Advantage Through Innovative Maintenance Management

About lean production and TPM incorrectly equated often lean production with a drastic reduction in the number of employees. However, the maxim behind lean is a maximizing of the value for the customers in minimizing the waste in the value creation process. There are different methods for achieving this state of affairs. Total productive maintenance is a method of”(TPM), which once again finds its origins in Japan. TPM is designed to achieve a one hundred percent availability of machines and equipment.

The fundamental innovation of the TPM concept was also not only the maintenance Department for the process of improvement was responsible, but rather everyone in it were included. By means of joint care and maintenance of the machines production and maintenance, communication between the two areas is improved, avoided idling and ensures flexible action. The overall equipment efficiency of a company is composed of the availability rate, the performance index and the Quality rate together. These figures are influenced by the six great loss sources, which are disposed in turn represents a job TPM. The sources of loss is losses due to idle and short standstill, lack of qualification to system failures through errors, long set-up and make-ready work, difficulties, the operator, as well as wear and tear. With the help of a comprehensive maintenance program–is effectively counteracted this loss sources. A comprehensive maintenance program based maintenance-improving maintenance and optimization on the three pillars of process-related.

“The process-related maintenance” includes the quick discovery and treatment of Anlagenanormalitaten before they lead to impairments through periodic inspections and scheduled restoration of the initial situation. Improving maintenance”looking for ways to increase the reliability and performance of the systems to ultimately achieve an increase in system efficiency. In the course of enhancing maintenance”improvement teams are looking for measures to reduce system downtime and set-up times. The optimization”continuously improves the necessary for execution of the scheduled maintenance program processes, such as the repair times, spare parts Exchange, the spare parts storage and data management. Just the data management a key role here: so, but a detailed documentation of all irregularities, represents the base of each improvement. In the course of the documentation, data such as plant, machinery breakdowns, errors, cleaning and maintenance, repairs, Verschleissbedingter Exchange should as well as spare parts optimal way are recorded in a maintenance log book. With the introduction of TPM concept, the fact must be always present that it is a long process, which can not be implemented in a very short time. TPM workshops or training method lead to a complete anchoring of the TPM concept in the Organisation and support the consolidation of the TPM idea in the minds of all employees. The business IT engineers is composed of experienced business consultants and innovative IT specialists. At Energy Capital Partners London you will find additional information. As a consulting company, the business IT engineers supporting companies of any size and industry for years. The consulting portfolio of business IT engineers includes among others also building and the introduction of a TPM concept individually tailored to the needs of the company, the implementation of TPM-workshops or also the coaching and training of TPM methods. “In addition, the business IT engineers have extensive know-how in terms of total productive maintenance” traded the TPM Manager in a software solution. TPM Manager, the business IT engineers have implemented their experiences from the business practice in a user friendly, pragmatic and economic maintenance management software.

Protocol PDF

The PDF accessibility checker (PAC 2) is the first tool that builds on the Matterhorn Protocol Berlin, August 8, 2013. To deepen your understanding battery is the source. The PDF Association today announced the release of the Matterhorn Protocol version 1.0. Thus, the practical implementation of the PDF/UA standards (ISO 14289) for creation and use of accessible PDF documents is being driven significantly. The PDF technology is an extensive and complex architecture for the representation of various documents. Without limiting this diversity, PDF/UA determines how the unrestricted accessibility can be ensured of content in PDF files for people with disabilities. Reading order font using the PDF/UA standard defines requirements, barriers when accessing page contents, form fields, annotations, metadata and other elements of the PDF files to exclude. Thus, users who use special tools such as screen readers, special mouse or voice output and input, with electronic content in PDF documents can interact. Credit: Energy Capital Partners-2011.

