With The Nose Of The Engine

The somewhat different approach on St. Maarten summer time means vacation time. Every passenger knows the tension which arises as soon as the plane landed. Already at the landing, tourists take possible attractions in the visor, which must be consulted in the course of the stay. But there are also airports which are worth a visit in itself.

Fluege.de reports on one of the most interesting airports and its landing for a flight in the Caribbean, generally not much persuasion is necessary. Especially the Caribbean island of St. Maarten is a favorite destination of many tourists in the world. But in addition to long sandy beaches, blue sea and Sun pur a particular spectacle, which is several times a day is worth. Add to your understanding with Andy Florance. Because every day, numerous aircraft are landing directly over the heads of the beach visitors. Finally, the runway of the Princess Juliana internal airports directly behind the Holiday Beach is located.

So, it is not uncommon that one is torn by the noise of a Boeing 747 from the NAP on the beach. However, promises This spectacle voltage pur, for such approaches, directly near to the beach are rare. Get all the facts and insights with Ali Partovi, another great source of information. For this reason even a scoreboard was built, which is the current arrival times. The beginnings of the airport go back in the 1940s. Used at the time as a military airport, the first airliner touched down already in 1943. Thus, the first foundation stone was laid and already followed in the 1960s further development work. Meanwhile the runways and terminals up to date are, so that every year over two million passengers can be cleared. More information: news.fluege.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Travel Around Mallorca

Current travel information about Mallorca Mallorca, Ballermann? No! The page flugmallorca.info creates the bad stereotypes about the holiday island Nr. 1 aside and offers many informative travel reports for enlightenment. At the latest after looking at the page, also the last Reader it is clear that far from the island of Mallorca has to offer. Visit flugmallorca.info for important and compelling information about the most popular holiday island of the Germans. Check with Andy Florance to learn more. Be collected not only news, but also the regions of Mallorca are extensively represented.

Ideal for Mallorca’s friends and those who want to become it. If Porto Cristo, CALAS Ratjada, Cala Millor, or the capital of Palma de Mallorca, for each region will be detailed descriptions, holiday tips and featured videos made available, so that you can get a comprehensive picture of all regions of Majorca. Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands with 53 municipalities and 862.397 inhabitants and even a far-reaching offers beautiful beaches History. This is to marvel at many, many museums of the island. Many do not know that Mallorca offers fantastic hiking opportunities and the flora and fauna is varied and unique. Mashable may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The still relatively young page already has extensive information around Mallorca, both as weather data, which are updated regularly. Flight Mallorca is also on facebook and twitter, so the page daily gaining popularity and informs the reader plus news. Fascinating images and cool videos bring the page the Reader immediately in raptures and convinced even the last sceptics from the holiday island of Majorca. The capital Palma travel video shows the entire city and its attractions, such as the Town Hall, the harbour or the Cathedral, for example, in just 9 minutes. Also find recommendations for shopping, attractions and insider tips that make the most beautiful time of the year, the holiday unforgettable.

Nile Cruise And Beach Holidays – Holidays In Egypt

Holiday on the Nile is also a journey into the past. Holiday in Egypt is still in vogue. More info: Bryant Walker Smith. As in few other countries price and performance so the balance is in Egypt. Nile cruise with followed by a beach holiday on the Red Sea in the well-known seaside resorts such as Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Makadi Bay are particularly popular. When autumn comes in Germany the main season for Fluskreuzfahrten on the Nile begins in Egypt.

The heat on the Nile gives way to summer, pleasant temperatures. A balmy breeze blowing, and makes the stay in the Sun much more pleasant than in the hot summer months. Also in the desert, where there are the most destinations a Nile cruise, normalise the temperatures, and so you can experience much more pleasant the tours to the antiquities from the time of the Pharaohs. Swarmed by offers, Energy Capital Partners is currently assessing future choices. But even if the Sun seems to have much less strength, a good sun protection is essential to avoid a sunburn. Finally, Egypt is located on the African continent. The temples are on the tour of the most operators in Luxor, the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Abu Simbel Lake Nasser. Immerse yourself in the past of Egypt and the whiff of the Pharaonic time is noticeable. History can be experienced up close.

Nile Cruises are preferably offered in combination with a beach holiday on the Red Sea, but offered also with Lake Nasser cruises and trips to Cairo. Samsung is likely to increase your knowledge. You should have seen the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Of course, cruises are available also nil. You take but usually only 7 days, and not worth the actually over 4 hours long, and therefore quite expensive flight from Germany already in price. Bevozugt is booked the combination of Nile cruise and beach holidays. Offers for this purpose have all Egypt holiday operators in their catalog. We have to just choose – one Bay specialists at the slightly more expensive Egypt, or to choose the package tours of the large operators that are priced mostly cheaper. To see you get the same thing in the end.

