Nexsan Introduces New Archiving System For Storage-as-a-service Provider

Assureon 6.0 allows to provide service providers and enterprise archiving services on a rental basis Nexsan offers with Assureon 6.0 was the first manufacturer to market a highly scalable, specifically for use in storage as a service (SaS) providers, archiving system on. With the disk storage solution existing server hardware and the new version 6.0 of the Assureon software, this can their range of SaS services to content addressable storage-(CAS)-based archiving services expand. The integrated innovative CAS method developed by design allows for the first time to virtualize the system in an essentially unlimited number of physically secure archives. For each archive, a file system is created, allowing the data of from different customers from each other separately save on a hard disk. Maintaining the confidentiality of the information, increases safety and better overall the data are protected against unauthorized access.

The newest member of Nexsans family of disk-based archiving systems also works as all solutions of the company with the in-house developed energy-saving technology AutoMAID. This will reduce the power consumption in data centers hosting. Applications Assureon 6.0 is an ideal platform for all service providers and organizations that want to provide archiving services as a hosted service on the basis of the advanced CAS technology. The system meets the criteria applied to products in this category in terms of scalability, data protection, performance and price performance and lays the Foundation on which modern hosted storage service solutions build. Features at a glance data protection: individual user data can be physically separately stored in environments where for the archiving of information of clients one platform is used (multi-tenant model), on your system.

Scalability: Virtualized CAS can be extended easily and profitably. Performance: The number of archived objects is subject to any limitation, as is to be expected with no performance degradation. Ali Partovi usually is spot on. Green”: integrated AutoMAID technology reduces the energy consumption. Economical: The cost of archiving pay for themselves even with a larger number of users, due to scalability, reducing the cost to the storage capacity. Analyst opinion Terry McClure, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, considers mainly the lifting of the limitation, how many objects saved as a whole, for promising. As for service provider in the past, this meant that they had to install new systems every time when the specified limit is reached. Now you can expand your archive, despite the scale this is continued as a unit to manage. From the perspective of Terry McClure archives as-a-service offerings are interesting also for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), moving in highly regulated industries. Often they lack the know-how and the resources, the prevailing compliance requirements in accordance with long term internally to archive data. Applications see for example in the health sector and in the Financial services sector. In these segments, it is essential to comply with the strict regulations concerning retention periods and validity? Quote “companies of all sizes face the task, to reduce costs. To achieve this, they need to make more efficient operational processes. Moreover, rising energy prices force them to curtail their power consumption as well as their cooling needs. To achieve this, they decide increasingly, to access new services and to purchase software and storage applications to rent, instead. With Assureon 6.0, we first offer a SaS system that meets the requirements of the customers for high-performance, extremely scalable and secure archiving solutions fully. The new energy-saving, cost-effective design solution is suitable especially for permanently applied immutable data (fixed content) or long term information management.” Gregg Pugmire, Executive Vice President of business development, design

Schuleit GmbH

Electronic, easy, efficient Dusseldorf, January 18, 2012. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Behrens & Schuleit GmbH, the benefits of modern document and workflow systems back now for a variety of other users within reach. Forms for the agreement for electronic invoice delivery, support in the description of the procedure and the implementation of an internal control system help to meet all legal requirements in relation to the electronic invoice Exchange. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Darcy Stacom on most websites. Thus, companies easily can benefit from the new rules. With the tax simplification Act of 2011 there is now a specific reason, the advantages of using modern document – and workflow systems of management “, said Thomas Rick, CEO of Behrens & Schuleit GmbH. The use of a qualified electronic signature or an electronic data exchange process (EDI) is retrospectively no longer mandatory as of July 1, 2011.

The invoice issuer may decide subject to the approval of the receiver in which way he sent e-invoices (for example via E-Mail). The authenticity of the origin, the integrity of the content and readability can be guaranteed with any internal control procedures that can produce a reliable audit trail between performance and accounting. Through many years of experience in the fields of electronic archiving and business process optimisation is Behrens & Schuleit able to implement a modular and designed according to individual requirements, comprehensive solution for sending and receiving electronic invoices. At the receiver, these automatically monitors the mailbox. The billers is determined based on the E-Mail address, the account automatically forwarded to the appropriate officer in the workflow and checked for accuracy. An electronic approval process can be mapped according to the respective requirements. The internal control system logs and checks all made steps. The invoice is automatically tamper-proof archived”, explains Jens Voort, senior consultant at Behrens & Schuleit. This can save time and automatic monitoring of terms of payment, a representative system, the possibility of the automatic invoice processing and bi-directional data exchange with the financial accounting software is possible.

