Participants Of The Pyro Imagine

‘A spark be better’ the Pyro star magic in Oberhausen festival promises a truly explosive mixture: three of the most sought after professional pyrotechnicians of Germany compete on May 1st in the competition. Bring lots of black powder, fire body and a choreography of their Pyro show sophisticated in every detail in the Olga Park. The event begins at 7: 00 (intake 18:30) with a musical and artistic fire program. Against 22 the first Fireworks. Playing with fire is the job of Steffen brownish (the kind of fire, Polzig), Mathias Kurbs (fireworks Mathias Kurbs, Dohma) and Rene obuobi (Westphalian Fireworks, Herten). Pyrotechnicians, which is a vocation as a professional for these three more. Each performance is always exciting despite decades of experience.

Light all Fireworks? Meet the effects the musical accents? And the most important: the viewers are excited? The applause is the artist bread, they say. Kurbs can be brownish, and Easter Hage literally: the best presentation is awarded 3,000 euros and a trophy. For their show, the pyrotechnicians must drag first kilo rockets and gunpowder in the Park. Some of the Fireworks weigh up to six kilos. Before they rise into the sky, the pyrotechnician with their teams pull cable through the Olga Park but a few kilometres. Peter Asaro follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Ignition is computer-controlled”, explained Organizer Gerd Gollner the energy Musikverlag Herne. The choreography of the displays have drawn up months before the three pyrotechnicians on the computer.

Any Funke should be fired on the music beat. Whether that actually happens, is exciting for the Pyro professionals up to the last moment. All three Fireworks have different effects, soundtracks, and highlights come up with, to gain the favour of the audience and the jury. The hearts of the audience wants to conquer with a fireworks display on the theme of love & fire Rene obunga. Musical Easter Hage opts for pop classics. There will I be also melancholic phases, with which the Feelings of the audience wants to talk to.” “Also, the wholly pyrotechnicians reveals yet another secret from his year’s program: one of the highlights will be a more accurate clock, Golden waterfall.” As favorite goes in Oberhausen Steffen brownish on the ignition button. Last year he won here in the Olga Park and three other Star magic towns. His motto is to be better than the others always a spark”. And he wants that also this time. by the victories in the past year our standards have become even bigger. We will prepare an unforgettable all our viewers”, brownish seemingly Announces. But also with competitor of Mathias Kurbs is to be expected. To burn in the memory of the spectator, Kurbs uses his impressive repertoire of large caliber and colourful effects that reach up to 130 meters Steighohen. For his show in Oberhausen he announces fascinating innovations: visitors can for Italian cylinder bombs and It offers Japanese more beaten-up bombs. I won’t tell you but still my choice of music.” From 19: 00 allow Umashankar, Wonderwall, Ruhrcraft and the ladies of fire with a show of music and fire artistry crack a perfect preparation for the following Fireworks. The moderator Ted Stanetzky of radio SAW leads through the program. For the physical well-being is taken care of: the cocktail to the Thuringian sausage guests can it is good.

Surf Students

Useful tips for students on the topic of Internet, mobile, mobile surfsticks and co. telecommunications: not only since the University of Paderborn, as one of the first universities in Germany equips all his freshman year with an own NetBook, the mobile communication of students has changed. With the NetBook students should perform always the Veranstaltungssytem PAUL in school and from home Internet tasks such as communicating by E-Mail or the management of study about. But what about off of the campus? How to communicate the students today preferred? The telecommunications market has been part in recent years movement, so that classic models – such as the landline and Internet access no longer represent the rule at home -. Interestingly, the new possibilities of communication must be not always more expensive. On the contrary, you can save money with the right mix. Gain insight and clarity with Dermot McCormack. There are now special offers for students, where even one at the most mobile network operators own landline telephone number on the cell phone for friends and family on the study is available. Check out AOL for additional information.

There are these offers for students from 12 euro a month including flat rate for unlimited calls to German landlines. The decisive advantage is that on a traditional landline can be dispensed with. But on the subject of Internet a lot has happened in recent years. Internet access from home, such as via DSL, is still the most popular, but there are also meaningful alternatives: Mobile Internet via UMTS or HSDPA. So can be online with the NetBook of the University in combination with a mobile Internet flat rate on the road with up to 7.2 Mbit / s. With a so-called Surfstick, is connected via USB to the NetBook you can surf mobile from 20 euros a month with comparable speed DSL on the Internet.

The mobile flat rates there are some providers as a so-called Prepaidvariante or with a long term contract. The surfing speed is problematic through thick walls but sometimes, or dead spots in the cellular network can be reduced. There are also almost all mobile flatrates on a data volume of 5 GB/month limited. Thus, the flexible student of today from 32 euro gets mobile Internet access with a mobile tariff including landline and landline flat rate in the month. Usually, only talks to foreign mobile phones must be paid extra. However, students shared, who would share the cost of the Internet, there are also cheap deals. A telephone including 2000 DSL and phone-flat is some providers from 20 euros a month to have some unique surcharge even without a minimum contract period. Especially the so-called mobile phone discounter is suitable for mobile calls to the mobile network. From 8 cents per minute and SMS on the phone here in every German network without basic fee, minimum sales, and minimum contract term. The current tariff comparisons get students at the Internet portal cheap The portal compares more than 9 years almost all German provider of telephone, mobile phone and Internet tariffs. The independent consumer magazine and price comparison portal cheap gives a detailed and compact overview of all in Germany working phone, VoIP, Internet, DSL, mobile and electricity suppliers since the year 2000. Tariffs of almost all providers and their services are listed in tariff tables, hidden costs and therefore made visible.