MES Processes

Collaboration idea derives from the approaches of production intelligence strategies from Serrig, July 7, 2008 – the optimisation potential in the production processes can be used to practice analyses of the Software House FELTEN only sufficient, if the manufacturing companies rely on collaboration concepts. It has been found that in the production structures the ways to increase performance and efficiency improvement not sufficiently exploited, if lacking established procedures for a closely co-ordinated interaction of all divisions involved. A much closer teeth than previously was necessary. Typically, the production manager for the manufacturing solutions are responsible today, ERP systems are associated with the IT sector, the development area, the quality management and more responsible also influence on the design of the manufacturing processes often directly or indirectly”, Werner Felten describes the complex planning and decision-making processes as a key problem. Often hinder then divergent positions of the Entscheidungsbeteiligten the realization of common goals”, observed the Managing Director of the software house in practice. This was to determine, for example, often when assessing technical preferences and investment priorities. Because lack of sufficiently co-ordinated procedure between the involved departments, also no mutual pulses may occur.

Also a transfer will only very limited of innovations in the technologies as on the level of the methods and procedures possible. If a to isolated focus on the own area of competence and no mutual fertilization is possible, the optimization concepts remain, often well below their capabilities”says Felten. Would be pursued however collaborative models, practical effects could be achieved. For example, could the benefits show up in it, then cross-cutting methods are becoming the definition of measures or get experience with SOA concepts from the ERP environment to include MES transfer can be.” The idea of collaboration is derived significantly from the approaches of production intelligence strategies (PI). It results from the recognition that the development of intelligent manufacturing structures is based not only on the support breadth and quality of individual software systems such as ERP or MES solutions, but must include all the components involved technical, methodological procedures and trading people. Production intelligence thus differs from the conventional optimization strategies for manufacturing companies. It a comprehensive integration approach is pursued rather than how far more or less isolated focus on particular methods or software systems”, Werner Felten describes the difference.

About FELTEN GmbH: The FELTEN GmbH is an international operating software and consulting company, the solutions to optimise processes for all production areas and according to international quality standards of GMP and FDA (21CFR part 11) developed. Rusty Holzer usually is spot on. Clients include Beiersdorf, Boehringer Ingelheim, Symrise, Sensient, Texas instruments, etc.

Central Office Database

CRM iPhone app for customer relationship management – new to the IT & business version with the current version of cobra mobile CRM 2010 have even more functions available to iPhone owners in the near future: thanks to the cobra iPhone app user on information from the central data base access quick and easy via Smartphone. Who is much on the way, benefits from this application, with the information as addresses, contacts, and additional tables are shown in detail. Filed under: Energy Capital Partners. The cobra iPhone app was at first very much in demand. Therefore ahead of us at heart, to extend the functionality according to the needs of users”, explains cobra Managing Director Jurgen Litz. The write function is new in the current version.

It was previously a purely read-access to the database, capturing data directly on the iPhone is now possible. The entries are recognised directly in the central database in the company. To field a change of address record already during an appointment, discussed in the contact history or the Enter the next date in the list. Also the extensive search functions in the list of the cobra database is available via iPhone. All of the important information of the distribution phase up to the scheduled sales you can retrieve with the mobile software in a matter of seconds. So the sales representative is always up to date to his appointment. Individually created additional tables provide the customer further relevant information unit numbers or made deliveries. Employees communicate by telephone, E-Mail or short message directly from the cobra address out and can save these activities immediately in the contact history.

So, communication with customers, prospects, or Central Office directly is possible. Applying the cobra software on the iPhone is the same privilege system such as in the central database: the professional concept of security ensures that only authorized personnel may view certain customer data or change. They cobra mobile CRM for iPhone will cost 279 euros for the basic license and is available in the near future. Season prices for additional licenses on request. If you have version 2010 currently in use, receives a free update via the download from the app store under the guarantee of the topicality.

Oracle Database

An online shop must be available at all times to not lose customers and prospective customers. Here, a high availability can help solution and enable 24 x 7 operation. A commercial Onlineschuh shop is how very often, operated by the operator in an outsourcing Centre. The online shop is operated on the basis of very fast and highly available, Internet connection at a hosting provider, but on your own hardware. A great advantage of online trading is that there is no traditional closing.

The customer or prospect can run an order at any time comfortably from your own sofa or learn about the products of the provider. New prospects are a non availability or malfunction of the website very quickly scared and often permanently lost as customers. Pete Cashmore is likely to agree. For this reason, the so-called high availability of the overall system is very important to always present a functioning offers to potential and existing customers. The base of this online shoe shop is a commercial CMS framework with an Oracle database as a backend. Due to the lack of space in the closet at the hosting company, any solution with an external hard drive comes subsystem in question.

