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Projekt GmbH may Rigips trophy WINS in 2011. The Rigips trophy is the German specialist drywall industries competition conducted by the Saint-Gobain Rigips GmbH in the 2-year interval. The Rigips trophy is the German specialist drywall industries competition conducted by the Saint-Gobain Rigips GmbH in the 2-year interval. From a high-level, independent jury, consisting of architects, construction engineers and expert editors are rated the best expansion of objects in three categories and determines the winner. The winners and nominees of the eighth competition, Rigips trophy ‘ 11, were on the 24.02.2012 in a large Award Gala in front of nearly 500 guests in the historic Chamber of Commerce Hamburg awarded in the category of dry building / fire protection systems are convincing our company with the following object dropped from the competition.

An enlargement of the DOM hotel in Cologne, the listed Blue Gold House at the Cathedral monastery was gutted 2 vis a vis the Cologne Cathedral world heritage and extended for the additional use of the hotel. The Blue-Gold property located right next to the DOM-hotel and makes the connection from the Cathedral forecourt to the shopping streets of Cologne. The building built in 1952 by the well-known architect Wilhelm and Rudolf Koep characterized, by a steel skeleton construction with an ornate curtain wall as one of the most spectacular new buildings of the post-war period, opposite the Cathedral. The four upper floors have a net area of approximately 2000 square metres. Chopard, three prestigious business units are in the ground floor and mezzanine at the time Lacoste and Louis Vuitton. The parapets of the ceiling of the steel skeleton was as at that time usual fanned out with weakly reinforced pumice concrete flooring but do not, comply with the current fire protection technical requirements. This his time were not designed to the load capacity of fire blankets and technical facilities.

To implement the object to structurally, the ceiling in F90 fire protection work were required first quality as well as the steel columns in F90 quality. Only then could the drywall construction created be. Three main points were an exciting challenge: the additional loads of home automation, which carries the ceiling next to the fire, to record (ventilation ducts, drain pipes, Electr. Cables, etc.) Fixing the substructure on the existing steel makers without compromising fire protection of the carrier. To compensate for the vibration behavior of steel frame construction with sliding stand wall constructions.

Klaus Martin Stegmann

Losberger builds temporary tent units to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the clothing specialist Gustav Daiber GmbH textile competence, since 1912, that stands for the family Daiber in the fourth generation. This year the promotional clothing specialist celebrated its 100th anniversary with a celebratory evening event in town. Together with the full service event agency of ellis EVENTS Losberger erected a tent landscape on the Daiber premises for this purpose on behalf of Albstadt. To compensate for the height difference of the Locationflache, two levels of the tent were designed and built. In the main tent, on the first level, the Visual, acoustic and culinary program was carried during the festive gala evening. This made the anniversary a memorable, emotional experience for the approximately 400 invited employees, friends and companions of the company. On the second level bar was allowed to be taken place at the, at the cocktails and long drinks sweetened the evening. Samsung Electronics takes a slightly different approach.

Tailor-made solution the canopy and the ground-level transitions the Minor tents were joined together by Losberger of walkway, which showed up the way the guests of the anniversary celebration and at the same time offered weather protection. Just the atmosphere and direct company reference to own premises are important for such anniversary events and contribute to the success of the event”, Klaus Martin Stegmann, Marketing Manager at Los Berger, and while corresponding places must be reserved well in advance, our space solutions without long lead time create an elegant location, which will be tailored to the needs of the customer.” Flexible design, another advantage is the flexibility such tent solutions with which the customer can create different spaces and equally quickly respond to changes in the number of guests. Total Losberger used it approximately 1000 M tent area businesses Daiber, which provided outdoor atmospheric tent decoration and light sculptures in the Interior and an attractive outdoor location, in the Company could celebrate. About Los Berger: The backing GmbH is in their product segment, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, landlord and seller of mobile and permanent space solutions. The products range from the simple Party tent on all tent ensembles for major events, semi-permanent or permanently usable system buildings and industrial tents for storage, sales and production to temporary space solutions for emergency rescue, civil protection and military. The company has its roots in the year 1919.