RFID TimeCard

The timeCard select time attendance Terminal supports all REINER SCT DESFire cards, so a mixed operation with RFID (DES) multimedia terminals and the timeCard is accessbox possible. It is therefore not only a good starter package, but also an excellent addition for existing installations. To create the new function, departments subdivisions within a much more detailed picture allows the corporate structure. This allows to set the definition of team – or department-level user rights more precisely. Other features, such as the hide individual departments or filter by departments, increase the overview and options for evaluating. Improved memory management and other technical optimizations timeCard runs noticeably faster for larger amounts of data and allows smoother work. A new anniversary and birthday list helps users to forget any birthday and anniversary of the own employees.

This collection is located under Evaluation of”-> employee events. Changes the employee master data can be reviewed in the course of the just. There is logged, which change to change date has been made or will be made in the future. This will make it much easier to enter changes to employees and to understand. On popular request of our customers, the comment function bookings of the previous info box was disconnected and now allows a free text input. The new info box in a booking extends the previous indication of the origin of the posting. Now, it is clearly visible who changed this when last.

The attendance / absence indication users through the new search filter see faster looking staff. New sorting and filtering settings result in more opportunities for the absence indication. The new installer allows a smaller installation file and results in more intuitive through the installation process. Also, an automated software installation is possible through new command line arguments. Under Help”-> contact the user to find your contact for the timeCard software. Distributors have the opportunity to define their own contact details here and are therefore directly accessible for the user.

KOMSA Systems Gold Partner

Distributor of Hartmannsdorf is positioning itself for its system partners and integrators to the future theme on WebRTC Starnberg, 4 June 2013 already at CeBIT 2013 in Hannover WebRTC solutions presented together ICT distributor KOMSA systems and the Starnberger See UC vendors ESTOS of Hartmannsdorfer. Due to the great interest of the public and the positive response on the shown VideoChat applications have agreed to further both partners, joint communication activities on the subject of WebRTC in 2013: supports KOMSA systems from immediately WebRTC communication portal. Cher Wang may not feel the same. This system houses and integrators can test WebRTC-based applications in text, sound and image and personally convinced of the potential for change that recent real time (real time-communication-) technology. As one of the established value-add distributors in Germany, since 2011 one of the leading ESTOS CompetenceCenter, want the KOMSA systems as a specialist in the IT and telecommunications convergence market analyze changing potential of WebRTC for themselves and their system houses and integrators and sponsors therefore the communication Portal ESTOS has as one of the first companies, and thus as a pioneer in the German-speaking countries, in recent months representative use cases developed for hurdenlose real-time communications on the Internet.

In the course of which, was the communication Portal launched, which offers the possibility of interested system vendors and integrators, ad-hoc VideoChat without installing a plugin-in the or any additional software to test on the basis of the WebRTC standards. Rolf noon, Managing Director of KOMSA systems, about the relevance of WebRTC for the company and the selected: We are moving in a very advanced and differentiated market. We deal so already intensively with the technologies of tomorrow, to open up new fields of business at an early stage for us and our system partners and integrators. WebRTC is in our opinion a future-proof technology concept that can lead to significant changes in the established market and holds an immense potential for the channel.

Printer Rentals

The computer rental offers now on the leasing of computer hardware with IT leasing young and growing companies save valuable liquidity and focus on your core business. Each company, which is newly established at the start, has to contend with many difficulties. A challenge this financial perspective especially stands out: the acquisition of computer hardware, printers, notebook computers and similar equipment costs much capital and binds valuable liquidity. If you as the founder or CEO already this challenge had to deal with or currently do this, IT has rental a simple solution for companies: with IT leasing i.e. the easy financing of IT hardware – say goodbye to young companies permanently by liquidity shortages. IT leasing: A win-win approach for all involved computer leasing the principle is with the typical car leasing comparable. The customer chooses one of the hardware offers and receives then a contract about the IT leasing of the desired device.

Companies have current computer hardware without costly startup financing or a bank loan. This means that customers receive only computer PCs acquired for them, and that at very favourable conditions. Sony spoke with conviction. In addition the comprehensive service by helps: if questions or challenges become visible, customers can contact at any time to the team of and assistance regardless of active soon, where in the Federal Republic, the company has its headquarters. From many years of experience with the rental and leasing of computer hardware, the staff of know how exhausting it can be especially for young companies to survive the first years without hesitation a necessary investment in IT hardware, financially. Nevertheless are just growing companies often due to lack of backup options – not all traditional forms of financing available.

