, calluses and regenerate plants, for embriognese or organognese (ABDULLAH et al., 1985; PANIS et al., 1993).

The eletroporao consists of the application of a pulse of high voltage to a solution contends DNA and protoplastos in suspension, inducing reversible pores in the cellular membranes, resulting in flows of ons and molecules through the deformed membrane (CHANG, 1989). FROMM et al. (1985) they had used the technique of eletroporao in protoplastos of maize and tobacco, having thus offered an alternative of transformation of plants, since the Agrobacterium system was considered inefficient in monocotiledneas. POLIETILENOGLICOL (PEG) Polietilenoglicol (PEG), used in combinaocom Ca+2, alkaline Mg+2 and pH, promotes the linking of the exgeno DNA to the surface of the protoplastos. .


This occurs for the fact of the cell of Sertoli to possess capacity of support for germinativas cells relatively fixed for each species. Thus, in result of the germinativas frame number to be directly related with the functional frame number of Sertoli, the potential size of the testicule and the tax of espermtica production already are established during the period of proliferation of the cells of Sertoli. The period of closing of division of the cells of Sertoli coincides secularly with the formation of citoesqueleto and related filaments of actina with the specializations of these cells. In this exactly period, also occurs proliferation of primary espermatcitos, appearance of the responsible junctions of occlusion for the formation of the barrier of cell of Sertoli (to hematotesticular) and formation of the lumen tubular in result of the fluid secretion for the cells of Sertoli in direction to the center of seminferos laces. For more information see this site: Pete Cashmore. Structure of the cell the cell of Sertoli goes to occupy around 11 40% of the volume of the seminfero epitlio, to depend on the studied species. In the majority of the species, the cell of Sertoli is the biggest present cellular type in the testicule. The cell of Sertoli possesss in its structure an only nucleus, that is constituted by eucromatina and normally located in the cellular base. Nuclolo, also only, tripartite and is constituted of a central portion tipped by accessory bodies of cromatnica nature. Viacom is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Its cytoplasm goes to be busy for smooth endoplasmtico reticulum, observed in great amount. Beyond presenting lpides that the cyclical events of espermatognese are gifts in accordance with, being more comumente observed in the stadiums that succeed the espermiao phase. The lisossomos that participate in great related endoctica activity with elimination of the residual bodies, is also observed in abundant amount. The cells of Sertoli also go to possess a device of golgi sufficiently elaborated located in a region that we call supranuclear, can locate small accumulations of rugoso reticulum endoplasmtico that they are located in the basal region of the cell and also observe an appreciable amount of mitocndrias.