Today, Losberger are among the top in its industry. The globally active company with its headquarters in bad Rappenau maintains its own sites in the United States, Britain, France, China, Italy and Hungary. Losberger employs more than 600 people.

Profession Of Motor Vehicle Mechanics

A rough overview of the tasks and the training of vehicle mechanics that are common tasks of car mechanics to determine the one error in the very complex systems of passenger car or other motor vehicle and fix (diagnose and repair), as well as to ensure the functionality of the vehicle. Also you should be familiar with all upgrades, which could make it to a vehicle, if the customer wants. The advice and General dealing with customers are also essential parts of responsibilities of motor vehicle mechanics. Training in Germany to the auto mechanic training lasts usually three and a half years and is done via a dual system. This means that both takes place in the operation and the vocational school, with operating and school tie. However, a decision for a focal point of the training takes place only from the third year of training, so after the two-year basic education. Additional information is available at Robotics expert . From the third year onwards, the specialist education, begins the takes one and a half years to complete.

Four priorities are available: commercial vehicle technology, motor vehicles, passenger car technology and vehicle communication technology. The first three strategic priorities treat basically the same content, only they are each to a different variety of motor vehicle that clearly emerge from the name of the main focus. The Mechatronics who opt for these three will find work later mostly in car parks, eigentstandigen workshops or at the breakdown. At the beginning, it is probably hard to remember all the new words for some apprentices. Since there are brushes, steering collars, ASR, DOHC, and many more. Especially the many abbreviations to be learned.

Because many apprentices in the industry have the advantage that they already have deals with vehicles, e.g. example her father at home in the garage. There is also the possibility to shorten the training. You need evidence either that one the basic vocational training year metal has attended successfully completed training in the technical field, a qualification or general qualification for university entrance, or very good services in the school and in the operating. In their second year of training the midterm will take place, the result of which is 35% in the examination of skilled workers, which must be filed after three and a half years. After completing training, there is also the chance to educate themselves. You can to catch up on his baccalaureat, his master exam, or participate in a secondary education (such as business manager in the car industry). Training in the Switzerland in the Switzerland there are three different ways to be to an auto mechanic of kind of. Training times are different but all three. For the profession of automotive Assistant EBA two years must learn as automotive technician EFZ three years and to the Atuomobil service, which is tantamount to the German automotive Mechatronics, four years. Even industry-wide courses count as training places in the Switzerland in addition to vocational school and training company.

ATM Advertising

Since mid-October, the Web site of the Augsburg advertising specialists codes2go glory shines. With the relaunch, the top product, the codes2go map, will be presented better. Since mid-October, the Web site of the Augsburg advertising specialists codes2go glory shines. With the relaunch, the top product, the codes2go map, will be presented better. The Augsburger advertising specialist yndeo made recently about talking, published as the new version of the codes2go card was. “Due to the new James Bond film, Skyfall” Augsburg presented a special agent version of encryption card.

To optimally market the advertising medium even after the theatrical release, now also the website of a complete overhaul was subjected. The codes2go card is one of the most successful advertising. Unlike the lighters (now frowned upon because of the smoking ban) and pens (today hardly anyone needs) is a really promising advertising the encryption card from Augsburg. Can the customer comes in handy be used in everyday life, to PIN codes and passwords effectively to secure, but also serves as an optimal advertising medium, because company logo and graphics to accommodate! codes2go a real increase in security for all budgets everyone knows the problem: simply no longer springs at the checkout in the supermarket or at an ATM the combination for the debit card. The snake behind one is longer, and the grumbling of other customers is also unsettling. codes2go solves this problem easily.

