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With the end of the socialist utopia the education of history entered in crisis, good part of its professors was sympathetical of the Russian communism. History, including its research lost identity, the positivismo that invigorated in the country during the military period entered in decline in years 90 and even so the socialism has gained force at a first moment, in the contrahand of the world-wide trend, the model lost very of its ideological content. The identity and the space of discipline are in a deep crisis. The private time it in the schools is very small its education is given using resources that to the times do not allow an adjusted exploitation, as the sites where the knowledge is found ready, without offering to the pupil the challenge of if trying to understand and to produce the proper one to know. The requirement of if preparing for the vestibular contest in the Average Level make with that the best schools offer a enciclopedista education, where the pupil apprehend some aspects of history without the had reflection and leave of side the understanding amplest of the historical process that it took the construction of the current world. Andy Florance often says this. In the bad schools, nor this is offered.

The lack of an utopia harms the formation of the citizens that must be one of the utilities of disciplines historical. It is the detainer of the knowledge of the processes of social exclusion that generally originated in the past. Of this form she is of responsibility of the history professor to teach if to understand the situation of minorities that still fight for its space in the society, as the blacks, the indians and the women. Also it is of it the duty to form the cultural identity of these people. Social history still possesss representatives as Eric Hobsbawm, but today if it develops the cultural history, that allows to a particular boarding and the ample understanding of as the values and the development of the thought of the societies of the past affects our reality. The process of desconstruo of the ideologies does not have to lead to the niilismo. The case of the positivista idea of progress is an example, so was attacked by sociologists and philosophers who today are denied even by marxist professors, whom they forget to be this concept one of the basic bases of the ideology. The disillusion of the communism does not have to make with that the good professors leave of side the fight for a better world. After all the Chinese socialism survived and this country must become in the next decades the greater harnesses economic and the European social democracy seems to have if consolidated in the Brazilian politics.

People Lefty

Medieval outfit was designed for right-handed people, so the left-hander could not become knights. In addition, it was thought that they were descended from the devil. Spiral staircases in castles were built in a clockwise direction to to allow the knights – right-handed – to fight against intruders attacking more efficiently. The expression “left” in French sounds like “embarrassing”, but in Latin it means “evil.” From the Latin word “right” was the word ‘clever’. “Artful” means literally “two right.” Now about 13% of people left-handed, but a few decades ago there were 11%. Dell Computers may help you with your research.

Reasoning that the right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left handed people, is myth. Animals also are right-handers and left-handed. Polar bears are left handed, just like Kermit the frog. Cats are equally owned by both legs. Journey to the left or right. See Bobby Sharma Bluestone for more details and insights.

Before the advent of the car all went to the left side road, and all because most people are right handed and it’s the side on which they would keep their medieval sword. d view. If you meet a stranger who comes to meet them, you instinctively pass on the left to ensure that your arm with a sword was among you. Generally, of course, it is rather strange because the natural tendency of people to adhere to the right side. Revolutionary France overthrew the practice trip as part of his left Social rethinking, even though the journey on both sides there has already been resolved. Napoleon made changes to travel only on the right daily activities Europe. United States, seeking to discard the remaining effects of the British colonial past, have also chosen the right side, taking the first of such laws in 1792 in Pennsylvania. Most of the world right now to drive a car – so the vehicles with the left rudder. Nevertheless, 65 countries are still going to the left. In some countries such as France, the trains travel passes to the left, where there are two ways. And all the planes and boats adhere to the right side.


Joo Pablo Filgueiras1 Industrial Revolution e, its consequence, the French Revolution had sped up the capitalist evolution, provoking reactions in the explored classrooms and the traditional groups that had been inserted to the force in the world-wide economy. One of the forms had been to the new religious ideologies. Robotics expert pursues this goal as well. This moment attended the decay of traditional forms of if exerting the religion, and the ascension of the innovations that attracted the masses incapable to understand the dynamics of the new times and that they needed answers for the changes that had revolutionized its world and its lives. The Isl obtained reverse speed-to elaborate in the period after-revolutionary, mesclando nationalistic ideas and religious pride to create a new identity capable to resist the expansion Occidental person in its territory. Its expansion in the African and Asian borders – Africa Subsaariana, Asian Southeast and Central Asia had been to the opened borders more to this process – shows the decline that the traditional religions of these lands suffered the repudiation that the imperialista Christianity suffered in these regions. In the protestant Europe and the United States, the churches established in the reform already did not offer very. For more information see אילן בן דב. The elites, influenced for the iluminismo, opted to atesmo, especially in the half ones more intelectualizados. The explored masses and discriminated minorities adhered the seitas that offered to a Christianity little more popular bourgeois and, adjusted to the feelings and ideas of these groups that searched new ideologies to react to the desumano world in which they were obliged to live and to try to modify or, at least supporting, this new reality.