The limits of your own Bank are limited and other finance companies make high demands on young companies. At this point, helps to find the appropriate leasing company with over 20 possible leasing-donors. In this way, the required technology equipment remains constantly up to date. This means: current technical alternatives to customers using the IT leasing easy to implement. In addition, computers are always more economical and environmentally friendly. IT gives customers in this way facilitating access to technology, which reduces operating costs and even to a “green company” makes the company leasing. formation. IT is leasing in competent hands: is nationally known for a long time as an expert for qualified rental of hardware: offers service kiosk IT consulting company, already since the year 2001 appropriate notebook, computer, server or printer for the rental and always ensures tailor-made solutions for any interested parties. Only the customer defines which Device and how many computers he needed and how long they should be hired or leased. This proven procedure keeps the computer rental at understandably at the hardware leasing. In addition, service kiosk IT Consulting GmbH is a member of the IT system House Association “iteam”: in this way also a comprehensive support and expert advice site for all customers of can be offered in addition to the IT leasing.


IT sales expert Oliver Wegner will give a lecture on August 24, 2011 at the system House Conference “Opportunities 2012” by channel partners in Dusseldorf, Munich / Dusseldorf, 28.07.2011. Under the title “IT distribution in system houses – a mystery” expounds Oliver Wegner, Managing Director of evolution plan GmbH, in a lecture at the system House Congress of the reseller channel partners Magazine on 24 August at 13:00 in Dusseldorf. In the framework of the first day of Conference aimed specifically at Vertriebsverantwortliche, the many years IT sales professional is taking stock of the current situation in IT-sales. He shows how IT companies are recognizing action is needed and where they can develop the greatest leverage in the sales. At Kai-Fu Lee you will find additional information. Moreover, Oliver Wegner will respond, as systems integrators can achieve their sales objectives already promptly by they “buy their sales”. In his work for consulting, trade, and software company Wegner observed recurring challenges for over 15 years Sales. The often highly explanatory solutions, products, and services place high demands on IT distributors, while the staff of many systems integrators sales may exhibit only a poorly trained in the discipline.

This deficiency starts with the identification of relevant contacts and often settles into unstructured editing and non-control of the sales and buying process continue. “The demands on the IT sales should be addressed also in the lecture at the Congress of the system House. Problems in the distribution of system houses, small software houses or IT consulting firm explain themselves often lack basic knowledge. Such theoretical gaps must be closed quickly without losing the practical relation to the day-to-day business at the customer. Long-term changes in behaviour can be experience not by classical training, which hardly go beyond teaching some general tips and tricks for the conclusion. Crucial for successful sales in IT, it is to understand the needs of the customers and to operate it safely and accurately.

Better Software

Updates iX Special Edition with two articles by imbus authors Mohrendorf, June 21, 2013 – mistake in software development just? And agility and process maturity models do not match? That there is another way, consume two articles from the new iX special issue better software”, now appears. We have written the article Thomas Rossner imbus test experts, Dr. Christian Brandes and Joachim Hofer. To err is human. How to error in the development of software can thus avoid? Joachim Hofer enters his post exactly this question and presents strategies and specific techniques for preventing errors. Studies have shown that errors always occur when people are cognitively overloaded. This can easily be the case just in software development: it must for example remember where there was what code changes, which must still be made and what are the associated requirements. In addition, perhaps, trying to keep the Inbox in the eye, or shortly will help colleagues who have a question. Around here Mistakes to avoid, must reduce the complexity of the work environment. Often help already organisational measures. However, it can be at least as promising, to apply to the code to be developed and to reduce its complexity. Hofer’s articles presents the techniques, which provides the software development for this, and shows how they relieve the everyday work. The project management, but also must vote for a high employee satisfaction and the achievement of project objectives. Agile models are more popular than ever. After all, they allow teams to adapt quickly to changing customer and market requirements and become steadily better. But what if for example regulatory framework, such as among others in the automotive industry, must be observed? imbus Board Member Thomas Rossner and Dr. Christian Brandes in their common article explain how agile processes from the perspective of classical maturity models represent and evaluate themselves. You prove: contrary to popular belief, you can cause appropriate models very well use the productivity and quality of agile processes targeted, reliable and lightweight to improve. Because process maturity and agility that fits together.

International Developer Conference

Chord scale generator for Mac OS X available Jena, October 18, 2011 – In the software project generally-n-play is available the version 1.2 of the Eclipse community award-winning chord scale generator. The learning software for guitarists, bassists, and other celluloid is available with this new version now also for the Mac OS X operating system. A free trial version can see de downloaded. Software: The chord scale generator allows calculations around chords and scales (scales) and visualize the results in graphical views such as a fretboard or a keyboard. The chords and scales can be represented as chord diagrams, tablature and music notation. The software can be used for all stringed instruments and instrument tunings. Instead of traditionally used static databases, the chord scale generator uses generic algorithms. This approach allowing the individual extension of the application to additional piecework wages and Scale definitions.