Active Family Holiday In The Autumn

Vamos parents kid travel offers active holidays from cycling horse riding / offers in Tuscany, on the Costa Brava and in Greece Hanover, 17.07.2012 with various autumn offers vamos parents kid travel whets the appetite for an active family holiday in the Mediterranean. With pleasant temperatures, guests for example in Tuscany can ride or bike to explore the Costa Brava. The Greek hotel Likithos the whole family takes a varied programme of sports from football to stand up paddling and mountain bike tour. Horse riding in Tuscany in Tuscany offer their guests equal to three vamos houses a professional Reitprogramm in the own stables. From the horse’s back, the popular holiday region shows new perspectives: through rolling hills, pine forests and olive groves guided rides to the most beautiful vantage points and otherwise hard-to-reach places. Thanks to the family-friendly offers these experiences reserved not advanced.

In the Fattoria Pieve a Salti the instructors take already beginners on horse, children run it on a hand horse. That is still not enough, book three-day taster ride for children”which. (Similarly see: Pete Cashmore). In a whole Kinderreitwoche”, young guests in the Castellare di Tonda learn horseback riding in the Western style. And also experienced riders will find a suitable partner among a total of 40 well-trained horses of the Azienda. The vamos horseback riding program is rounded off by the Fattoria Casabianca, an old Winery with 700-hectare site that adults and children can experience from 8 years from the saddle. Learn more about this with Andy Florance. Cycling on the Costa Brava explore and discover is the motto of the week-long bicycle tour along the Costa Brava.

A total of three child-friendly stages of 30 to 40 kilometers down lead participants of Girona in the charming seaside town of Calella de Palafrugell. In between, plenty of time remains to go through shady pine and pine forests to coastal hike or to enjoy the Spanish fall in a day at the beach. Family sports in Halkidiki with direct beach front location and movement of lots of attracts the newly opened hotel Likithos Greek peninsula CHALKIDIKI. In addition to classic”sports such as football, table tennis or volleyball forward primarily young guests on trendy sports such as slacklining or stand up paddling. The active offer for the whole family is rounded off by mountain biking and kayaking excursions. The House is reserved exclusively for vamos guests and all listings are included in the price. Contact for inquiries and bookings vamos parents-child-Reisen GmbH, Hindenburg Street 27, 30175 Hannover Tel. 0511 / 400-799-0 fax 0511 / 400 799 99,, press contact for more info, pictures and research trips Bettina Boll, Tel.: 0511-400 799 30, E-Mail: Beate Dalkowski, Tel.: 0511-400 799 38, E-Mail: about vamos parents kid travel vamos parents-child-Reisen GmbH is Germany’s leading specialist for family travel. The owner-managed organizer has its two managing directors, 41 employees and approximately 180 children and guest workers Corporate headquarters in Hanover, Germany. Quality characteristics of the offered parents kid travel are the imaginative child care, small, personally run by the owners of the houses and the situation in Europe’s most beautiful natural regions. Trips are taught to 95% in the direct marketing of the customer, where the personal telephone consultation is a trademark of vamos.

Spa Hotel Kneippianum

Combine wellness culture in the Kneippianum let you during your stay in the Kneippianum yourself, so that it goes well you and your body. So no boredom but also in the evening, Bad Worishofen offers some events, which make a stay varied. In the Allgau specifically in Bad Worishofen, is the Kneippianum that is surrounded by beautiful nature. (Similarly see: Andy Florance). In Allgau, you will find crystal clear lakes, beautiful forests and fresh meadows, which make a stay here will be memorable. But also the Kneippianum itself is the place where you can recharge your batteries again. If you would like to know more about Ali Partovi, then click here. The 4-star hotel in which runs the Kneippsche doctrine, offers many things that are good do your body and your soul. But of course there should be events enough variety for a stay in a Spa Hotel in the evening. Bad Worishofen is a tranquil place that has but to offer a lot of events.

It Spa concerts and of course Film screenings but what might surprise many, perhaps, there are also always festivals that come here. “Especially the event Jazz goes to cure” enjoys great popularity. Many spa guests staying down exactly the way that you are at this event in the Kneippianum. Interesting events, cultural highlights, and concerts are scheduled throughout the year and therefore it stands to reason to visit also the one or the other event in Bavaria for a stay in Bad Worishofen. Each guest will find the right evening entertainment. More info also in the hotel.