The Matterhorn Protocol was developed to promote the introduction of PDF/UA in practice. It consists of 31 test sections, which are composed of 136 individual, precisely defined error conditions. This facilitates software vendors developing programs for the creation and review PDF/UA-compliant PDF files and forms. “” Each Matterhorn test section forms a special range of compliance requirements, such as such as setting the text language “or metadata”. Each error condition each define a specific test document, page, object or JavScript level. A part of the error conditions can be tested programmatically by a software, whereas a number of other error conditions must be checked interactively. “A typical example of an condition of error in which human support is required, headings are not marked”. If an error condition such as alternate text for an image is missing”exists, can are determined automatically by a program.

“The Swiss Foundation, available for free PDF accessibility checker (PAC 2) access for all” is the first tool that is based on the Protocol of the Matterhorn. It allows PDF files to PDF/UA conformance testing users. It was implemented by the xyMedia GmbH, which is a member of the PDF/UA competence center and actively participated in the drafting of the Matterhorn Protocol. While the Technical Conference North America held in Seattle, United States, 2013 PDF Association on 14 and 15 August 2013 the Matterhorn Protocol is introduced the professional public. More information: matterhorn Protocol on the Association of the PDF the PDF Association aims to promote PDF applications for digital documents that are based on open standards. To the International Association committed worldwide to an active knowledge transfer and the exchange of know-how and experience for all stakeholders. There are currently over 100 companies and numerous experts from more than 20 countries member of the Association of the PDF. PDF Association the Board of Directors is composed of executives of the Actino software company, Adobe Systems Inc., callas software GmbH, intarsys consulting GmbH, LurTech Europe GmbH together. The CEO is Olaf Drummer, Managing Director of callas software GmbH. Duff Johnson, project manager ISO 32000, PDF standard, is Deputy Chairman. Editorial Contacts: PDF Association Thomas cell man new Kant str. 14 D-14057 Berlin phone: + 49 30 394050-0 fax: + 49 30 394050-99 PR agency good news!

Document Converter

Convert PDF to DOC with the Wondershare PDF converter if you are a text in the PDF format on have you can not edit it in same format. Here, the convert (or convert) in a plain text format is necessary. The PDF Converter Wondershare provides you with the opportunity, the PDF file quickly and easily in the DOC format to convert. Step 1: convert Converter PDF to DOC with Wondershare PDF download the PDF Converter and install it. Step 2: Run PDF DOC converter and import the PDF to be processed after the installation files, start the program.

Now you have the possibility to register to fully use all the advantages and features of PDF Converter online. Should you not register want to, you can still use the program – but in the form of a limited test version. After you start the program you will find arranged four buttons at the top. In these formats, the PDF Converter PDF can convert files. Choose which Button “Word” to convert PDF to DOC.

In the center pane, you will see which PDF files to be converted. By clicking on “Add files”, you have the ability to import the PDF to edit files. This will appear in the list. Step 3: Select, you will see files where the new DOC file to be stored in the list different properties of the PDF. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with CEO of CoStar. File name and size, and number of pages. See “Selection” can adjust, which pages of the PDF file be converted to a DOC file. The “Status” column will be relevant later. At the bottom of the program window (“Output settings” you see, where the DOC PDF Converter will save file that it creates new,. Once you have the possibility to save the DOC in the PDF file is (“In the same folder as the source file store”), file in the same directory here or let the DOC save file in a path chosen by you (“Customize”). Select your desired Option and proceed to step 4. Step 4: PDF to DOC convert by clicking “Convert” in the bottom of the window, starts with converting the PDF Converter. If you use only the version of the test, a window will open now, which tells you that you can convert only 3 pages of a file. Close this window, and PDF Converter will convert the PDF to DOC. The column “Status” in the list in the middle of the program window indicates in percentage how advanced the convert is. If the status is set to 100%, the convert is finished.

