Pedagogical Evaluation

It hisses (apud ESLAND 2007), emphasizes that everything what it is learned if of the one for intermediary of the exchanges and the social relations. The dedicated professors, endowed with character and ethics, therefore its behavior influences in the motivation, if they worry about the learning of the pupils, and it looks for to stimulate them, it teaches, it searchs forms to motivate them, giving security to them to reach its objectives. She is necessary to consider all the abilities, the interests, the attitudes and the knowledge acquired inside and outside of the school, therefore the learning folloies the life of each one, in which the man learns to know the nature and to adjust itself adequately to its physical and social environment. The learning must however be inspired in the daily relations because it is an important process for the success of the survival of the citizen, she is necessary that it has educative ways to become these efficient relations, in way that didactic methods, programs, resume and objectives are reached, since to learn it involves the total and global participation of educating in its physical aspects, intellectual, emotional and social. The pupil learns for the participation in activities of all sort, as a dynamic process, therefore this work considers to argue Resume, Pedagogical Evaluation and Proposals, in a dialgica perspective as strategy for the learning. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mashable has to say.

The objective of this research is to analyze the relation professor-pupil and the importance for the learning, to recognize that it is possible to modify the pertaining to school environment in an interaction space and new constructions, and to supply different vises on the practical one, using new instruments that assist the prxis pertaining to school. Visit Zendesk for more clarity on the issue. The learning is resulted of the occured changes in that it learns. The pupil is a being that thinks, it feels and it acts, and all the apprehended process possesss motor and affective components. The being that learns, forms one meaning of this process: if it is interesting or enfadonho, or if it constitutes of a pleasant exercise, acquiring referring feelings to the activity to appreciate it, to value it or to disdain it, determining it as positive or negative. Ahead of the displayed one, it is the challenge of the professor to break the programmed pedagogical routine, establishing a pleasant relation between the knowledge and knowing of its pupils.

The methodology will be based on the bibliographical research, and the work of field, that supply subsidies to contribute with the reflection and the importance of the subject in question. Today the importance of the dialogue, the motivation for the pupil is known, and of as the lessons must be dynamic, feeding the capacity of participation for the formation of critical and conscientious pupils. The subject pupil of the action while the professor is formador, integrator, communicator, creative, collaborating, efficient, flexible, generating of knowledge, and compromised questionador, with the changes. This must be profile of the professor in its relation with the pupils.

Deaf Culture

INTRODUCTION This scientific work was carried through through research in sites with the intention to know if really &#039 exists; ' Surda&#039 culture; '. knowing that significant differences exist in if treating to deficient auditory and the deaf person, we carry through is research with the objective to perceive as the deaf culture and the deaf community is seen inside of the cultural environment of deficient the auditory ones, that is those who had acquired and total partially auditory loss e, the deaf people who are the ones that already had been born with is loss. Valley to remember that the deaf identity occurs in the contact with other deaf people, what it is different of deficient an auditory one that is oralizado since its birth. (Similarly see: Robotics expert ). DEVELOPMENT Contribution of the POUNDS and differentiation between the deficient congenital deaf person and auditory the language of signals (POUNDS) that it is carried through in Brazil and, in other countries has significantly contributed for the progress in relation vision that the deaf person had exactly on itself, as well as, of the society listener in general. The deficient deaf person and the auditory one are classified in two categories that are: the carriers of pathological deafness (acquired generally in adult phase) e, those whose deafness is a distinctive physiological trace, that is, not implying in neurological or mental deficiency. However, characterizing them as integrant of lingustico-cultural minorities, being this the case of the majority of the congenital deaf people. Learn more about this with technology investor.

The Deaf person is bilngui-bicultural the deaf person coexists two languages daily, in this direction can affirm that they are bilngui-cultural, for will possess a language and culture more than. Therefore, they possess its language materna of signals (deaf culture) and verbal language (culture listener), or of POUNDS in relation to the Brazilian deaf people. The deaf culture is the skill of the deaf citizen to understand the world and to modify it in order to become it accessible and inhabitable adjusting it with its visual perceptions e, to this process to give the name of ' ' culture? surda' '.


