If your wedding will be a bit guests, a man of 25-30, the administration may propose to set the table in the common room, arguing that it would be financially beneficial for you, well, even the fact that you do not have to spend money on music. In the main hall, one way or another, will igratmuzykalnaya group that works there, and you will hear music. I will say unequivocally, that option I do not advise you, and explain why. Celebrating its grand event in the room you’re not alone, and this is the most important thing. Customers are likely to be many, are unlikely to welcome your holiday. They came to eat, relax, talk, and now your leading or the toastmaster constantly utters some speech, greetings and jokes, holds contests and sweepstakes.

Do it all this is likely to be in a loud voice or a microphone, and other visitors to this will probably be a nuisance. They will come to you, make comments, say that your wedding and got them to claim that the toaster would be stopped. You are, instead, that would be glad and rejoice, will solve the problems. Count on the administration not worth it, they will not do anything. Or give you “advice” to celebrate quietly. Unpleasant emotions are guaranteed.

Then come the musicians, and here, too, may start some difficulties. Of course, the administration of the restaurant you solemnly promised that the band will play light dance music. And even if initially it will be so, it is unlikely they will be able to play just for you. Indeed, in the hall there are other people, and it is possible that they like very different music. These people will be treated to musicians, and order that suits their tastes and desires. And they will order? Yes, anything! “Prison,” “Confessions of a Thief”, “Accord barbed wire,” “Taganka” “- here possible a rough list of “wedding” songs will be played on your holiday, and maybe more than once. Do you really need? Well, I have to mention another possible aspect of such an option weddings. The presence of absolutely strangers on your holiday is often fraught with unexpected consequences. From their friends and acquaintances who moved intoxicating drinks, we usually know what to expect. About other people this will not tell. May development scenario to happen on the principle of “fight ordered?” In general the halls are good social events, birthdays and anniversaries. Only be collected in advance before the arrival of the musicians, so that would not have to make speeches, competing for volume with the sounding music. All that suggests the presence of lead, the script, a focus of the musical program to celebrate in a separate room.


As soon as the diet is stopped, the lost weight is reduced to 2 times faster than more and not in the form of muscle fibers, so that you have already lost at the beginning of weight loss, but in the form of adipose tissue. That's such a natural mechanism to fight successfully with them, if at all necessary, can only those who actively and constantly involved in sports, fitness. Volumes of women sporting types can come close to some international standards, according to height and age, but weight has nothing to do with it! Muscle tissue that fills your elastic buttocks, arms, legs, flat stomach – much heavier an equal volume of adipose tissue. Ali Partovi understands that this is vital information. And if you seek yet fit under the weight of the flimsy standards, then you will lose water and muscle tissue. Depletion achieved and then just as a 'bonus' may begin to fall out hair, breaking fingernails. Bad advice: eat while slimming supplements and vitamins by the ton, if not afraid to break the whole metabolism and to become successful on-patient clinics of the profile.

What do you do to lose weight or lose weight? Understand me: why do you need to weight loss. Do you consider yourself sufficiently attractive (we are not talking about obesity varying degrees) for men, for the beloved? And here you are wrong. Men only pretend to like thin women and rough wine, avoid sweets and biscuits – indeed, they are secretly run by an appetizing beauties, sweet soul to drink wine semi-sweet, sweet beverages (except all the others) and eat desserts. The only thing that always remains undisputed – that the presence of the waist at any weight in women, breasts and shapely legs. If you are a given, just keep your 'capital' in an active state. Swimming and eastern dancing, outdoor activities in the fresh air – it's nice and helpful! Well, if you are born without a waist, and everything else, you can only take advantage of corsets and other tricks. True, they will sooner or later have to be removed. So maybe something else to take men and officers, such as intelligence, if the perfume with pheromones is not enough money! Remember another popular wisdom that the 'thin horse – this is not swift gazelle'.

Favorite Gift, Select It And How To Make A Holiday !

Any person likes to give and receive gifts, but not all gifts are good! The gift should be relevant and be directly involved in the life of a man pleasing to the eye, forcing to smile! Many people going on a birthday party, birthday party or even any celebration prefer not to give attention and give gifts already proven shower accessories and toilet water, but always remains open question on how much data is relevant and necessary gifts? When receiving a gift, we are all in confusion and slight anticipation of something unexpected, which can be a big surprise for us and surprise that makes us laugh and enjoy, admire and enjoy the surprise! When choosing a gift should be given to a person who belongs to a particular surprise, age, hobbies, preferences of a particular commodity, possibly even dream of a distant childhood. But special attention is given to the need for gifts, well, like the amateur photographer can give a professional camera or lens to it. Lover of exotic plants can Gifts shoots rare and exotic flowers, children, loving the game can give a novelty hit, which is still a rarity in sales, but it can be found in online stores. Pete Cashmore has firm opinions on the matter. Fans of baths and saunas will always be relevant for a gift set saunas and baths, the women create coziness and comfort in the home will be pleased to receive a gift of a blanket, shawl or bed linen thus showing his concern about the beautiful female half. Also, girls and women prefer home comfort you can give her robe, thereby expressing their concern and warm environment and kindness. In the global Internet can find and order the pick whichever gift for your dearest people, thereby saving time and money! Here, for example in the online shop of bedding, you can always choose to donate linens, towels, kits for baths and saunas. Give always timely, appropriate gifts, those who dream about your friends and relatives, give them warmth and care!

