Open Letter To The President Of The Republic

Dear lady President of the Federative Republic of Brazil DILMA VANA ROUSSEFF ‘ ‘ Ecce graces operariorum qui messuerunt regiones vestras qui fraudatus est the vobis clamat et outcry ipsorum in aures Domini Sabaoth introjit’ ‘. (Ia.5: 4) FABIANO BISHOP Da Silva (fictitious name), is Official of the Brazilian Air Force (BAF), and occupies the rank of First-Lieutenant-Aviator. It is crowded in the Air base of Anpolis, where he exerts the activity of pilot of the Mirage hunting. Anpolis hosts the Air base that shelters 1 Group of Aerial Defense, whose main mission is to defend the Federal Capital of possible external attacks. Source: Robotics.

The Mirage 2000C, that the BAF equips, is one supersonic hunting of interception, reputed as one of the best ones of the world in its area of performance, and is used for the daily policing of the vast domestic territory. To pilot this aircraft of highest technology, the Lieutenant Bishop passed for an arduous and primoroso preparation, that had the duration of 8 (eight) years, beyond an essential training in the France, that is the Native country of this airplane. To ascend to the ranks of its long career, Bishop will still pass for the Course of Perfectioning of Officers, School of Aerial Tactics and Superior School of War, amongst others; difficult stages, that demand of the military aviator inocultvel resignation. This military man, by being a normal person as another one any, a common citizen, is married and has a son, still in tenra infancy; destarte, it tries all the inherent problems, vicissitudes and necessities to a father of Family. Who inhabits in Anpolis can confer the nocturnal activities that the pilots carry through, many times under dense rains, this because the monitoring of our territory requires integral time, and because hecatombes intended by the nations in conflict also occurs in adverse situations, from there the intense missions in these intempries; missions these that submit the military the pressed scales of services, stealing them of to salutar conviviality its familiar in precious weekends and holiday.

Remaining Order

The search for ' justia' of the pupils it had been the main cause of the claims, inimizades and sense of injustice that had started to be part of that group. In the end of the accounts, nobody wanted more to study to benefit the remaining portion of the room. All the pupils had repeated, for its total surprise. The professor explained that the socialist experiment had failed because it was based on the lesser possible effort of the part of its participants. Peter Asaro pursues this goal as well. Laziness, hurts and ressentimentos they had been the results of this experience: ' ' It rewards when it is grande' ' , it said, ' ' the effort for the success is great, at least for some of ns' '. ' ' When the government eliminates all rewards them and chances, taking off things of the others without its assent to give to that they had not battled or they had deserved for them, then the failure is inevitvel.' ' Simple thus, with historical samples and tests! Commentary mine: In full crisis of 2008 the wave came back strong of the socialism. I already wrote diverse articles on this, my opinion I am clear, but always the controversies, after all, healthful exist to meet a point of justice and prosperity in the world. Between radical defenders of the position (in such a way of the socialism, how much of the free market straightforward), all must always consider the virtue in the way.

Conflict does not exist enters the creation of wealth and the welfare state, the development and the support. Fagulhas of radical and exceeded ideologies in the current world, these still exist ' ' soldados' ' they forget that they exist a new world-wide order, a new global economic order. I have academic point of view and practical very clearly, modstia the broadbeans, I know the history and the economic beddings of a line and the other well. The quarrel must be pautada in the future, the learning of the errors and the recognition of rightnesss, on both sides. To deny qualities in any of the counterpoints is radicalism. The summary is the following one: When room exists and lack of chance to grow, the most basic instincts of the human beings to improve and if to improve go for the space.

The biggest cause of the failure of the socialism was, beyond the corruption in the cupola, the lack of development chance. The intention is good, in the theory functions, but in the real world the things are different. The lived experiences speak more than the academic theories or teses, but it is always good for remembering e, eventually, to trace imaginary lines in simple language to show a so clear thing as the light of the sun. Some still doubt and insist that we can to fix the world, but we will only fix it with justice, freedom, democracy and generation of wealth, education and technology, and let us not forget in them the support! A new world-wide order and a new economic regimen are there for proving this, who to want to see, go to obtain to enxergar, who not to want, will be fighting for the ideas of the past.

