MMA Energy

Sows have visibly less appetite on hot summer days. Absorb less food, it lacks energy and collapses in the performance. Warning heat: feed intake decreases visibly less appetite the degrees Celsius to 100 g sows have on hot summer days. Absorb less food, it lacks energy and collapses in the performance. One must realize that the feed intake of the sow per degree of temperature increase to 100 g / day decreases from 21 C. At temperatures of around 30 C, which corresponds to a total intake of approximately 1 kg per day already. The sows make about 13 MJ ME on less energy per day.

The problem of the low energy consumption is compounded! The required energy cannot be met alone by the standard feed mix. The nutrient deficit is balanced by the fact that the sow breaks down their body reserves to maintain milk production. Around 25 are built per kg fat reserve mobilized MJ ME. An excessive fat loss has consequences: poor physical condition, poor milk yield, MMA and fertility problems. So much energy needs the pig! The energy demand of a sow is closely linked to their milk production. At a litter size of 12 piglets, the sow milk over the entire lactation produced about 340 kg. When the pig produces 12 liters of milk a day, she needed alone 87.6 MJ ME.

In addition the conservation need (live weight 0.75 x 0.44). At a 200 kg-Sau is the daily, total energy requirements (performance + maintenance dose) thus at 111 MJ ME. A Laktatationsfutter has a correspondingly high energy content of about 14 exhibit MJ ME kg, to exploit the potential of the performance. Play fat powders in the sow feeding fats due to their very high compared to other feed energy concentration, an ever-increasing role in feeding. Especially in the summer months fat powders allow optimal, with sufficient energy to feed the pig.

Portable Loudspeaker

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