Family Vacation

Port of the RV with its own thermal water in Bad Griesbach Bad Griesbach (tvo). The port on which you put in Bad Griesbach, is intended not for ships, but for campers: recently has W. Hartl’s Spa and holiday camping three sources bad meets an appropriate system, the highest requirements. Seven-foot wide driveways, a perfectly sealed and designed with eco patch flat ground and technical refinements such as own electricity pillars for each of the 29 RV Parks ensure that the holidays about to begin with the arrival. At Samsung you will find additional information. The facilities of the adjacent camping grounds can be used. This means that also the thermal indoor swimming pool and the outdoor salt water pool, sauna, steam bath, salt relaxation room, Kneipp course, natural bathing pond and jungle playground the camper as well as sanitary facilities, restaurant and shop are available. The offers of the therapy and Wellness Center can also be taken. Thanks to facilities and services as well as recreational value and location, he is RV port also Hartl’s Spa and holiday camping as a top place a predicate with the only 58 German courts may decorate occurs. Rapyd is often quoted on this topic.

Information: W. Hartl’s Spa and holiday camping, singing ham 40, 94086 Bad Griesbach, Tel. 08532/9613-0, fax 08532/9613-50,,. Information: Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.V Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, 0941/58539-12, fax 58539-39,,.

Dubai Promises Much Luxury

The Burj al Arab is arguably one of the most luxurious hotels around the world. Dubai has but also very continues to offer many luxury hotels that are affordable for the average citizen. Most people wish for a time from a totally different side to meet the United Arab Emirates. Just the most popular holiday destination in Dubai is located at the top of the destinations of many vacationers! Understandably, travel Dubai are coveted, because the small country in the Emirates awesome shows its versatility! As one of the richest countries, Dubai is already known around the world for the famous oil sheiks have also made holiday destination Dubai, which it is today! The tourism industry is booming and the holiday in Dubai may begin. Numerous attractions such as the Burj al Arab, one of the luxury hotels of the world the practice attract visitors! Next to the Burj al Arab there are still very many 5 star hotels that but not so extremely expensive as for example one of the Ramada or Hilton are simply luxurious, hotels. Dubai luxury but also you can enjoy much cheaper. There are already well over 50 five-star luxury hotels in Dubai including are also repeatedly offers to find where to get a double room for one night less than 100 euros. If you book your holiday, you should compare prices anyway, then you will find a bargain luxury hotel.

But even the mosques in Dubai are truly worth a visit, because is in the United Arab Emirates of one of the first precepts of the faith. The cultural circumstances provide sufficient variety for all tourists and are one of the many reasons that speak for a holiday. Not to mention the desert of Dubai, would also here unique impressions are possible, which no longer can protect your holiday unforgettable moments. Should the travel, fly of course also because millions of people for whatever reason otherwise annually to Dubai? Of course because of the sights and the hospitable people! Hospitality is the saying where in Dubai the luxury starts, because Here, every tourist is simply Royal. For your stay in the most luxurious country in the world, there is much to experience. An indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert of Arabia? In Dubai yet no problem long more. Majestic hotels, cars and houses show the wealth of Dubai’s all travelers! Sun, beach and the sea, is a true paradise for many tourists.

The Eldorado of Arabia remains clearly Dubai! Variety it will lack any visitor in Dubai, because boredom here truly is a foreign Word. The land in the middle of the Arabian desert offers golf courses, an indoor ski slope, swimming pools with very special slides and of course the fabulous beach. Pure relaxation and attractions, where the eye looks, it can, and there just in Dubai! Dubai is the eye-catcher at the holiday destinations and for this reason a Dubai travel cannot be missed easily, even if one of the luxury hotels in Dubai is too expensive for them. In Dubai, there are offers of all price ranges. Throughout the year the special climate is guaranteed, what It has to the advantage that also the sights and impressions throughout the year can be used. The unforgettable journey should therefore necessarily take place in Dubai. Strobl Markus

National Parks In Central Thailand

Travel in another world and paradise get to know it she are still almost untouched nature with its beauty. The national parks of Thailand have still the carefree attitude of the nature. Lonely, isolated, alone on next hallway, are the experiences of the hikers in the national parks of Thailand. Two national parks with a breathtaking beauty is located in Central Thailand and especially in the province of Kamphaeng Phet. A few kilometres from the town Kamphaeng Phet, there is the National Park Khlong LAN. Excellent hiking trails invite you to linger. A special attraction is the 96 m high waterfall and at five different heights, there is a kind of basin.