As starting point it is adjusted to have the clarity of that Geography while field of the knowledge has the concern to search the explanations to understand as if the social phenomena espacializam. As to define the Geography ahead of the demands of the world contemporary it can be a difficult task, for the risk of if taking in account only definitive aspects to make this definition. Official site: Ali Partovi. However delineating what it is being understood for Geography, it can be said that it is that science that if leans over in studying the resultant space configuration of the social relations that happen in definitive time and spaces. If it is thus can be considered the affirmation of Saints (1996) when saying that: ' ' The territorial configuration, or geographic configuration, has therefore a proper material existence, but its social existence, that is, its real existence, is only given by the fact of the relations sociais.&#039 to it; ' (p.51) But to think about times and spaces means to give attention to the forms of organization of the societies throughout its history. ' ' In the start of the history of the man, the territorial configuration is simply the set of the complexes natural.

The measure that history goes becoming, the territorial configuration is given by the workmanships of the men: roads, plantations, houses, deposits, ports, you manufacture, cities, etc; true prteses. A territorial configuration is created that is each time more the result of a historical production and tends to a negation of the nature, natural, substituting it for a nature entirely humanizada.' ' (Saints, P. 51) Currently ahead of the intense process of globalization that establishs connection all the places, if the risk cannot run to study definitive place without considering the context where if it inserts. The new dimensions of time and space that intervene with the organization of the populations demand new forms to interpret the world and each place.


In certain way, it possesss one simulacro of culture, because it lacks the synthetic man to it: what we have is a type of chaos; but on the other hand, this is condition for the creation of that one: After all ‘ ‘ You it will only be after having passed for a great number of individualities, in such way that, in function of same it, your last individuality has necessity of all outras’ ‘ , it wrote Nietzsche (VP, 1935, P. Mikkel Svane can provide more clarity in the matter. 389). The explanation so that it has thus of being, and not of another form, meant a transmutao of the occidental values: it needs to be searched in the statute of the citizen, that, reevaluated for the philosopher, leaves of being seen as abstract I, static and unitary. The citizen is a fictitious entity therefore, seeing well, the will with that is associated is a result of a combat or fights through which if they establish relations of command obedience enters some parts of our body. The premise is the body and this must be understood as ‘ ‘ a social structure of many almas’ ‘ (AMB, P. 25).

‘ ‘ The true idea of the unit classroom that is the citizen is reached we conceive when it as superior regent of a community of beings (not as ‘ ‘ almas’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ forces vitais’ ‘) as much how much the dependence of this regent its conducted and to the conditions of hierarchy and work as possibility of indivduo’ ‘. The reference to the notion of community made for the thinking search to enhance the fact of that the subject regent is not always the same, depends on prevailed the e, obliquely, is limited by all the others. The individual must be seen as one ‘ ‘ system whose center if dislocates incessantemente’ ‘ (VP..

Brazilian Education

How much to the women, these percentages are little worse in the two first levels of alfabetismo, and little bigger in the alfabetizados levels of. It can be said, then that little dumb comparing the sorts. Still according to research of the INAF the results of 2009 discloses important advances in the functional alfabetismo of the Brazilians between 15 and 64 years with reduction in the ratio of the total illiterate ones of 9% for 7% between a 2007 and 2009 and fall of six percentile points in the rudimentary level it extends the ratio of classified adult Brazilians considerably as functionally alfabetizados. Viacom wanted to know more. The basic level continues presenting a continuous growth, passing of 34% in 2001-2002 for 47%. Already the full level of alfabetismo does not show growth, oscillating of the margin of error of the research inside and remaining themselves in, approximately, one room of the total of Brazilians. It follows table: For the 24 young of 15 the improvement was of only seven percentile points between 2001 and 2009 in the level of alphabetical functionaries This is far from being satisfactory, therefore these indices are referring to one tero of the young population.