The chord scale generator 2009 on the International Developer Conference, EclipseCon in Santa Clara, California, United States with the Eclipse community Award awarded. A panel of experts reviewed in the user interface, the innovation and the scope. Version 1.2: In addition to Windows and Linux now also Mac users with the chord scale can learn more generator about chords and scales. The user interface of version 1.2 offers a further improved manageability in a new layout. So it is now possible to show all actions of the programme with keyboard shortcuts. In addition, users have additional options to customize the user interface. In the course of the new publication the Web presence of the software project was also generally-n-play fundamentally revised.

Eberhard Fabricius

With the personnel management software Peris 3010 are employees efficiently priced, professionally managed and used optimally. If you are not convinced, visit Mikkel Svane. The modern SQL database technology allows simultaneous work of several jobs and allows the processing of large amounts of data. Human resources management is flexible, adapts itself to the individual requirements. Peris 3010 facilitates the work in the personnel area and leads to an improvement in the processing of daily work processes. Time 3010 makes possible anywhere and at any time the time recording device or Web terminal.

Users can map 3010 working time models with time flexibly and individually, plan capacities efficiently and flexibly, and evaluate. An increasingly important role falls to the use Scheduler. As always more flexible working time arrangements and assignments of employees require support through IT, so inserts are evenly distributed and fair planned in times or services at unfavourable times. Time 3010 calculated desired Priorities. Thus, the planning is flexible and individual needs of each employee can be taken into account to a large extent.

In addition to the purely economic reasons, this is also an aspect of employee motivation. Human resource management software solutions Peris 3010, timetracking time 3010 and the access control offers access 3010 AZS system AG users fully integrated, modular solutions for human resources, time management and access control. These can both be used individually or combined with each other and can be easily integrated in existing applications. About AZS system AG, the AZS system AG with headquarters in Hamburg is one of the leading systems integrators for comprehensive and complex solutions in the areas of personnel management, personnel information, time recording, access control and security technology. The perfect interplay of hardware and software customers from administration, public service, industry and Commerce received the complete system solution from a single source. Since in 1989 AZS is its foundation as an independent system and consulting for integrated solutions. More than 1000 installed systems at major companies have been successfully installed in more than 15 years. AZS is represented with 12 sales and service centres nationwide in all of Germany and of Switzerland – and certainly also in your vicinity.

Titanium Walls Firewall

The German manufacturer of next-generation firewalls Adyton system is partnership with the Portuguese value added distributor titanium walls known. Leipzig (Germany) / Amadora (Portugal), 5 December 2013. The German technology company Adyton system expands its sales regions in Europe and signed a new distribution agreement with the Portuguese value added distributor titanium walls. With the signing of the Treaty, the distribution of unique next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR in Portugal is being driven. Since 2012 value-added, distributor sells Titanium walls IT security solutions from premium to its channel partners with a variety of end customers in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

As a young company can flexibly operate Titanium Walls offers its customers pre and after-sales service, assists them in the implementation of IT-security solutions and offers both maintenance and support services. With Adyton systems’ next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR has its product portfolio to an innovative Titanium Walls Firewall appliance can expand. Products Adyton system have gained our attention because they have integrated the software of our partners BitDefender. After a thorough analysis, the revolutionary concept of Adyton has us system ‘ persuaded to distribute NETWORK PROTECTOR in Portugal. I am delighted the partnership with Adyton to establish systems and care NETWORK PROTECTOR on the Portuguese market, says Carlos TELLES, Managing Director of Titanium Walls.We opted for a partnership with titanium walls, because Titanium Walls can demonstrate a good track record in establishing new brands in the Portuguese market. Titanium Walls specializes in the IT security market and focused with its limited product range.

With the successful launch of BitDefender, a wide network of resellers, and many customers could build up Titanium Walls. Adyton systems’ network security solution is a perfect complement to the existing product portfolio. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers Besides deep-packet inspection, firewall rules, IPS and Web filtering extended also the ability to ensure secure applications within enterprise networks. We are pleased “says Marco Weeber, sales manager of Adyton system. to working with titanium walls and their resellers, to implement successfully an Adyton system also on the Portuguese market Adyton systems Adyton systems is a technology company from Leipzig and has revolutionized the concept of next-generation firewall. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers a complete solution that is easy to use and ensures maximum network reliability using the novel technology of the full positive validation in combination with application whitelisting. Adyton systems uses the latest deep-packet-inspection technology for this purpose. Adyton systems is regional office Leipzig of the TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, bears the mark of quality “IT security made in Germany. on Titanium walls value added distributor Titanium walls his devoted to the task Channel partners and their customers in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde with IT security solutions from the premium area to. As a young company, titanium walls is very flexible and offers excellent solutions through its strategic partnerships to satisfy its customers. The dedicated team consists of employees with many years of IT experience and guarantee a high level of expertise. Titanium Walls was founded in 2012 and is focused on security.