The encryption system on the map is easy to use, but impossible to crack. So customers can carry safely your secret numbers without fear, that anyone with any loss abused the cards. Useful promotional material are the key to marketing success the company logo is a very important marketing tool for most businesses. Who manages to make the logo in the everyday life of the target group regularly present, where success is assured. Well-known examples are pace, Facebook and Apple – who sees the logo immediately recognizes the brand due to the high presence. Also codes2go already looks back on a successful history. Major brands such as Sony, ePlus, BMW have already recruited the encryption card. Relaunch of the Web site after the successful launch of the secret AGENT cards, EDITION and the huge demand is after codes2go the useful give away now with a new Web site advertised. The new site is clearly designed and follows a clear design. The focus on the usability of the page. So the way of the map and the various versions of plastic card are presented in detail to greeting card with transfer medium. Design and technical realisation are by Sven Kulpmann, Webworkers from Augsburg, which AGENT design had previously worked with EDITON of the secret. The proven team, around the Chief Uli HAB, heard Lisa Figas, who took care of the text for the new page. codes2go – how it works the encryption card on the codes2go map can be saved numbers and number sequences, which are required for example for debit cards. The owner of the card chooses a secret security word and then enlists his passwords on the map. The resulting code can be cracked only when the safety Word is known. Now test the encryption system at our secret agent online game ( press contact and booking: codes2go project leader: ULI h address: Maximilian str. 35-37, 86150 Augsburg phone number: 0821-50876285 E-Mail: Web page:

Cellular One

In the modern society, the use of the cellular one for driver, became an arguable question front the increasing public concern on the risks of accidents in the transit that can be associates to its bad use. It affirms Ghunther (2002), that the basic task of the Psychology of the Transit is to make with that the real behavior if approaches to the ideal. In this perspective, the human beings look for to solve its problems in more conscientious and beneficial way. Rosenbloon (2006) strengthened despite the use of the cellular one while dirige can be associated with the increase of the risk of accidents with serious injuries. Beyond the possibilities of the airmiss to increase, the use of the cellular one provokes distraction of the attention and cognitiva overload. If you have read about Marc Mathieu already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Errors in the transit provoked by the distraction have been the factor more common than it takes the driver to take the direction I oppose of the way and to provoke accidents. An in agreement questionnaire with 10 questions was used as metodolgico instrument appendix, in which we approach information respect of the use of the cellular one in the transit. 30 questionnaires had been applied, in citizens that carried qualification between 5 months and 18 years, being that 20 had been answered by men and 10 answered for women. The ten questions had been analyzed separately in percentage and compared with the available theory.

MSCSoftware User Meeting

MSC.Software organizes user meetings for its product lines of Nastran, Adams and Marc MSC this year.Software, provider of simulation software and services, invites you to German-speaking user meetings for its product lines of Nastran, Adams and Marc. The user meetings offer opportunity to exchange experiences at expert level and to find out about the latest developments of the software users and other interested parties. At the same time, the events are a platform for dialogue with the MSC staff. Experienced engineers are available to discuss application-specific questions and give tips for successful simulations. The Nastran user meeting will take place on 15th and 16th June in Munich.

On the first day, Doug Neill, Vice President of product development, about the latest developments in the Nastran environment will inform. Also, users in the automotive industry, air – aerospace and manufacturing industries will present your experiences in the context of lectures. On the second day, the participants have the opportunity in workshops on the topics “Nonlinear calculation using Nastran/SOL400” and “Topology and topography optimization” to inform. Then the Nastran user meeting, which is held on Adams user meeting June 16-17 at the same venue. As the keynote speaker, Michael Collingridge, Director is motion development at MSC.Environment information software, about the latest developments in Adams. In addition to lectures, participants also features workshops on the topics ‘Contacts in Adams’ and ‘Adams Mechatronics with MATLAB/Simulink’.

The Marc is user meeting on 16 and 17 September 2010 also held in Munich. Users are cordially invited, technically submit oriented user presentations and to talk about your work with Marc. MSC.Software will meet the user meetings the frequently expressed desire of users for product-specific information and discussion forums. While it builds on Adams and Marc user meeting old traditions, the Nastran user meeting is a first in the over 40-year success story of the product. “For decades MSC is Nastran the de facto standard for static and dynamic FEM analyses, as well as specially for NVH simulations. Against this background we have complied with product-specific events like the increased request of our users”, explains Dr. Moh Sabeur, country Sales Manager Germany, Switzerland and Austria at MSC.Software. For more information about the agenda, venue and registration, see Company description of MSC.Software developed computer aided engineering (CAE) software for simulation and virtual product development. The company with headquarters in California Santa Ana was founded in 1963 and currently has employees in 23 countries around the world. The solutions from MSC.