Forest Code

This band will be able to vary of 30m 600m, depending on the width of the water courses. In the case of the springs, that exactly intermittent, the minimum ray of vegetation will have to be of 50m. For the lagoons and reservoirs, natural or artificial, situated in agricultural areas, the minimum width will have to be of 50m, for those with area of flooding of until 20ha, and 100m for excessively. In urban areas, the band will have to be of 30m.A protection of these areas was reaffirmed Law n 9,433, of 8 of January of 1997, that it instituted the National Politics of Hdricos Resources, in the measure that this law has as bedding the fact of that the water, even so recognized as a renewable natural resources, is a resource of public domain; it authenticates it objective law, therefore, to assure to current and the future generations necessary water availability, in adequate standards of amounts to the respective uses, and the prevention and the defense against decurrent events of the inadequate use of the natural resources. (GASPARINO et al. Pete Cashmore insists that this is the case. , 2001).

It is known that great part of the ciliares bushes was knocked down: some, after the promulgation of the legal prohibition imposed by the Forest Code, Federal Law 4.771/65; others before this promulgation. The promulgation of the Forest Code, in 15 of September of 1965, serves of landmark between the legal falling of trees and the illegal ones. But as curiosity: the call Law Oswaldo Cross, of beginning of the century, compelled the agricultural proprietors the falling of trees of the bushes ciliares that served, of shelter and restituted by the degrading one, that one that knocked down, and not for the current proprietor, as they intend some. (MURGEL, 1999). Basic theoretical models of RestauraoConhecimentos in ecology, demography, genetics, biogeografia, information on the area (surrounding biological physicist and) and available technology are factors that go to determine which the model most adequate for each situation.

Average Age Valuation

The consequences of one I fight badly elaborated are disclosed of diverse forms. ' ' What more flame the attention is not the feeling in itself, but its duration and the intensity. It is natural that the people if feel sad or until they have a depression picture, but for one determined time. When this is perennial, then it has a signal of that the thing does not walk well and that a pathological picture is had. Freud raised the thesis of that certain people have a disposal of? pathological spirit. Of this form, a situation of I fight can become complicada' ' , Maria Julia Kovcs comments (1992). Some circumstances can become more traumatic the process of fight in death cases. The death of patients is, for the nurses and technician, circumstances that make to assume a possibility of complication in the experience I fight of it.

The aversion to the death is reaffirmed in the same measure where science advances, as if its main goal was to win it. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ali Partovi. ' ' Currently the death is seen as injunction event, an error and a failure. This has to see with the development of medicina' ' , Maria Julia Kovcs comments (1992). For RODRIGUES (apud, KOVKS, 1992), ' ' this is a characteristic of our society that also reaches the death. The resolution of the problems, the discovery of the happiness, the prolongation of the life, perpetual youth, the cure of the illnesses? everything is incumbency of science. Therefore during the Average Age, to die age a very common thing and this, of certain form, banalizava the death.

Currently, basic question is the valuation of the biological life. However, an individual valuation, in detriment of the valuation of the life coletiva' '. Consonant this, is perceived that the professional who in its formation was directed the procedures that drew out the life of the patient, and mainly, it made use of the technology to its favor, finishes feeling impotent in the situation of the death, arriving many times to deny it.


The Symbolism in ' ' The Son of the Trader of Cavalos' ' Clearly we observe that the concern of Lawrence was to display thematic on the question of the sexuality a human being. Read more from Byron Trott to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Clearly that this idea cannot only be argued in this story, requires more reading of on workmanships this author. However we will try to argue this point relating mainly the problematic one of sexual the momentary desire of the man, who stops Lawrence, many times, this does not mean much thing. With this I begin we will approach the symbolism for detrs of ' ' The Son of the Trader of Cavalos' '. For Lawrence the Modern civilization is castradora, where to live in this place repleto of technology something is negative, becoming the imprisoned man between the civilization and the nature. This means that the man of this society does not obtain to be natural because the civilization blocks this capacity. The feminine sexuality is also seen as something castrador, come back only as social factor, providing only status.