Law Energy

How to navigate? How not to pay “too little” or “Too much”? It’s simple – the amount that you can easily, with a pure heart, with no regrets, you can give – the most faithful. For some it is a thousand dollars, and for some – five rubles, everyone has his own “ceiling”. Read more here: Kai-Fu Lee. Feel free to give to it that the amount that you personally seem reasonable, and be sure – it’s correct. Hence, it is the “many” you’ve got darmovschinki. Another question – is it always should pay? After reading this article you try to analyze the amount of “slack” in your life, and may come to fear … You may think that you just have to and that pay the bills. In fact, it is not. Pay should not always and for all.

If, for example, you downloaded in network program, but it does not work, according to the law of conservation of energy you have nothing to anyone (by human laws are different, but we are not talking about them). But if it helped you build something – you used the energy and Law started to work. If you downloaded the book, even if you read it, but nothing in it for themselves is not taken, it was not “your” leave you indifferent – you are not the debtor. The same applies to books purchased. If you bought the book, but it proved to be completely useless to you, then the universe will give you the energy to this “sum”.

Equilibrium will be restored. And finally, the information for those who took advantage of my personal “free cheese” – in the form of books, video tutorials, webinars, online tips, etc. If you personally think that the information I received from you was interesting or useful, then the law takes effect. And then you had better get ahead of the Universe by vzyskivaniyu debt. You can use any of the above methods. Those wishing to pay directly with money, to report details. I’ll be glad if you express your gratitude to me in cash. But if your gratitude is not expressed to me personally, and the universe – in any other way, I will definitely be happy that I could be the beginning of a chain of good deeds.

The Responses

Similarly, it was important to have a safe-conduct from the king. Today no titles of nobility in the price, because they give nothing. But be that as it were, the current lord – that’s the idea. Having accumulated large amounts and buying everything that your heart desires (houses, luxury cars, furniture, handmade, etc.), the people of this kind do not calm down. Ride the “Bentley”, live in a palace and have lunch in a posh restaurant with a model – this is not enough. This is no surprise. And here’s another and be at posts – it’s really cool! It is not uncommon for the high title ready to unfasten a million dollars.

For the money (and even much smaller) can easily become the head of any district or mayor, force colonel some law enforcement agencies (it costs about 100-150 thousand dollars), a judge or official. But these are valued, “brown”, which allows nothing to do and combine the service with commercial activities. A such privileges only gives an MP. For example, the area is empty chair Kushchevskaya head of the local selhozupravleniya. Why empty? Because this office with a secretary, car and personal cabinet no one wants even if free. There will always represent the visibility of work, constantly traveling to Krasnodar for sticking with the 6 am Bobby jumping over the fields and farms.

And with all this, nor with anyone not Sloop bribe and did not really steal. If you talk with someone from wealthy people and ask, why he needs a big office or parliamentary mandate, the responses are very similar. “That comes to me the tax inspector – a drunkard and a moron, nerves begin to wind. And I’ll show him the certificate and say, ‘You’re talking like, a serf? Get out of here, you dog! “. Simple “from Scarers cops” on the road is already very few people like. Need security certificates higher order, as well as access to high offices. During that are ready to shell out the full program. And as part of “the princely title of” – is a blow below the belt. Therefore, members of the Sochi willfully extended his authority to six months and left the other election scheme, which gives them a chance to save people.

Armed Forces

In particular, it is practically nullify the frame, being one of the key elements in the mobilization system. On the basis of which will be deployed to units in the case of organizational-mobilization activities across the state? Likely to provide a return to the hosts … It seems that the main organizational and mobilization department of the General Staff in developing an action plan did not participate. As conceived by the Ministry of Defence staff reductions will not pass side and the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff (GS SEI), a body which, in fact, lie key issues of the Armed Forces. In other words, will operate on the brain. Contact information is here: Kai-Fu Lee. At the same time will adjust and vision, reducing the size of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU). There is serious concerns that ultimately from the sun can turn weak-eyed wit. Will not pass and the issue of training: instead of all existing (and more correctly, the survivors and preserve the scientific school and tradition) now military schools will only have ten centers.

