Beginner Mother

When she was in the segundaria school my daughter asked to us if she could spend a weekend with a friend. My husband and I knew their friend neither to their parents very or. And a still greater factor, we did not know the family that would go to visit. Our answer to the broken heart then of the girl was not. She could not include/understand and she did not understand it. When we were even making the decision, a part of me did not understand it either. It questioned to me same: Why you cannot be like other parents? Why you must be careful and to think in advance about the things? Why you must make decisions that cause pain to them to your children? was not the first time that had those thoughts.

To say not to handle single for the house of some friendly of the university. To say not to send photos by the telephone. Continuously the same dilemma ran in my mind. Not only it fought with wanting that my daughters fitted but with my own desire to fit. It asks us to Jesus in our key versicle: Why they fight as if they were of this world? Luchar with things like: To let to our children choose clothes that are fashionable but that also it reveals much, we love that they fit, certain? To give our children which other children have: Cellular telephones, portable computers, clothes of mark. We do not want to deprive them of that, certain? To allow to our children liberties beyond its age and maturity, but that other children have. We would not want that were different, certain? In this fight Jesus he animates to us: But you are selected lineage, real priesthood, nation santa, town that belongs to God, so that they proclaim the wonderful works of which it called of the darknesses to his admirable light (1 Pedro 2:9) Chosen, sanctity, a special possession.

Portable Loudspeaker

When one is about music or entertainment, all we are almost kind to last that it offers the market, which will allow to tell us on the most advanced to apparatuses and systems to ours around. This is what is going to happen if you acquire a portable loudspeaker T3 OrbitSound, that has been conceived to offer its maximum potential when it takes it to the carrier tied to a cord by the neck. The system developed by the company created that it, is using a denominated system of immersion airSOUND, that generates the sensation to be surrounded by loudspeakers, which allows a maximum sensation at the time of listening to our favorite songs. This effect obtains thanks to the disposition of a central loudspeaker and two lateral ones that allows to surround by sounds to the user, who will have to take for that reason always hung the loudspeaker to the neck. Click investor to learn more. The manufacturers of the T3 OrbitSound have destined him a power of 8 watts, their size is of 10.2 xs 6 xs 1.9 centimeters and its weight arrives at the 115 grams, it turns that it into accesoriofcil to carry. Thanks to this device of audio he is that we will be able to alongside have our favorite songs until by ten hours continuous, that are what its battery of 1000mAh lasts, that feeds through a port miniUSB. It is possible to indicate that the T3 OrbitSound also has an entrance of audio stere of 3.5 mm. One of the recommendations that occur to the people who acquire this great device, is that the sensations of serious sounds are amplified and they are transmitted by all the body, as long as the T3 OrbitSound takes patch the same. To this you can easily use it loudspeaker with your MP3, your cellular telephone and until with your computer, and so it has an ample range of use possibilities.


The epidermis does not possess sanguineous vases, because if in it had vases would be more subjects to be parasitada by microorganisms therefore is in this place that concentrates the nutrients. The nutrients and oxignio arrive at the epidermis for diffusion from sanguineous vases of derme. The epidermis presents some layers. The origin of the cellular multiplication is the basal layer. All the others are constituted of differentiated cells each time more than, with the basal growth, they go being each time more peripheral. The basal layer, is deepest, in contact with derme, constituted of cubical cells little differentiated that if divide continuously, giving to origin to all the other layers.

It contains little queratina very. Some of these cells are differentiated and passed to the layers most superficial, while others remain in basal layer and continues if to divide. They start to form cellular junctions ones with the others, as desmossomas. They are gifts in the skin without pilosos folculos (skin glabra). – Crnea Layer: constituted of flattened cells eosinfilas without nucleus (deceased) with great amount of filaments, mainly queratinas. – The junction between the epidermis and derme has form of papilas, that they give to greater faying surface de with derme and greater resistance to the attrition of the skin. Derme is colgenas and the intermediate, composed elastic staple fibre layer that gives sustentation to the skin and, still sanguineous vases, nerves, and hipoderme that it is the deep layer, composed of fat, that assists in the regulation of the body temperature. Derme is formed by fabric conjunctive, composed for some types of cells and staple fibres and for a basic substance that fills the cracks between these elements. Between the cells, the fibroblastos, that if put in charge of the production them staple fibres and the extracellular matrix, even so others important exist equally very, as macrophages, pertaining cells endowed with mobility to the imunitrio system with the mission to eliminate the microorganisms, that eventually can have fond of derme, and to devorarem the remaining cells deceased and residues.


