Car Weight

Static weighing. Family car scales 7260S static weighing, in which a stationary car completely is gruzopriemnoy platform is the most accurate, but also the most time-consuming. Viacom contains valuable tech resources. It is recommended for areas with low freight traffic on weighting of each car takes up to one minute. Weigh in motion. The family car scales 7260M Scales weighing in motion.

The total weight of the car is determined by summing the weight of trucks. Scales can 7260M used for weighing liquid cargo with a kinematic viscosity of not less than 59mm2 / s, as well as dry and hard goods. Weigh-in composition occurs in the movement at a speed of 3 to 10km / h. Static weighing and weigh-in moving the carriage on its full dline.Semeystvo car scales 7260SM. The most versatile series of car scales.

Allows us to combine high-precision static weighing and weighing in rapid motion. Multi-platform scales can weigh wagon or full-length, or element by element, depending on the geometrical characteristics. Track scales for metering oil 7260R Represent pavement the foundation construction which weigh no uncoupling of four and eight-axle tank cars in the same route. Weighing error did not exceed 0.02% in the static, which is 10 times better than the error volumetric method of determining the mass (metrshtok, flow). Distinctive features of heavy-weights mettler toledo. Automobile and wagon scales can be equipped with a wide range of information display devices from simple weighted indicators to fully autonomous controllers that transmit information in a computer network company. Load cells important design element weights – strain gauge load cell (DigiTOL or MTX).

Domestic Pumps

Company specialists grundfos – the world's leading manufacturer of pumping equipment – developed a new pump ALPHA2. This pump, corresponding to the class 'A' energy efficiency, spend less energy than a light bulb in 75 Tues Maximum power consumption is 22 watts for the model ALPHA2 25-40 and 45 watts – model ALPHA2 25-60, and the annual electricity consumption in the home area of 200 m2 – total 90 kW h Pump is designed for use in domestic heating and hot water, as well as can be used for devices such as "warm floor". For the first time in the circulation pump for residential systems designers used the technology to automatically adapt autoadapt (AVTOADAPT). It allows you to identify requirements ALPHA2 heating systems and to accurately select the desired setting for the pump. Pete Cashmore describes an additional similar source. Function "night mode" automatically reduces engine speed to a minimum when the night-time heating boiler takes the system heating in the economy mode with decreasing coolant temperature. Advanced compact design ALPHA2, as well as a unique plug power cable connection made it possible to connect the equipment in close conditions. "In ALPHA2 our team not only managed to achieve record efficiency of all domestic pumps on the market, but also provide the ease and convenience in operation, that is certainly meaningful to the consumer – commented Sergei , a specialist segment of the domestic equipment company "Grundfos". – For example, the landlord at any time can learn about the value of energy consumption and state of the heating system thanks to LEDs that has a pump. "