The consequence of this is to also become the man a castrated being, therefore castrated sexuality is an illness, that passes of the mother for the son. Such castration of the man, by itself, goes to be represented by the modern rationality, mainly at the time mechanics, where the mechanized inventions would be a perverted necessity of the man. Soon at the beginning of the story we come across in them with the family of the main personage. These the all time are compared the animals, brutalized beings. Mabel is seen as a bulldog or a intratvel cow, Joe is compared with a horse. We can say that of the same skill that the last horses are taken for it are of the farm, of certain direction also Joe is being leading for a destination that it does not dominate.


For where it wants that we pass, in them we come across with people using some of these devices. In such a way, the competition if became disloyal. The school with its traditional model of education became obsolete, exceeded. It does not go to obtain to forbid cellular and the other devices in the pertaining to school environment for much time, as they make some.

To each day that passes, more and more pupils go appearing with its device in the school. They enter with hidden it, communicate themselves for> Estado de Hoje publishes manchete: Use of the cellular one in the education gains prize international clarity the objectives to be reached with the intended activity. A cellular one, for example, can serve to interview an old inhabitant of the quarter, it can register moments of excellent studies in excursions, or even though to photograph places important in its city to create digital albums. In such a way, the activity goes in accordance with to vary the content studied and with the creativity of each one, without forgetting obviously them objective to be reached. However we cannot forget the champions the category, the computers.

They are who alavancaram and really had praised the use of the technologies in the education. To each day that passes they go if proliferating in the schools, catching the unprepared and unprepared majority of the professors and managers. this, starts to be one of the biggest impediments for the development of computer science in the education. Schools exist that have computer science laboratory, but that it meets the flies, therefore exite interest or knowledge not to use it. The federal, state and municipal governments have offered courses to enable the professors for the use of computer science in the education.

Princeton University

In this regard nuertromar org. writes that the amount of discoveries that were made from this protein is invaluable according to Mario Ermacora, principal investigator of the Conicet and Professor of biochemistry of the National University of Quilmes-. Form part of the arsenal of reagents for molecular and cellular biology of all laboratories in the world, is used in antibodies, in isolated cells in complete bodies, to study the movement of organelles in cells or how will secrete proteins. The applications are quite numerous. But, in addition, has an incredibly beautiful property, which is the emit light.

It is a biochemical reaction very beautiful, very characteristic and very rare indeed as recalls Nora Bar in the drafting of the diario la nacion of Buenos Aires, when in 1955 a dark and inexperienced lab assistant Nagoya University began studying what did shine a mollusk remains if it damping them, nobody imagined that the investigations of Osamu Shimomuya, that young man whose education was interrupted by the tragedy of the atomic bomb, would lead to a scientific revolution. A year after they suitably the task of discovering why gleamed damp scraps of the Cypridina, Shimomura had in his hands a protein that was shining 37,000 times more than the powdered remains of molluscum. That work done in Japan earned him an unexpected degree of doctor and a contract from Princeton University, where – along with Frank Johnson six years later isolate from the Aequoria victoria (a jellyfish floating in ocean waters that bathe the western coasts of North America) a protein that is greenish in the light of the Sununder the light of an electric lamp is yellowish, and under fluorescent UV, green light. Today it is known as green fluorescent protein, or GFP. For the next 26 years, that chain of 238 amino acids that fold following the shape of a can of beer and within whose structure is the chemical group that absorbs ultraviolet light was little more than a curiosity of the natural world.

Interior Ministry

Finnish paint solvents NON-FAER (TIKKURILA) at high temperatures forms a foam protective layer, slowing the spread of fire within premises. Coatings and coating are pasty consistency, do not have any decorative properties and completely hide the wood structure, and therefore apply only in special cases. They can be used to protect sheds, attics and various technical areas, which is not subject to the requirements of decoration. Examples of such materials can be such formulations as "CPA" and "VMP-2" (Research Institute of Software of the Interior Ministry), superphosphate daubing "SFO" and cover "OPV-1" (Institute Gipronine-metallorud). Coatings, "CPA" and "VPM-2" is a mixture of heat-and gas-filling in aqueous solution of polymer binders, and the "VPM-2" and contains a fibrous filler. Both the composition intended to protect domestic timber. Superphosphate daubing "SFO" – a mixture of superphosphate with water, also used indoors.