However there are few scientists or medical experts who take one step further on the origin of diseases, or how to cause war conflicts, nor even are the reasons for encouraging such a short future. You could say that everything starts in our negative thoughts because these deposited poisonous substances in the nervous system. Hostile thoughts lead to downloads in the nervous system and nerves give off poisons. In the book entitled origin and formation of the diseases we read: the nerves that are in strong tension secrete poisons that depending on the body vibration of each, attacking weak organs or poison throughout the body. Through the Elimination of nerve poisons called nervous fever, that puts in vibration all nerves, so the body heats up through the central nervous system may be declared, i.e. you afiebra.

In other words, we afiebramos ourselves warming us with negative thoughts, thoughts burning. Both a home fight throughout a war is something very hot and so also warms all the encouragement, also reaching the disturbance to cells. We are talking about inflammation, inflamed a discord, but also ignites a disease. Through the nervous system poisons are then removed and these go to the body. You could then say that the war begins first in our thoughts.

Often you start per desires, anxieties, by passions that if they do not meet lead to aggression, then to hatred, envy and hostility. All this has an effect on our body, with which ultimately the war we do ourselves and this war with the time us hardens. This hardness is also manifested in the cell structure, with what cellular structure turns into antagonism, and cannot develop their functions harmoniously since harmony is not flowing through it. History we know that the ancient Spartan stiffened their children for war. Therefore, this dullness in our sensations is the condition to make war, but it is also the condition for our cellular structure hardens, cool. The coldness in us leads to the coldness of heart and many hearts cold washed down with millions of thoughts of hatred, enmity, greed, jealousy and envy lead to an armed conflict, which then few know how it started or how nor exit. Hardness, aggression, brutality is precisely what is presented today as a value on the rise in our society, showing themselves on many occasions in the media even in the films as a sign of value. This pacifist Jesus de Nazareth teaching is also in countries called Christians, practically upside down sunset, because as human beings will harden, harden their consciences, which is the same as losing scruples. Today what is called feel is something that has increasingly more difficulties in this world. Do we know really how we feel? Do we have already hardened accustomed to? so much violence? Do we want to continue hardening us and thereby getting sick every time more? If it is not we should refocus our life to the high ethical brought Jesus of Nazareth and the morale of the Sermon on the mount which is valid today more than ever for all peoples and races, as in it we find the key to a life peaceful and happy, also the key to exit from wars and conflicts and the solution to bring land back into being a place livable and healthy. Original author and source of the article.


The Earth, our home, our paradise. The Earth is full of beautiful things. Sintate a day to contemplate, to enjoy a dusk, rain, a blue sky, the color of a rose Every day that happens we soiled more, we spent more water, energy; we hurl more, we are disinterested and by this attitude, the natural resources of this planet are finishing. What we want to leave in our passage by this Earth? Contaminated skies, seas and rivers, less trees, more noise, less water, more contamination? It never is behind schedule for contributing a sand granite. Creating conscience and making small changes in your daily life you can contribute to save the planet.

He is something as simple as to be conscious of not generating as much sweepings. HOW WE CAN GENERATE LESS SWEEPINGS? . 1) It avoids to use disposable glasses. A good option is to take your cup to your place of work. 2) It recycle your old woman electronic devices. The cellular telephones and other electrical ones contain one long toxic and polluting metal list. The experts recommend to recycle them, to sell them or to give them.

3) The USA old clothes that you are going to hurl like cloth to clean by the house. Unlike the old clothes, the disposable towels of cleaning end up being accumulated in the waste basket, being disturbed and releasing methane. The methane is a polluting substance more fort than carbon dioxide. In addition, to replace the towels of cleaning by old clothes can mean a monthly saving. 4) Taking water of the key. Many people already are loading their own bottle to fill it with water of the key. This is a good idea because the production and massive transportation of plastic water bottles generate a high cost of energy and more sweepings. When you buy drinks in plastic bottle, it chooses those that are made of material recycling. 5) The USA the dryer of hands of the public bath. The towels and the tissues cannot be recyclings like the paper to write, the cardboard and newspapers. All that paper becomes sweepings that releases methane. It decides on the dryer of hands when he is available. It creates conscience. I know the difference.

