Newspaper Libraries

S.O.S by the newspaper libraries Julian girl Cardona (cultural and Research Manager) as a regular visitor to the library public Ramon Correa Mejia de Pereira and as a citizen, I want to call the attention of the Government, the media and the pereirana society in general about the condition of recoil and demotion in treatment, promotion and protection of this heritage is giving public library knowing that the most important legacy of a society is in that live registration the facts which is embodied in the written word of books and newspapers, and that collects these stages of history that has passed, their deeds, their oral tradition and its memory. And this as resulting from a series of administrative failings that demonstrate the ignorance and lack of commitment to missionary in its handling, when today skimp to subscribe to newspapers and magazines nationally and locally, basis of informative service that should be given to an important segment of the population that formerly went to consult themSo what now part of the population unattended in the library. Gone are periods with better performance as when had to wait patiently for someone to rise from the Chair to be able to deal with it, in the style of those popular restaurants where had to queue for the shock. It is not something would like to discuss. And this of the indifference towards the aggregate values of the press written in a library Yes seems extremely serious for a city that is head of a metropolitan area and with a capital of Department category, when we all know that the first source of consultation of all days and all hours in a library are the newspapers. Something have the greatest recognition in librarianship the newspaper libraries. However, that is no longer really essential for the public library of Pereira, post that since 1 January 2009 did not again reach the La Tarde newspaper, or La Patria or El Pais, that they stopped arriving since the beginning of 2007 (over two years), and that already created a vacuum very difficult to pave for research information. For even more analysis, hear from Energy Capital Partners.