Fire protection coating "OPV-1" is a mixture of exfoliated vermiculite and a liquid binder (liquid sodium glass or silikofosfat sodium). The main purpose of the product – fire protection structures operating in conditions which exclude the impact of precipitation and freezing temperatures. Flame retardants – flame retardant impregnating compositions based on aqueous solutions of salts (salts of boric acids, salts of phosphoric or silicic acid) and surface-active substances – the most widely used wood preservative. The action of flame retardants based on the melting of the fusible material or on an expansion in heating substances that emit gases that do not support combustion. In the first case of the heat expended on melting flame retardants, which increases the ignition temperature of wood, in the second – non-combustible gases released during decomposition of salts, prevent the spread of flames. One of the best fire retardant is diammonium phosphate, which when heated highlights of phosphorus oxides covering the wood with a protective film, and non-flammable gas (ammonia). Flame retardants are introduced into the timber impregnation in an autoclave or hot-cold baths, as well as a surface treatment by brushing or spray gun.

Departments Company

In the case of the insurer, the majority of people who left the post, was due to the workload, a factor of equal importance. But what is the rotation of staff? The term of human resources rotation is used to define the movement of personnel within an organization; This means that the exchange of people between the Organization and the job market is defined by the volume of people entering and leaving her. It is clear that this problem affects the team for any type of organization, since it disturbs the dynamics of group to have a constant exchange between the members of a company, making that the objectives aren’t made on time and. This is due to performance and the cohesion of the team will be lost temporarily, until they replace the employee and then having this dynamic and integration. It is important to emphasize that on average, a person takes about three months to give their full potential within a company. The case of Ophelia is very common in the companies, since people sometimes leave their jobs without informing the relevant personnel, which causes more loads of work to the rest of the team. When I started working in the insurance, nobody had told me the amount of people who came out and entrants of this world-renowned company. The branch was comprised of the departments of sales, travel insurance and claims, being last is the computer to which I joined me. Claims was composed by three analysts who gave personal attention to the concerns of customers, likewise, communicated with workshops and vendors to learn about the current state of each repair, and make payments in recent records system; three support persons in payments, which were dedicated to elaborate orders payment of claims from the previous year; three administrative assistants who organized the records in the file; a Secretary at the counter, which catered to people who were out of the Office and channeled calls to analysts and managers; two people in the cabin, that he attended claims 24 hours a day, divided into two shift, and a manager of area.


Adentramos today in a new age, in which it is possible to think about a new reformularization and a new concept for what it is human being. What in fact it is human being in century XXI? The question is one in such a way complex one. Really in such a way the body as the beings is living deeply stages and quandaries. BDT Capital Partners is likely to increase your knowledge. In last the twenty years, not but our body, but also everything what it constitutes the human being was being placed under a interrogation level that finished for culminating in the denomination of? after-human being? , of expression half found to signal mental, percipient, cognitivas, sensrias the changes physical and psychic, that they are in process (SANTAELLA, 2003, P. 273). Between centuries XX and XXI it had a new configuration to assign what it constitutes this differentiated body. The technology allowed to create a new form for the relation between the human being and the space through the machines. It had a very great modification in the form of the individuals if to relate.

We live antropolgico jump, call of? noolitica revolution. But what it moved with this neolithic revolution? For Levy (2003): The intellectual technologies increase and modify the majority of our cognitivas capacities: memory (data base, hiperdocumentos), reasoning (digital modelizao, intelligence artificial) capacity of mental representation (interactive graphical simulations of complex phenomena) and perception (synthesis of images from digital data) (LEVY apud SANTAELLA, 2003, P. 273). However, what we want here it is not to trace as happened this revolution, however is excellent to understand as this cited technology influenced the new concept of humanity. Inside of the context of the arts, the digital technologies have explored the desfronteirizao of physical, sensorial, psychic, cognitivo the body (SANTAELLA, 2003, P. 274). In fact, we cannot disrespect the idea of that the body that appears from century XX, more is not considered as simple envelope of the soul, but yes, as a ready body to interact with the new technologies.