ESP Traction

Already ‘ heard the expression; ‘ how much lesser the bottle, better is fragrncia’ ‘? It seems that now it is also serving for the cars. It sees more on the new Audi A1 Quattro. The investment of the Audi in compact of entrance is great. After to be divulged details of Sportback of four doors that will arrive the Europe in the 2012 start, company German finishes to show also production of A1 Quattro, that possesss a last name that it is part of the history of the Audi, come of the classic cup Quattro of rali. The Quattro also informs the presence of the integral traction. The compact account with esportivos touchs and 256 cv of power in the engine 2,0 TSFI. ‘ ‘ carrinho’ ‘ km/h only needs 5,7 the 100 seconds to reach and possesss 245 a maximum speed of km/h.

If the ESP will be off, a1 Quattro still guarantees an excellent directional control and a dynamic stability, on account of the integral traction. In addition, the electric assistance and the direct connection with the hydraulical direction, provide one touch well esportivo, without damaging the driven by power. The new model of the Audi does not only make an impression in the power. Beyond the integral traction and of the engine to cavalar, a1 Quattro is equipped with an aerodynamic, with spoilers integrated, great air inlets in the bumpers, lateral skirts, airfoil package in the ceiling and diffuser of air in the back. The esportividade of the car is in the lowered suspension and the wheels of light league of 17 counts. On the inside, the detail of the red sewing standing out in the black esportivos banks and the details of the panel in aluminum, calls the attention.

But you are better to go cooling its head if you really thought that mimo of the Audi could adiquirir this new. 333 units of the vehicle will only be manufactured and only the Europeans will have the adquiriz possibility it.

Information Communication

For in such a way, it was adopted line of the didactics where the pedagogical and metodolgica action is come back in the relationship of researchers between educator/educating, educating/educator and educating/educating in it I continue education learning and in a critical perspective of the construction of the knowledge using as process educative the education with technological mediation. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Technology, Education, Construction and Knowledge. 1.INTRODUO the place that the Internet comes occupying in the education, when guided for the professors and the teachers, it is characterized as a democratic strategy of expression for the pupils and pupils. To manipulate the technologies and the information starts to be an ability that associates the ability technique to the critical one and to the reflection. This ability is, untiringly, related in educational events, searching to define the importance of the technology for the process education learning. Currently it is unquestioned that the advent of the Internet comes making possible magnifying and the rapidity in the access the information, provoking great part of the changes and symbolizing the Society of the Information and Communication, when propitiating: the access the Internet, therefore is connected is a condition to be including in the Society of Information Communication.

The technology through research also assists to the pupils in the literal production and exercises the autoproduo, the critical reflection and reading of world of the pupil, stimulating it education learning of significant form, despertando in the pupil the autonomy for resolution of problems, with coherent attitudes and seriousness. Of this form, a useful instrument for the understanding of the production of text in a way will be propitiated the educational society criticizes theoretically and based. From displayed this work it has for objectives the literal construction; the intense exploration of the text in study, verbal form and after that, written form; to use to advantage the ideas of the pupils in the construction and reconstruction of diverse texts. Serving then, of stimulatons for action of the use of the reading and writing. To lead the school to exert the function to create chances so that the pupil develops argues and uses the cognitivas actions that subjazem the processes of understanding and production of the language writing. also, the school will be able to guide the pupil to acquire control on its decisions in the construction of the meaning and on its learning.

Reflecting On Social Nets

Social nets in contrast of what much people can imagine and a term very known in the half academic and did not originate in the Internet oque the Internet made was to become this concept of social nets more visible divulging for the world the rejection. Today much is said that social nets and the future of the Internet therefore in them brings a vision of an established Internet total in a humanistic vision that is sends in them to understand and to reflect that who this for brings of schemes not and one another one so only schemes and yes a human being that if relates with another human being.