Titanium Walls Firewall

The German manufacturer of next-generation firewalls Adyton system is partnership with the Portuguese value added distributor titanium walls known. Leipzig (Germany) / Amadora (Portugal), 5 December 2013. The German technology company Adyton system expands its sales regions in Europe and signed a new distribution agreement with the Portuguese value added distributor titanium walls. With the signing of the Treaty, the distribution of unique next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR in Portugal is being driven. Since 2012 value-added, distributor sells Titanium walls IT security solutions from premium to its channel partners with a variety of end customers in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

As a young company can flexibly operate Titanium Walls offers its customers pre and after-sales service, assists them in the implementation of IT-security solutions and offers both maintenance and support services. With Adyton systems’ next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR has its product portfolio to an innovative Titanium Walls Firewall appliance can expand. Products Adyton system have gained our attention because they have integrated the software of our partners BitDefender. After a thorough analysis, the revolutionary concept of Adyton has us system ‘ persuaded to distribute NETWORK PROTECTOR in Portugal. I am delighted the partnership with Adyton to establish systems and care NETWORK PROTECTOR on the Portuguese market, says Carlos TELLES, Managing Director of Titanium Walls.We opted for a partnership with titanium walls, because Titanium Walls can demonstrate a good track record in establishing new brands in the Portuguese market. Titanium Walls specializes in the IT security market and focused with its limited product range.

With the successful launch of BitDefender, a wide network of resellers, and many customers could build up Titanium Walls. Adyton systems’ network security solution is a perfect complement to the existing product portfolio. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers Besides deep-packet inspection, firewall rules, IPS and Web filtering extended also the ability to ensure secure applications within enterprise networks. We are pleased “says Marco Weeber, sales manager of Adyton system. to working with titanium walls and their resellers, to implement successfully an Adyton system also on the Portuguese market Adyton systems Adyton systems is a technology company from Leipzig and has revolutionized the concept of next-generation firewall. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers a complete solution that is easy to use and ensures maximum network reliability using the novel technology of the full positive validation in combination with application whitelisting. Adyton systems uses the latest deep-packet-inspection technology for this purpose. Adyton systems is regional office Leipzig of the TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, bears the mark of quality “IT security made in Germany. on Titanium walls value added distributor Titanium walls his devoted to the task Channel partners and their customers in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde with IT security solutions from the premium area to. As a young company, titanium walls is very flexible and offers excellent solutions through its strategic partnerships to satisfy its customers. The dedicated team consists of employees with many years of IT experience and guarantee a high level of expertise. Titanium Walls was founded in 2012 and is focused on security.

CIDEON Integrated Technology

Engineering companies benefit from PDF/A format for long-term archiving Berlin, July 14, 2011. The callas software is now OEM supplier for CIDEON Software GmbH. With this cooperation in the future many more companies from the engineering market, using CIDEON solutions, will be among the users of callas technology. The PDF technology from callas software, which already has the functionalities of the format published as ISO standard PDF/A-2 on board, is integrated in the form of the SDK software development kit in the new release of the PDF/A check & Repair Tools. It scans documents for their compliance. Get more background information with materials from Pete Cashmore. callas software is PDF solutions provider for the publishing, print production, document exchange and document archiving. Many software vendors have integrated callas technology in their solutions. The most prominent example is Adobe Acrobat preflight.

CIDEON software now also makes this comprehensive know-how and the resulting products to use. “We have many customers from the most diverse sectors and” Industries that want to create PDF files from CAD drawings. For this we can offer a reliable solution of callas technology integration”, explains Daniel Patzelt, head of product management and development at CIDEON Software GmbH. CIDEON conversion engine, different documents can be convert to PDF/A. Furthermore PDF documents that come from a variety of sources can, with the PDF/A check & Repair tool, which has been extended to the callas technology to PDF/A compliance check and, if necessary, a repair function taking account of company-specific framework conditions can be started.

In this way, CIDEON software ensures that the files have no defects and conform to the ISO standard. “The big advantage is that PDF/A all must be embedded in, what is necessary to display the original fonts, XMP metadata and ICC profiles. This ensures that the file can still appear in 20 years”, so Daniel Patzelt. The file is archived in future-proof and can be called with a comfortable search function from any computer.