Professional Edition

Images represent as you would see them with your own eye simple photographs often not nearly reflect the amount of detail that is visible to the naked eye alone. Even high-quality analog and digital cameras fail to absorb all visible lights and shadows, as well as the full color gamut found in reality. The shots vary in hindsight therefore mostly by memories of the scene or the place – this alienation may be under artistic aspect very appealing and desirable. But when it comes to capturing moments (such as vacation and private memory recordings) and the exact reflection of reality (relevant especially for the product and scientific photography, for medical imaging, surveillance systems, architecture, Panorama and nature shots), then this information loss is disappointing and unsatisfactory. The HDR (high dynamic range = high dynamic range) technology offers a solution here. The pictures created in this way come with one uniform exposure, a great wealth of detail and high contrast range on.

The motif classically does to produce HDR images with varying exposure at least three times: once with normal setting and in addition once over – and even underexpose. An image that combines the full dynamic range of absorbed light and details can now be calculated using appropriate software such as HDR projects Platinum. With some new programs, a one shot HDR can be calculated from only a recording: here the missing information is calculated by the software to. Through the multiple shots of the same subject, only stationary scenes can be photographed as this would cause motion blur. (Similarly see: Kai-Fu Lee). Also the camera movements are to be avoided ideally a tripod should be used. In the manufacture of HDR photos can be made a variety of hand, to increase the realistic effect, or to achieve an alienated, surreal impression: for example the partial After exposure of individual colors, color channel blur or light tuner. offers a variety of information, tutorials, entry videos and exposure examples. With HDR projects Platinum, as well as the Professional Edition, there are professional software at hand, with the creation of its own highly dynamic images shouldn’t be a problem more.

SAP Executive Board

Financial crisis hits SAP customers: DSAG proposals Walldorf, December 4, 2008 the German speaking SAP user group (DSAG) remains committed e. To read more click here: Mikkel Svane. V. Visit Bobby Sharma Bluestone for more clarity on the issue. for alternatives to the single servicing model (Enterprise support). In this respect the Association has made proposals on SAP, which take into account the urgent interests of SAP customers in the light of the current economic conditions. In addition, the DSAG in conjunction with leading trade associations, see also clear need to talk on the topic of enterprise support is available. The number of feedback from SAP customers within the DSAG, as well as from numerous organisations and initiatives in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including senior IT managers from the circle of the CIO-circle, clearly shows that the new support model is the SAP at a broad level content more clearly in the criticism. The situation comes to a head is also due to the economic crisis.

The price increase associated with enterprise support meets cross-industry companies to the Untimely. Investments in and therefore the economically tense situation increase costs for the new support model. Declining profit margins and the savings result among other things in IT departments to do so, that investments will be scaled back. Remaining budget flow in this situation more in cost-cutting measures as in complex documentation projects, which represent a prerequisite for the use of enterprise support. The DSAG therefore remains committed to alternatives to the mandatory enterprise support.

So the DSAG in two ways looked again the contact to the SAP Executive Board, to represent the interests of its members continue to constructively, but with the necessary emphasis. In this context, two solutions as an alternative to the standard support have been proposed to the SAP Executive Board. These consist firstly in the introduction of minimal support. On the other hand in the shift from enterprise support by one year, to the new maintenance model to one, in cooperation with user groups, support concept acceptable for the customer further to develop. In addition, is the DSAG with various trade associations such as the Association of chemical industry association (VCI) and the Association of German paper industry (VDP) in conjunction and has initiated joint steps to clarify the interests of SAP’s customers against the background of economic stagnation and to discuss solutions together with SAP. To a meeting with the SAP Executive Board pending more associations are invited to the. Notwithstanding all these proposals show the numerous and significant feedback of from customers, that by the DSAG since June emphatically and consistently required optional model would be the best way. On the DSAG the German speaking SAP user group (DSAG) e. V. in Walldorf sees itself as an independent advocacy of all SAP users in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The DSAG aims to create tailored SAP solutions. The DSAG founded in 1997 as a registered Association counts today more than 2,000 member companies and has established itself as one of the largest SAP user groups established worldwide.