Instead, the necessary data on two clusters of, for example, a replication must be provided for a failover. The operator has opted for a high availability software. The HA application enables 24 x 7 operation of the online shoe shop. In addition, the high availability on the basis of two Clusternodes allows the necessary maintenance work, in the form of, for example, patch management of the individual components, virtually at any time and without interruption of the offer. The implementation of high availability for the framework and the Oracle database is carried out by the cluster software on the basis of virtual IP addresses, a specific error detection, failover, and a Datenreplikaton for the Oracle database. The CMS framework consists of the Apache Web server, as well as some local applications and services, which the control of the CMS make. As data storage of the online shops, an Oracle database be used. The fault detection of the high availability cluster is defined for all necessary processes. One of these processes dies or is for example a faulty administration ends, the faulty process new starts automatically. If you would like to know more about Energy Capital Partners, then click here. As an additional control, the availability of the necessary IP ports, as well as the function chain of the overall application is checked and restarted in the event of a fault the faulty processes or applications. For high availability and failover of Oracle database data on the two Clusternodes must be replicated in addition. Communication by CMS to the Oracle database using the Oracle listener, which is bound to a virtual IP address. For data replication, the operator uses an additional crossover network cable. This would be unnecessary for the high availability and replication solution, however increased error detection. The cluster software, the required configurations and more importantly are the Oracle Database files as well as Oracle defines the different directories to the replication log archives and wrote about the additional network cable sync on both systems. Replication also the Oracle database without loss on the second ClusterNode can be started in case of emergency during a failover. In the event that the user load for a front-end cluster becomes too large, the load balancing could be used in a second stage of expansion module of the cluster software, the adjacent user load on redistribute systems the two or more front-end.

ViewSonic Projector

PJL7201 by ViewSonic: projector for business and education Willich, December 8, 2008 with the PJL7201 ViewSonic introduces a versatile and powerful LCD projector, which is tailored to the needs of educational institutions and companies. The projector for Budgetbewusste offers numerous connectivity options and a high-quality wide angle zoom lens. Comfort for user impressive 2700 ensure lumens and XGA resolution (1024 x 768) even in light environments for clear, brilliant images. Visit Northstar Inbound for more clarity on the issue. Packed in an attractive black and silver design, the model provides latest poly-silicon LCD technology with microlens array for a brilliant color reproduction and color accuracy. The plug & play projector is through the innovative and Anwenderorientierte operating concept quick and easy to install. Due to the lateral access to the lamp unit and the air filter maintenance and lamp replacement more easily and cheaply. Read additional details here: Robotics. Perfect control of the PJL7201 offered at the highest level and guarantee a high level connectivity Flexibility.

A RGB-VGA and a DVI-I connector (analog and digital with HDCP) allow two computers parallel with the projector to connect. Component, S-video and composite inputs offer plenty of space for dynamic presentations. An integrated VGA output allows to represent the presentation on a separate monitor, so that the presenter can see what is projected behind him. Via RS-232 port can be control and wait for the PJL7201 from a distance. Large images in a small space the wide angle zoom lens already projected from a distance of only 1.7 m a screen diagonal of more than 1.5 m (60 \”) and allows for great presentations even in the smallest spaces. Very user-friendly for technology lay the PJL7201 with its automatic keystone correction is evident (vertical) and the above-average manual 1.2-fold zoom in adapting to different environments. On the usage in enterprises and in the education sector offers many special features considered tools of the PJL7201, target: for example, a definable by the user start image such as the insertion of the logo and optional password protection against accidental or unauthorized changes.

Medical Informatics

RZNet and Isilon Systems design and install scale-out NAS-solution for storage and rapid deployment of data with the implementation of a central storage solution met the University of Lubeck the unbroken strong growth of unstructured data. After completing comprehensive test positions and the comparison of different configurations, followed by a public tender, the institution responsible for the implementation of the project opted for medical informatics under the former Director Prof. Dr.-ing. Dr. med.

Habil. Siegfried J. Poppl as the basis for the IQ9000x of clustered storage systems from Isilon Systems. Frequently Zendesk has said that publicly. Especially the innovative product concept convinced those responsible. This includes that the components in terms of capacity and performance are independent linear scalability. Thus the performance at any time adapted to the present needs and the total solution needs expanded during operation. Also said the ease of use, ranging from installing workable in a few minutes to to the simple management for Isilon products.