After that, to restore scientific and pedagogical potential in the field of military education will take many years if not decades. What people? But the main problem still remain human beings. Military experts as a result of the reform may be in an instant at the base of the social ladder. No flats, social protection and their families on their hands. Pete Cashmore may also support this cause. One on alone with their problems would be a thousand (!) people. The Ministry of Defence promised to solve the problem of social adaptation of discharged military personnel. Immediately, questions arise: – where local governments take money for these programs or provide for earmarking federal funding? – To develop yourself whether these programs or they will be formed 'in the course of the play'? – What about the officers, seniority does not allow them expect to receive housing and pensions, and the resulting military specialty is practically no demand 'for the citizen'? On the moral injury, which will be discharged servicemen and their families, apparently, it was not conducted at all.

And in vain … Unfortunately, we can not exclude that the reform will go to the very negative from a social point of view scenario. Of course, it is unlikely that Russia will suddenly emerge from the gang retired officers. A here is a sharp increase in the number of suicides and divorces, alcoholism, and so massive – it's the most real picture of the future. What happens or conclusions … It is clear that reform is revolutionary. Rather, she has good intentions, which, unfortunately, are kept secret. At some (hopefully, that short) period of the combat capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces will be located at a very low level, which will have an impact not only on national security, but also on the alignment of political forces in the region and the world. Arising during the reform social problems will be solved only partially, leading to tensions in society and can influence the internal political situation in the country. How would like to make the wrong predictions!

Choosing A Gift

Gift – this is a good thing and a sign of attention, which brings joy and good humor. Giving a gift is not only a sign of public attention fixed traditions, but also a sign of personal attention person to another. Choosing a gift becomes a problem for the very reason that life often events occur when both functions are involved. In addition, the present need is not often when we are willing to give and not only Besides, who wants to please. The main sense is a gift that makes us think the tradition of the family even when they do not really want to own something to think about. We should do all that attention did not seem formal. In order to turn things into a present need to meet the certain requirements.

A gift may be viewed as text, with which defined the relationship between giver and recipient of the gift. Essence gift lies in its content according to the existing relationship between giver and recipient. Since the gift can be regarded as not the thing itself, and the process of donation, its material content can acquire the most unimaginable forms. Therefore, to transform everyday items as a gift, you must give it a certain status. Thanks to this stroke, as bright and beautiful packaging (common characters present – tape, wrapping paper, baskets, boxes, etc.), ordinary things are transformed into products suitable for the function of the gift. It should be remembered that the gift thing (even if it is one of many included in the daily life) should have properties of visible and be able to recall its origins (the act of donation and the donor) through time.

The desire to give gift bright, unique and unforgettable appearance, helps to make the presentation present an impressive and memorable moment. That is what makes people tick in the quality of packaging a gift, and has nothing to do with the habit embellish flaws. Do gift wrapping is another important positive argument. A colorful and tasteful packaging gives a flying time of delivery of the mysteries, enhances the effect desired or unexpected, but still a nice gift. In all cases, the flowers – a nice gift. And no matter how changed our tastes and views, flowers are an attribute of the various ceremonies. It is not necessary to present huge bouquets, one can restrict a small bouquet, or even a single flower. The Japanese believe that one flower is better than a bouquet conveys luxury colors. Fruit Baskets and sweet bouquets of sweets – has also become a good tradition, and the floral arrangements and various accessories brings originality to any gift. Money must be present in the envelope. To the envelope usually make a small sign of attention: a box of chocolates (a bottle of good wine) or flowers. Do not forget that gifts must not only conform to material features the giver, but also the nature, interests and lifestyle of the person to whom they are intended. Therefore, valuables, items of clothing, cosmetics, clothes – is more appropriate to give to friends, relatives and close friends.

While You

Apathy, laziness, is not good for increasing motivation and doing well at work. And you want to succeed and make more money so what are you supposed to do? You can be promoted to higher positions if you try hard and are committed.

Earn more. And yet – clear ceiling. And anyway – work 5 days a week. From morning to evening. Just on more attractive terms. The same nonsense – but in a beautiful package. All your Places lived in the same way you can be, and would be happy to live differently, but how to do it, when all the people with whom you communicate, live the same way? Friends – such as frazzled as you are. Also go to work, earn about the same money, and also know they do not know how to live differently. There are no people who could support you and tell where to go to live differently. 10. At any time, may dismiss, life is unpredictable and unstable when you get a job, you are attracted by the idea of “stability.” Once a month you will get money. Known in advance the sum. And suddenly – a crisis, cutting, firing! No money, no work, what to do – is unclear. While You go to work, work for someone else – no stability can not be. Because at any moment you can be left with nothing. For guidance it is no more difficult than one phone call. That all right? If in some of these problems did you find my life, I have news for you three (incidentally, both are good. These problems can be solved. They decided to have a lot of people. 3) There are step by step procedure to solve them, you can learn. And this is not necessarily engage in network marketing, trade on the exchange or to be educated economist. Everything is much easier. There is an easy way to find a guaranteed deal that will bring you money and (as much as you need), and enjoy every day. What? Find out here.