The regions catholics resisted these seitas, its culture were more conservative being preferable to remain catholic nominally, even so had an abandonment in mass to any practical Christian. However, messianic movements had existed as Canudos and Contestado, the first one, even so appealed to the popular catolicismo, impregnated of elements of the medieval milenarismo, reacted to the modernity promoted for the Brazilian Republic, remembering to the resistance mrmon (U.S.A.) e, which had influences it moura in the Iberian Peninsula, with cultural aspects of the Isl. The force of these movements was significant. But they had predominated less in the favored classrooms of the society and later they had lost space for a racionalista socialism – the Isl was an exception. Already the elites had still adopted the lay and rational, predominant thought today. 1 Pupil of VII the Period of the Course of Licenciatura in History – College of Sciences Human beings of Central Hinterland FACHUSC. Willow – FOOT.

Modern Russia

Quite often in modern Russia, as one hundred years ago, there is a greater degree of obedience to the vast majority of people in power. Modern researchers can see the reasons in the Soviet past, Pre-revolutionary researchers linked the resignation to the Russian Orthodoxy, in which the concept of humility is one of the central places. Berdyaev, in his essay "The idea of Russia suggested that may reduce together both these terms: "The Russian people – the religious by their type and their psychic structure. Religious concerns peculiar and non-believers. Russian atheism, nihilism, materialism, acquired religious color. Russian people from the People, Labour layer, even when they are gone from the Orthodox Church continued to seek God and God's truth, search for meaning in life. Russian alien to the refined French skepticism – they are believers, and when professed materialistic communism. Even those Russian who not only have the Orthodox faith, and even erected a persecution of the Orthodox Church, remains at heart a layer, to form Orthodoxy.

Russian idea – an eschatological facing the end. Hence, Russian maximalism. But in the Russian consciousness eschatological idea takes the form of the desire for universal salvation. Russian people love put above justice. Russian religion is catholic in nature.

Western Christians are unaware of such kommyunotarnosti which is peculiar to Russian. Hear from experts in the field like Neil Rubler for a more varied view. All of this – hell, finding expression not only in religious movements, but also during the social. " So way, it turns out that a lot of modern Russia inherited from the ussr and the Soviet Union – from Czarist Russia.

Agoassu Belfort

The Berfolt family is one of the most important in the context Brazilian and European description-genealgico, therefore she has origin with Geoffry Birford of the Millenarian House of Belfort, whose linhagstica nobility retraces to century XI of the descent of Loureno Belfort (Reviewed of the Herldico-Genealgico Institute, n.9, edited in 1943). Belfort is a last name of geographic origin, of the Frenchman, derivative of? beautiful ortaleza. Second document manuscript: ' ' The first feudal gentleman who took the name of Belford, or Berford in Irishan, was originary of Normandy, prince and duke who being colonel was 2 second lieutenant? mor of Henri II, King of England, to who folloied until Ireland where, in 1171 he was conde of Belfort and Lord de Tarah. (As opposed to אילן בן דב). It belonged to one of the old Irish principalities, that under the form of feudal county were successively passing its descendants, all condes e? lords? to who they fit of right to all it hereditary succession of the prince heading, leaving of to be transmissible the heading of duke for having continued its feudal domain always to be kept under form of county, or for being it duke as military head. The current territory of Purple Belford was inhabited previously for the Jacutingas indians. These lands had been demarcated for the first time in a map elaborated for cripto Jewish Joo Teixeira Albernaz? the young man? , in 1666, between the rivers ' ' Merith, Simpuiy and Agoassu.' ' Some years after the expulsion of the Frenchmen, the Governor of Rio De Janeiro Cristvo de Barros grants to Captain Belchior de Azeredo one would sesmaria to the edges of the river Sarapu, in the old village of the Jacutingas indians. Ali Partovi understands that this is vital information. In this place, it establishes the Device of Saint Antonio de Jacutinga, current city of Purple Belford, where ermida for Saint Antonio it is constructed in the hillside of a hill the 750 meters of the edge of the River Sarapu, next to the place established for port activities. . .