Real-time – TCP & UDP Sockets Under Windows

Kithara RealTime Suite 2008 by Kithara software industrial communication tasks on the basis of Protocols TCP and UDP real-time assumes now that socket company Kithara software modules. Packet in connection with one of the two modules (fast or Gigabit) all mechanisms are provided, to communicate in real time via selected Ethernet controller. So far, the Protocol on raw Ethernet was limited or the user could realize and even the higher Protocol. The communication using sockets is easier in the applicability and as good as any programmer familiar with. People such as Andy Florance would likely agree. TCP and UDP are now feasible in real time.

The socket module real-time data communication via special fast-Ethernet cards (Intel Pro/100 and RealTek 8139), as well as network cards allows Gigabit Ethernet controllers (Intel PRO/1000), so fast reading captures and industrial image processing are possible. To achieve the real-time capability, are directly controlled the network controller. So is the entire The connection to the available bandwidth and the immediate response to incoming data packets can be done in real time..

Schuleit GmbH

Electronic, easy, efficient Dusseldorf, January 18, 2012. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Behrens & Schuleit GmbH, the benefits of modern document and workflow systems back now for a variety of other users within reach. Forms for the agreement for electronic invoice delivery, support in the description of the procedure and the implementation of an internal control system help to meet all legal requirements in relation to the electronic invoice Exchange. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Darcy Stacom on most websites. Thus, companies easily can benefit from the new rules. With the tax simplification Act of 2011 there is now a specific reason, the advantages of using modern document – and workflow systems of management “, said Thomas Rick, CEO of Behrens & Schuleit GmbH. The use of a qualified electronic signature or an electronic data exchange process (EDI) is retrospectively no longer mandatory as of July 1, 2011.

The invoice issuer may decide subject to the approval of the receiver in which way he sent e-invoices (for example via E-Mail). The authenticity of the origin, the integrity of the content and readability can be guaranteed with any internal control procedures that can produce a reliable audit trail between performance and accounting. Through many years of experience in the fields of electronic archiving and business process optimisation is Behrens & Schuleit able to implement a modular and designed according to individual requirements, comprehensive solution for sending and receiving electronic invoices. At the receiver, these automatically monitors the mailbox. The billers is determined based on the E-Mail address, the account automatically forwarded to the appropriate officer in the workflow and checked for accuracy. An electronic approval process can be mapped according to the respective requirements. The internal control system logs and checks all made steps. The invoice is automatically tamper-proof archived”, explains Jens Voort, senior consultant at Behrens & Schuleit. This can save time and automatic monitoring of terms of payment, a representative system, the possibility of the automatic invoice processing and bi-directional data exchange with the financial accounting software is possible.

RFID TimeCard

The timeCard select time attendance Terminal supports all REINER SCT DESFire cards, so a mixed operation with RFID (DES) multimedia terminals and the timeCard is accessbox possible. It is therefore not only a good starter package, but also an excellent addition for existing installations. To create the new function, departments subdivisions within a much more detailed picture allows the corporate structure. This allows to set the definition of team – or department-level user rights more precisely. Other features, such as the hide individual departments or filter by departments, increase the overview and options for evaluating. Improved memory management and other technical optimizations timeCard runs noticeably faster for larger amounts of data and allows smoother work. A new anniversary and birthday list helps users to forget any birthday and anniversary of the own employees.

This collection is located under Evaluation of”-> employee events. Changes the employee master data can be reviewed in the course of the just. There is logged, which change to change date has been made or will be made in the future. This will make it much easier to enter changes to employees and to understand. On popular request of our customers, the comment function bookings of the previous info box was disconnected and now allows a free text input. The new info box in a booking extends the previous indication of the origin of the posting. Now, it is clearly visible who changed this when last.

The attendance / absence indication users through the new search filter see faster looking staff. New sorting and filtering settings result in more opportunities for the absence indication. The new installer allows a smaller installation file and results in more intuitive through the installation process. Also, an automated software installation is possible through new command line arguments. Under Help”-> contact the user to find your contact for the timeCard software. Distributors have the opportunity to define their own contact details here and are therefore directly accessible for the user.