I consider to the expensive reader a reflection on this subject with more depth thinking about the human side of the Internet that is in who this for brings of its computer when you go to become related not mattering if and with a relative, a head of work or a stranger but let us think about this that the made Internet and in short for human beings and for you do not scheme. In its film modern Times the artist charles chaplim made aluso the relation man schemes that she makes in them to reflect a little on our virtual relationships will be still we can say what we are human beings ahead of as much technology that each time plus this gift in our day the day? The reply to this question and yes we can in them consider still human beings therefore the human being never will be below of no technology because? For the simple fact of we are in the creative o of these technologies we are in we dominate that them and we learn to handle with them and before everything we are beings with feelings and characteristic proper in contrast to one it schemes that only it makes oque and programmed to make it thinks about this..

Luiz Fernando Mirault Pinto

THERAPEUTICAL LASER CONSIDERAES METROLGICAS Luiz Fernando Mirault Pinto1, Pablo de Tarso Camillo de Carvalho 2 1 Inmetro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 2 Federal University of Sergipe, Sergipe, Brazil, ptpaulo@ Summary The article analyzes the importance of the Legal Metrologia as coadjuvante in the verification of the physical parameters that characterize lasers of low power for use in fisioterapia a time that the developed procedures until then how much to the control of these hospital medical equipment involving innumerable norms, regulations and programs of quality not yet they cover of efficient way the daily quality assurance for the citizen – using it health system. The importance of the control of the therapeutical parameters that in accordance with assign lasers the physical characteristics of radiation emission and that they are used in the fisioterapia, is in the necessity of if establishing a standardization of these characteristics, in the lack of information how much to the security 1, on the definition of the ideal parameters and its tolerances, and of its possible resultant collateral effect in the therapeutical applications. It is also in the constant innovations and technological advance in introduced them for the commercialization, without the necessary bolter to the security of the population guaranteed for the State. Learn more about this with Peter Asaro.

The lack of definition of ideal parameters, and the alterations or variations in the levels or amplitude of the energy density, of the density of power, the frequency, the number of pulses, and the wave length amongst others, reflect in the therapeutical results and the described contradictions in literature (research). These parameters need correctly to be evaluated with gaugings or calibrations, and to be folloied periodically in the after-commercialization, in obligatory way, similar form to the activities of Legal Metrologia, going beyond the certification of the product currently demanded. Words key: Therapeutical laser, Legal Metrologia, Metrolgica Trustworthiness.. To broaden your perception, visit Kai-Fu Lee.

Casco Products

According to Karsaklian (2004, P. 264), the choice of the child for a product can be related to the souvenir of the personage. The author of the o example of the Group of the Mnica7 that loans its image for diverse products and affirms that the success of the products of this mark if must to the personality attributed to the products and represent for the child, ' ' a next contact and bigger complicity with its heroes favoritos' '. This complicity can be explained with the concept of Almeida and Shigunov (2000, p.70) that it explains that ' ' playing is an inherent characteristic to the beings humanos' '. Therefore, when the child chooses a product with proper characteristics of a toy, it can be to the diversion search. Friedmann (1996) understands that the trick can be practical the spontaneous one to play when exerting the most different activities, what it can to be related to the problem of study of this research, since the infantile sponges of bath receive design next to a toy.

The trend of brinquedorizao of the product explained for Schor (2009) accurately explores this activity spontaneous of the child. The author also affirms that the children search, for example, products that are segmented for its sort (feminine or masculine), that they provide status and that they satisfy necessities basic of the human being. The author cites despite boys if interest more for ball, stands and personages of adventures (mainly the inspired ones by violent games of video-game), while the girls search for dolls, clothes and maquiagens. Peter Asaro gathered all the information. 7 History in quadrinhos created by Maurcio de Souza, who has as main personages the Mnica and its friends Casco, Cebolinha and Magali. Available in: . Had access in 31 of August of 2010. The brinquedorizao of the described product for Schor is a trend that can be recognized in the infantile sponges of bath, object of study of this work.