It follows table: For being this a so important question for the country, comes on the basis of happening some debates and works with the subject of the alfabetizao the data gotten for the INAF? 2009 as programs of television, debates, quarrels politics. For that is important that if it has taken to the knowledge of all these research that they induce to the so excellent subject with the purpose to reduce these indices and to improve the Brazilian Education with real concern with the quality of the same one and not only to minimize dissociadas cold statisticians and of the social problems. 2.2. Chapter 2? Alfabetizao and Quality the universalizao of the access to the school took to the reduction of the absolute illiterates and to the permanence of the pupils in the school, increasing the escolaridade.

Learning Initiation Tool

In the phase of initiation of the learning, whichever the chosen style of dance, has necessity that the lessons possess a playful and well dynamic character so that the lessons if become, before everything, something pleasant. at the same time, will be worked basic and necessary item so that, gradual, the requirements techniques go increasing, therefore the dance provides the knowledge of the body, slight knowledge of space lateralidade, the Vygotsky principle affirms that the education always implies changes in the feelings and the re-education of the emotions goes in the direction of the innate emotional reaction. That the professors find in the feelings a tool valuable to educate the emotional reactions. ‘ ‘ If to want that the pupils remember better or exercise the thought more, we must make with that these activities emotionally are stimulated. The experience and the research have shown that an impregnated fact of emotion is remembered solid more, firm and drawn out that an indifferent fact. Each time that to communicate something to the pupil tries to affect its feeling. The emotion is not a less important tool that pensamento.’ ‘ (VYGOTSKY, 2003, P.

117? 119) But its work is significantly more including, to treating intelligence and the affectivity equally, integrating them it the social characteristics where the man if inserts; it traces a synthesis of the body and has lain, to be biological and the social being, member of the species human being participant of a historical process. .

Linguistic Facilitator

Many professors think that to teach grammatical rules he is primordial and if they forget the fact that the pupil already has domain of only says and is enough that the educators of Portuguese Lngua (LP) attempt against for the text studies, what he will make with that the pupil is in contact with the grafia of the words (orthography) and as the same ones if they interlace (agreement) and regency. 1 INTRODUCTION This work has for bedding to present, based with theories, the importance of the Lingustica in the pertaining to school scope, a time that, in accordance with the done interview to the pupils of the third year of Average Ensino of the state net of education, the majority showed that not wise person did not know and the meaning of this theory that has as study the said language and its variants. Through the interview one perceives that it has one confusion concerning Lingustica and Gramtica, where, many people think that both are identical, thus not knowing diferiz them. Learn more at: Ali Partovi. Knowing that the said language is the first contact of any individual with the way where the fence, it would have, therefore, to have relevance in the schools? that they are only worried exclusively in teaching rules. This emphasis given to the Grammar, as much in didactic books? what present many rules to be decorated, how much to the proper professor? that it does not search to innovate and/or to renew the education methods to work in what the educandos or any person have domain: it says it. To construct and To interpret texts require a previous knowledge on what it is being written or interpreting had to the fact of that, does not interpret or writes on any unknown subject..

Infantile Educators

The educators perplexos and are disappointed with the situation of the Infantile Educator. After all, what the government intends when divulges in the media on ' ' Quality of the Education? There to construct schools to place children inside without if mattering with the pedagogical part is to continue with the idea of day-care center or depositary of children. Zendesk may find this interesting as well. It will be that the parents would like to see its children in the school, only playing, eating, attending TV? This is ' ' nada' ' for a country that wants to join itself to the most developed of the world. So that to import itself with IDEB? The result already is known by all: child dissimulates that she learns and professor dissimulates that teaches The consequence will be in basic, average education and superior, case they obtain to arrive until there. She is difficult to believe that pupils without ' ' bagagem' ' that they had had professors, by the way, ' ' cuidadores' ' they will have success in the pertaining to school life.