KOMSA Systems Gold Partner

Distributor of Hartmannsdorf is positioning itself for its system partners and integrators to the future theme on WebRTC Starnberg, 4 June 2013 already at CeBIT 2013 in Hannover WebRTC solutions presented together ICT distributor KOMSA systems and the Starnberger See UC vendors ESTOS of Hartmannsdorfer. Due to the great interest of the public and the positive response on the shown VideoChat applications have agreed to further both partners, joint communication activities on the subject of WebRTC in 2013: supports KOMSA systems from immediately WebRTC communication portal. Cher Wang may not feel the same. This system houses and integrators can test WebRTC-based applications in text, sound and image and personally convinced of the potential for change that recent real time (real time-communication-) technology. As one of the established value-add distributors in Germany, since 2011 one of the leading ESTOS CompetenceCenter, want the KOMSA systems as a specialist in the IT and telecommunications convergence market analyze changing potential of WebRTC for themselves and their system houses and integrators and sponsors therefore the communication Portal ESTOS has as one of the first companies, and thus as a pioneer in the German-speaking countries, in recent months representative use cases developed for hurdenlose real-time communications on the Internet.

In the course of which, was the communication Portal launched, which offers the possibility of interested system vendors and integrators, ad-hoc VideoChat without installing a plugin-in the or any additional software to test on the basis of the WebRTC standards. Rolf noon, Managing Director of KOMSA systems, about the relevance of WebRTC for the company and the selected: We are moving in a very advanced and differentiated market. We deal so already intensively with the technologies of tomorrow, to open up new fields of business at an early stage for us and our system partners and integrators. WebRTC is in our opinion a future-proof technology concept that can lead to significant changes in the established market and holds an immense potential for the channel.

Printer Rentals

The computer rental offers now on the leasing of computer hardware with IT leasing young and growing companies save valuable liquidity and focus on your core business. Each company, which is newly established at the start, has to contend with many difficulties. A challenge this financial perspective especially stands out: the acquisition of computer hardware, printers, notebook computers and similar equipment costs much capital and binds valuable liquidity. If you as the founder or CEO already this challenge had to deal with or currently do this, IT has rental a simple solution for companies: with IT leasing i.e. the easy financing of IT hardware – say goodbye to young companies permanently by liquidity shortages. IT leasing: A win-win approach for all involved computer leasing the principle is with the typical car leasing comparable. The customer chooses one of the hardware offers and receives then a contract about the IT leasing of the desired device.

Companies have current computer hardware without costly startup financing or a bank loan. This means that customers receive only computer PCs acquired for them, and that at very favourable conditions. Sony spoke with conviction. In addition the comprehensive service by helps: if questions or challenges become visible, customers can contact at any time to the team of and assistance regardless of active soon, where in the Federal Republic, the company has its headquarters. From many years of experience with the rental and leasing of computer hardware, the staff of know how exhausting it can be especially for young companies to survive the first years without hesitation a necessary investment in IT hardware, financially. Nevertheless are just growing companies often due to lack of backup options – not all traditional forms of financing available.

The limits of your own Bank are limited and other finance companies make high demands on young companies. At this point, helps to find the appropriate leasing company with over 20 possible leasing-donors. In this way, the required technology equipment remains constantly up to date. This means: current technical alternatives to customers using the IT leasing easy to implement. In addition, computers are always more economical and environmentally friendly. IT gives customers in this way facilitating access to technology, which reduces operating costs and even to a “green company” makes the company leasing. formation. IT is leasing in competent hands: is nationally known for a long time as an expert for qualified rental of hardware: offers service kiosk IT consulting company, already since the year 2001 appropriate notebook, computer, server or printer for the rental and always ensures tailor-made solutions for any interested parties. Only the customer defines which Device and how many computers he needed and how long they should be hired or leased. This proven procedure keeps the computer rental at understandably at the hardware leasing. In addition, service kiosk IT Consulting GmbH is a member of the IT system House Association “iteam”: in this way also a comprehensive support and expert advice site for all customers of can be offered in addition to the IT leasing.