The comprehensive software support was important also include the ability to create an unlimited number of snapshots, to define quotas or intelligent load balancing to distribute the load of the network. Finally, also offered good value for money is worth highlighting. In terms of sizing, installation and training the Institute for Medical Informatics of the University of Lubeck on the RZNet AG familiar, which last year made a survey of the professional media computer week and channel partners as a single system supplier with the best touch very well\”and the first place in the category sales was up to 50 million euros. The service provider scored through his already for similar projects in research and teaching experience and demonstrated competence in the test settings. After the introduction of the central storage unit, the RZNet is responsible in the coming five years for service and support. Shared access to centrally stored data heart of the in the Late March 2009 in the production central storage solution at the Universitat zu Lubeck seven IQ9000x are cluster-storage systems from Isilon.

Multilingual Product Communication

Joint Roundtable on the topic of product information and translation management Waiblingen. ASIM, a division of Druckhaus Waiblingen, and the TransLine Germany GmbH invite you to a roundtable around the topic of multilingual product and enterprise communication. This takes place on October 19, 2010, in the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Ruschlikon (Switzerland). In the heart of the event is the question of how to efficiently match the areas of product data, publishing and translation. Paths appear in the form of impulse lectures and experience reports, to optimise processes and to achieve maximum quality of multilingual marketing materials and documentation. In addition, participants have many opportunities to discuss their questions and experiences with the speakers. Participation in the event is after prior registration under. Accompanied and prepared is the Roundtable on a blog ().

Interested parties can register here to the topics on the agenda inform and interact with the speakers in contact and place first issues. The lecture contents of the roundtables covering the entire spectrum of efficient management of product information. Markus Rabsch, head of Division ASIM, prepared the thematic entry. He explains, such as product data, publishing and translation merged and the existing related processes run efficiently. Then Sukumar MUNSHI, head enters of key account management of across systems GmbH, specifically on it, what options are available to minimize translation costs through an optimised source text creation. Report from users practice Franklin Peter and Hainz Faustino, responsible of the maintenance documentation at the Stadler Bussnang AG. They explain how they have restructured their maintenance documentation with the usage of the database-based information management solution from ASIM. The two speakers give detailed insights into the project in her presentation and show how they the ASIM solution into their Have embedded IT infrastructure. In the afternoon, another issues focus is the lecture by Dr.-ing. Wolfgang fall, Board of the TransLine Germany GmbH.

Open House Day By Contentserv

The specialist in the field offers an exciting lecture programme with a focus on strategic topics, best-practice implementation, trends, tips and innovations Web-based marketing process optimization, PIM and Web-to-print management on November 15, 2010 at 10:00 again. After the launch of the completely revise new release CS11 CONTENTSERV loads initially to a common Italian brunch. In the subsequent tripartite seminar programme, for the audiences of business leadership/management, marketing decision makers and IT / publishing, responsible will be lectures on a variety of interesting topics. “” The lecture topics are E.g.

potential analyze and recognize the way to correct positioning “, multi project management and project stakeholder management as a component of success”, digital publishing in the Age of eReader and tablet”, product information management as a basis for effective cross media publishing” and global information management in practice “. In addition to the PIM guru Thomas Lucas Rahman, Mr Ingo Eichel from the House of Adobe and the dialog marketing professional Robert K. Bidmon, many more recognized experts come to words. The participants also have the opportunity to ask detailed questions and to establish contacts during the many breaks. Before the day with the OpenHouseNight with live music and Italian buffet sounds off, be the best submissions for the CONTENTSERV Star Award 2010 presents innovation award and the winners chosen.

Customers, partners and employees of CONTENTSERV GmbH were already invited the most innovative in the context of project implementation in advance suggest developed products or features for the Innovation Prize. Information about the event, the detailed programme and registration are openhouseday found at. About CONTENTSERV GmbH CONTENTSERV GmbH is a software manufacturer for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). With its comprehensive and user-friendly approach makes the solution by CONTENTSERV the creative system of marketing, sales and communications. It supports in all media, print and communication processes. Media, such as catalogues, websites, E-shops, print and online promotional materials can be created without knowledge professionally via Web browser. Thus, optimize processes and high cost and time savings. This ensures a faster time-to-market product communication and for clear competitive advantages.