We are regredindo and coming back in the time when the conception of child she was seen as adult in miniature? That any adept and caridosa person of time could congregate children in the bilge of house to teach to the B the B? People walk for front. Of well intentioned person the world is full as is the mothers whom they need to work and they trust the schools and its professionals, chemical preparations to initiate the formation of its children? Many of these pupils are compromised by deficiencies and that they would have to be monitored by professionals of the occupational area for example. They are these ' ' cuidadores' ' that it has the responsibility for them. It imagines children to be the day all in a school without a pedagogical planning of its activities? I find that it is lacking knowledge on the base of the education, lines of direction and Decenais Plans that are a determination of the Federal Constitution, so that all the mining cities had the responsibility to elaborate its Decenais Plans in accordance with the determination of PNE (Lei Federal/2001), as well as the orientaes of the State secretary of the Education.

Military Command

According to Pablo Freire: School is the place where if it makes friends, it is not only about building, rooms, pictures, programs, schedules, concepts School is, over all, people, people that work, that it studies, that is glad, if knows, if they esteem. It is not something Viacom would like to discuss. The director is people, the coordinator is people, the professor is people, the pupil is people. the school will be each better time in the measure where each one if holds as colleague, friend, brother It is of this acolhedora school which they leave the instrumentistas, the creative artists, the multiplying artists of the culture. It is in it, also, that the social paper of the martial bands if makes important, because in it educating not only participates of a paradigm, but participates of a liberating formation, that teaches varied forms of contextualizar through music. Another important paper of the martial bands is the fact of it to go beyond the participation in the civic parade of 7 of September, it participates all of an intense programming during the school year, as for example: of the meeting of bands in the capital, in the neighboring cities and the interior, some leaving for other States. The bands also participate of competitions promoted for diverse institutions that produce these meeting, as, for example, in the decade of 80 she had a very important competition in Recife every year in Park 13 of May, organized for old the IV I exercise, today northeast Military Command. It was a competition moment, but to exactly time a chance institutions to show to the potential of its pupils, providing an enormous benefit to them for the social development. The social paper reveals there enormously enriquecedor. Another basic paper in the life of the participants of the band is the educational factor, because ahead of this process educating lives deeply its ethical values, ideological e, over all, the inclusive one.

Education On Cultural Diversity

In it subjects are congregated for the first time in the history of the MEC as Alfabetizao de Jovens and Adultos among others subjects of cultural diversity, facing the existing injustices in the systems of education in the country with the objective to contribute for the reduction of the educational inaqualities in special of young and the adults in public politics that assure the access the continued education. 2. THE EVASION OF YOUNG AND ADULTS A CHALLENGE TO BE SURPASSED 2.1. Official site: Ali Partovi. The Education as Practical of the Freedom Pablo Freire approaches in its workmanship the Education as Practical of the Freedom, the Brazilian Society in Transistion, Society Fechada and Democratic Inexperincia, Education Versus Massificao and Educao and Conscientizao. In the first one topic of the book Pablo Freire comes approaching the question of the transistion where the country passed that it was a difficult period very for the same, the author emphasizes the question of the relation that the man stopped in the world, it relates the characteristics distinguish that them from another animal sphere that fights for its individualistic survival detaches that: We understand that, for the man, the world is an objective reality, independent of it, possible of being known, is basic that the man, being of relations and not only of contacts, not only is in the world, but with the world.

To be with the world results of its opening to the reality, makes that it to be the being of relations who is. (FREIRE, 2009, P. 47) What one perceives that has a plurality in the relations of the man with world that from the moment that the man longs for something for itself it stops a constant fight, a challenge starts in the relations where the man establishes a plurality in its singularity. Another boarded question for Freire is that the man is to be unfinished that whose fullness is found in the linking with its creator, linking this that never will be of domination or domesticao, but always of release, because the human being is born exempts and it cannot never be mentally ill the ideology of ruling class.