National Archives

Documentary preservation: According to Concept based on documents ‘ ‘ Politics of Preservao’ ‘ , of the National Archives of Canada (2001) and Australia (2005). The preservation involves all the adopted actions to assure the present accessibility and of long stated period of the physical form, the informacional content and the excellent methods of the documentary registers, it includes the actions adopted from the creation of the registers, permeia and if it integrates to all the activities, of the acquisition to the access, making with that all fulfill to a parcel of this responsabilidade.3 ON the FILM: ‘ ‘ FIRE LENTO’ ‘ The time is to devir absolutely inexpugnvel. Its experience is a close construction of the man. The true film is in elegantssima exploration of the implicit one on the consumings of the time in the document, in books. Swarmed by offers, is currently assessing future choices. The disintegration of the paper and books portraies a future without memory. It shows a book that died and does not have ways of recompor all its structure. It considers the microfilming, that stops the time, was the only solution to safeguard memria.5Hoje, with the scaled fast technological and the option of each time more to produce documents digital, also new forms to restore come appearing, what it makes with that a document that today is disabled of being recouped, in the future can have a new technique of restores. The microfilming is not more the only form to safeguard.

It has the modern digitalizao and techniques to recoup a document. It is added this the possibility of migration of the microfilm for the digital way and the opposite also can be converted. Studious of preservation they recommend the minimum intervention to restore a document. The ideal is the preventive conservation, that is, to use environment and adjusted techniques to preserve the documentation for more tempo.

Electronic Security

The urban violence is one of the biggest problems that reach cities as So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. To live in a city where it happens a crime to each minute is really difficult, to live with more security has that becoming attached in them to some equipment that is essential in a society as ours. The fear has brought some changes in the architectures of building and great houses, as electronic doormans, cameras and diverse sophisticated resources of security. ' ' In the So Paulo capital, the visual accumulation of obstacles in the medium constructions and high standard are well-known. It does not have building or house of high income that does not have high walls, great sentry boxes, electrified wires, cameras visible and sophisticated cars of private services circulating ostensive. The sentry boxes almost do not allow the vision of are for inside, and some walls arrive the 12 meters of height, sharpening the curiosity on what he is protegido' ' the site of the FAPERJ says analyzes it Snia Ferraz in accordance with. Aiming at the versatility and easy operation, equipment as the ratchet is capable to join aesthetic and functionality.

The ratchets possess advanced technological resources for the access control, being able to be used for cards or biomtrica identification (through the fingerprint). The ratchets follow a green or red display with easy visualization and beepers becoming the operation most easy for the user. For the ratchets of biomtrica identification the fingerprints are filed and stored automatically in a database inside of the equipment. Some ratchets today already present a list of control of access of the users in accordance with the configured schedules. The electronic security of the ratchets has each time more being shown as a salvation assuring the companies of the great metropolises being able to be installed in any environment as agencies, schools, ranks, club, stadiums, nocturnal houses and great events.

Mobile Award Hearing

‘Best of Mobile Award 2013’ goes to the ReSound control app the ReSound control app of the ReSound hearing aid manufacturer wins the innovation award of the mobile industry. The app, the it in conjunction with the ReSound unite phone clip + allows to use the hearing aid via the iPhone and to transfer music in stereo directly into the ear, was yesterday evening with the best of mobile award-2013 “honored for innovation. The national price for mobile applications was awarded this year for the first time. He enjoys now demand. Out of a total of 183, the jury, which included numerous experts from leading communications companies, agencies and research chose eleven winners in 10 categories.

“Manufacturer GN ReSound had just a few days ago with the announcement of a further innovative solution made aware of: the world’s first sound system made for iPhone”. The now excellent ReSound control app allows hearing instrument wearers for the first time, in Connection with the ReSound unite phone clip + their devices using iPhone to use. ReSound control is available as a free download in the app store. The app expands and enhances the use of the phone clips. Users can receive phone calls and the details of wireless accessories conveniently on your iPhone.