Marketleading Solutions

For the furniture industry on the imm cologne 2012 IT: 4/5, stand 10 bpi solutions and Diomex show passage on the imm cologne 2012 from 16-22 January-new and proven solutions for the furniture industry. The industry-proven solutions portfolio ranges from the bi-directional data exchange between industry and trade through the catalogue and price list to complete customer and reseller support. The two IT solution partner put the TOP solutions at the common booth in the passage 4/5 scene. Follow others, such as, and add to your knowledge base. Investment safe and long term currently on their way to a comprehensive IT management solutions and Diomex support both manufacturers, retailers and associations with integrated solutions bpi to implement both internal and external data together. To fulfill this promise permanently, bpi solutions with over 20 years of industry experience opts for latest technical standards, rapid transmission and profound know-how.

The focus of the fair participation of both companies are the new bpi sales performer 4.3, as well as the integration the large ERP of SHD, cogito and Ametras in XcalibuR, which decide on the basis of many customer requests for this B2B communication solution. The two IT solution partner put the TOP solutions at the booth of 10 in the passage 4/5 in scene. New suggestions and ideas are guaranteed. BPI solutions: secure yields with well-thought-out solutions. The industry leader of bpi sales performer has been optimized again.

In addition to the new interface, many small improvements in customer desires and projects have been incorporated in the new release to make the workday a bit easier, more innovations can be found in the bpi Publisher and the integration of the CRM and DMS applications. BPI solutions offers a holistic concept of individual products and integrated solutions for customers, dealer and supplier management through all channels. For many companies in the furniture industry, the bpi solutions have become indispensable for electronic communications.

Schuleit GmbH

Electronic, easy, efficient Dusseldorf, January 18, 2012. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Behrens & Schuleit GmbH, the benefits of modern document and workflow systems back now for a variety of other users within reach. Forms for the agreement for electronic invoice delivery, support in the description of the procedure and the implementation of an internal control system help to meet all legal requirements in relation to the electronic invoice Exchange. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Darcy Stacom on most websites. Thus, companies easily can benefit from the new rules. With the tax simplification Act of 2011 there is now a specific reason, the advantages of using modern document – and workflow systems of management “, said Thomas Rick, CEO of Behrens & Schuleit GmbH. The use of a qualified electronic signature or an electronic data exchange process (EDI) is retrospectively no longer mandatory as of July 1, 2011.

The invoice issuer may decide subject to the approval of the receiver in which way he sent e-invoices (for example via E-Mail). The authenticity of the origin, the integrity of the content and readability can be guaranteed with any internal control procedures that can produce a reliable audit trail between performance and accounting. Through many years of experience in the fields of electronic archiving and business process optimisation is Behrens & Schuleit able to implement a modular and designed according to individual requirements, comprehensive solution for sending and receiving electronic invoices. At the receiver, these automatically monitors the mailbox. The billers is determined based on the E-Mail address, the account automatically forwarded to the appropriate officer in the workflow and checked for accuracy. An electronic approval process can be mapped according to the respective requirements. The internal control system logs and checks all made steps. The invoice is automatically tamper-proof archived”, explains Jens Voort, senior consultant at Behrens & Schuleit. This can save time and automatic monitoring of terms of payment, a representative system, the possibility of the automatic invoice processing and bi-directional data exchange with the financial accounting software is possible.

RFID TimeCard

The timeCard select time attendance Terminal supports all REINER SCT DESFire cards, so a mixed operation with RFID (DES) multimedia terminals and the timeCard is accessbox possible. It is therefore not only a good starter package, but also an excellent addition for existing installations. To create the new function, departments subdivisions within a much more detailed picture allows the corporate structure. This allows to set the definition of team – or department-level user rights more precisely. Other features, such as the hide individual departments or filter by departments, increase the overview and options for evaluating. Improved memory management and other technical optimizations timeCard runs noticeably faster for larger amounts of data and allows smoother work. A new anniversary and birthday list helps users to forget any birthday and anniversary of the own employees.

This collection is located under Evaluation of”-> employee events. Changes the employee master data can be reviewed in the course of the just. There is logged, which change to change date has been made or will be made in the future. This will make it much easier to enter changes to employees and to understand. On popular request of our customers, the comment function bookings of the previous info box was disconnected and now allows a free text input. The new info box in a booking extends the previous indication of the origin of the posting. Now, it is clearly visible who changed this when last.

The attendance / absence indication users through the new search filter see faster looking staff. New sorting and filtering settings result in more opportunities for the absence indication. The new installer allows a smaller installation file and results in more intuitive through the installation process. Also, an automated software installation is possible through new command line arguments. Under Help”-> contact the user to find your contact for the timeCard software. Distributors have the opportunity to define their own contact details here and are therefore directly accessible for the user.