Y2K is the name that has been given to the same you and so renamed the year 2000 problem. Almost everyone knows what it is, but repeat it: the famous problem consists that, very probably, when we come to the year 2000 all computer systems and electronic devices that handle date fails, partially or totally, because they will not recognize two digits zero (00) which is used to identify that terrible year. In addition, next year will be leap, a matter this intended not for many computers and applications. They may be failing then personal computers, payroll or accounting programs, billing systems, devices, control in electrificadoras plants, components of the telephone network, navigation devices, electronic biomedical equipment and, finally, a large number of those machines and programs essential today for our civilization. Chaos may be very large the first of January 2000 or, at best, nothing will happen and we will be working now only with the more trivial international terrorism. Here we touch the important point of the problem: as we cannot know the actual seriousness of the matter we must prepare for the worst. Public entities must have ready an action plan since 1997 as they had also set a working team to resolve the issue, with members devoted exclusively to work in this process. This team should advance processes of assessment, diagnosis, planning and its corresponding implementation and they should involve managers, technicians and users of applications that would allow them to take into account different aspects of the solution.

In particular companies own has had to make. Now, just days from the year 2000, in our home, if this is the case, and in public and private entities we must implement plans to mitigate the effects of the Y2K and identify critical areas where it will need a contingency plan, taking into account, of course, that Y2K not only it has to do with systems electronic but with many processes and activities within the entities, as for example with legal (the amount of all processes as a result of this problem is estimated at a billion dollars!). In this field, it will be necessary to carefully review all contracts for the purchase or supply of hardware and software to establish what had been the commitments of the seller and, if possible, agree on the respective additional guarantees. They must also review all policies and make a kind of inventory of the possible processes to undertake or in which the entity can be sued. In the end, the year 2000 came us above. Now we can only time continue actions to reduce the impact of Y2K and, above all, to design and implement rigorous contingency plans so that chaos is not going to prevail in our Organization. Such plans should start from the following questions, among many others: what we should do if the telephone system of the entity fails? What procedure to follow if? all our computers are turned off? How should we face a prolonged power outage if, in addition, our plant refuses to turn on? What if all our boxes are damaged? Finally, to ensure a next month of January without anguish, then at least a couple of simulations of their emergency plans, and happy new year!

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