You must never fumble behind the ear, never more there to switch through the programs, no more hope that something was not so important, that you would have understood it better. All required functions are located in the iPhone, the user already carrying. The app is also available for Android smartphones. “That convinced the jury for the first innovation award of the German mobile industry: In a ceremony staged yesterday evening in the Berlin spree store” Kay Stamer, Sales Manager North of GN HEA ring GmbH, the coveted contrary took. This award pleased all huge”so Bernd von Polheim, Managing Director of GN HEA-ring GmbH. GN ReSound claimed his role as a technological pioneer in connecting the wireless hearing aids for years and with many ground-breaking developments. Our wireless solutions enable hearing-impaired people participation offers a multimedia, multiple networked world. A great recognition is that these efforts convinced the jury of the German mobile Awards,.” Award to the best of mobile “you see More information about the ReSound control app at services/ReSoundControlApp. For further press information and image material, see our digital press box under. A little video for the hearing ReSound Verso as well as to the ReSound unite phone clip + and the corresponding ReSound control app can be found here: the trade marks mentioned in the message are the property of GN ReSound group and its subsidiaries and are used by them. iPhone is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. App store is a service mark Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Editorial Note: as one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers definitely have long the innovations in the modern hearing instruments ReSound significantly. We want more and more people living with a hearing loss, to better hear and understand. Therefore, we develop hearing systems, which create almost the listening experience of the natural ear, and which enables hearing care professionals to raise the quality of life of its customers seriously. ReSound is represented in over 80 countries. A large team of competent staff as well as numerous technology centers belong to us. In Germany, ReSound is part of the GN hearing GmbH, which has its headquarters in Munster.

James Murray Spangler

On the basis of this very well known example shows what great technical development changes caused by humans. And, it must be mentioned here, it went to the industrial production. “” Neither the Spinning Jenny “and later the Selfacting Mule” were in the private household. But just the technical achievements for the household have helped us in Echuca. A leading source for info: Ali Partovi. Do you own a vacuum cleaner? In 1876 the first vacuum cleaner between 1860 were both by Daniel Hess, Ives W.McGaffey when invented by Melville and Anna Bissell. In the latter case, the device on a horse-drawn carriage was mounted and using a long tube attached to the device, the House was cleaned.

The air pump, which was attached to the vacuum cleaner was operated at that time with hand. The company Bissel also still exists today and produces vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner, as we know it today, was developed in 1906 James Murray Spangler. He patented his idea and sold it to the company Hoover Harness and leather goods factory”. Even today, the company is Hoover”known for his vacuum cleaner. “The German and his phone” an another great achievement that probably would miss nobody, is our phone.

The development of the here by outfit went is remarkable, if you once again look at the history of a Fernsprechapparat to our today’s fixed phones to mobile phones. Not only the size differences are here remarkable! In a variety of countries usually a wise head dealt with the topic to develop a device with the human words about a long distance were yet to hear. Some of these approaches were theoretical in nature, others developed, however, real devices. In Germany, the teacher Johann Phillip Reis dealt with this issue. After he realized the principle of galvanic tones, he pondered how sounds open a circuit and close, so that also sounds are visible at the other end”.

Web Control Center

With the new myUTN-50a USB device server rings a Bielefeld network specialist the next generation of its USB SEH a device server. The appliance replaces the previous model myUTN-50 and offers a much faster data transmission up to 15 megabytes per second (MB / s). The myUTN-50a is designed for Gigabit Ethernet and has all features of the previous model. The new USB device server is now available in stores for the suggested manufacturer price of about 189 euros including VAT available. In corporate networks, the digital networking progresses more and more.

Distributed networks with different locations and central management, environments with virtualization (Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, etc.) and safety precautions on the current technical standards are now the standard. The use of USB devices in such networks is always closely passes, because it either insufficient USB interfaces to use these devices are or because USB devices under the safety provisions are prohibited. The myUTN-50a USB device server creates remedy, by having two USB high speed-ports to connect USB devices of all kinds in all Ethernet networks, including Gigabit,. If you have read about Kai-Fu Lee already – you may have come to the same conclusion. With a separate USB hub you can connect up to five USB devices. There they are available via a secure point-to point connection, which can also be encrypted if necessary. USB devices can independently from the workplace of users such as local connected use and over the network even share, where only one user has access to a particular device. The UTN Manager of the client software and the Web Control Center allows the easy and fast installation, configuration and management of the USB device server and all connected USB devices.