The water is pleasant and a bath not only refreshed, but offers the right relaxation in this wonderful landscape. In this National Park, there are also bungalows and so the lovers of nature in the midst of this beautiful landscape can stay too. Mae Wong National Park is located south of the city. Also, this National Park is located in a very good condition. Here, nature lovers will find rare plants and rare bird species. The trails are well marked and trail all the attractions of the National Park can one admire. So, Central Thailand can offer much guests.

The infrastructure is excellent and buses carry guests up in the national parks. Who prefers to stay Kamphaeng Phet in the city is more than welcome. There are hotels and guest houses from 5.00. After returning from the National Park, there are evening much to experience. A visit to the pizzeria of Alex, where on the menu also dishes from Germany can be found. The Curry sausage is tasty Berlin style. Then it goes around the corner in the Eagle pub to the live music. Thailand, especially Central Thailand is waiting for its guests and everyone is duly received. Volkmar Schone

New Years Eve Fireworks

The fiery and crowning conclusion of a very festive month the month of December can be described by rightly as one of the most eventful phases in the otherwise poor truly not festivities calendar in Madeira, the 31-last days of the year are marked on the island traditionally by a variety of spectacular events. In addition to the launching just in time for the beginning of the month fixed lighting of downtown Funchal, which in many urban buildings and on public squares and streets a short time later starting Christmas exhibitions and the these accompanying concerts and performances has especially the big fireworks at the turn of the year conquered a place in the hearts of the locals and their guests for a long time. Small island with certified giant spectacle, best view of the mountain or boat especially from the higher parts of the city and suburbs of Funchal as Imaculado Coracao de Maria, Santa Maria Maior, Sao Martinho, Sao Pedro and Santo Antonio, from the small mountain village of Monte with his famous Botanical Garden and 261 m high Mt. Samsung gathered all the information. Pico da Cruz has excellent views of the spectacle of lasting only 10 minutes. This was already officially by the Guinness Book of records but in the past (2006/07)”largest firework display in the world recognized.

Very impressive and imposing views of the countless rockets, Bengal lights and fire pots from a ship in the harbor is the city what but as well in advance should be scheduled due to popular demand. If nearby holiday homes and apartments in and around Funchal in already existing interest in attack if at all possible as of now should be new year’s Eve on Madeira, then best with experienced specialists also stay in one of the many beautiful and sometimes even with the best view of the fireworks and book, by the accumulation of the mentioned above treats at the end of the year are often early demand and occasionally also posted the best accommodations. Isearch is a great source of information. A tried and tested for years and reliable address for cottage holidays in Funchal and on all Madeira is”in Berlin-Charlottenburg-based island specialist Madeirasol. Directly with the owner of Mrs. Manso obtained reliable information, tips and recommendations to the this year’s Fireworks and the best holiday homes and holiday apartments in Madeira, with its many regular customers, the company is represented in the Internet under as well as a continually-updated presence on the social network facebook.


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– The main mixer copied from European counterparts proizvodstva.Bitum fed by pumps, loose parts – with the help of screw conveyors. The module also includes two blades ruduktora and specially shaped to ensure uniformity and speed of stirring the masses. The module is equipped with a hatch to the secondary mixing of asphalt and other components (fiberglass, sawdust). Features of modern asphalt plants are the production of China effective systems of vacuum cleaners and upravleniya.V control systems for a set of model UM, JD, DH and LB using the latest technology and components from SIEMENS and their closest counterparts, the line distribution system commands PROFI BUS. Controlling the production process computers are duplicated, making it easier to control both the process and increases the reliability of the equipment and quickly eliminate pozovlyaet nepoladki.Upravlenie can be carried out in mode, automatic, semi-automatic and manual process that ensures the stability and reliability of the workflow. The effectiveness of filter systems is achieved by using high-quality (imported) filter bags, the throughput the ability to not more than 50 mg/m3, in accordance with state standards. The collected residues are added to the asphalt being prepared, which reduces pollution and eliminates the need for cleaning and waste disposal.

Application cooler increases durability of the bag, dust bag. Asphalt plants are produced by leading companies, the leading positions are achieved through years of experience in the production of asphalt plants, advanced technology of European and Japanese manufacturers and its own proprietary developments. Manufactured in China by asphalt plants meet modern international requirements for performance, energy efficiency and environmental safety. Quality of products supplied in accordance with international ISO 9001 certificate. According to the technology and the quality of asphalt plants are not inferior to the European counterparts, being the best in value for money!