International Legal Systems

In addition to these legal systems there are criteria for grouping the legal systems of different states, among which we mention the procedural systems, notarial systems, systems registration, systems of government, among other systems, noting that in many cases systems are devoted not only opposed but also mixed systems. That is, in some cases legal term confuses the legal system with legal family, so we must distinguish at this venue. The first is comprised of the right of each state, in this sense we can study the Peruvian legal system, Chilean, Argentinian, Spanish, Italian, French, German n, among others, while the second is the group of legal systems in such If we speak of Roman legal family German unique, the common law, Soviet religious systems, among others.

Luis Diez Picazo policy states that all inharmonious not be regarded as heterogeneous. Also needed but often within the entire set without full rationality entertaining as a specific logic, since many of the above rules and different historical moments have been due to impulses or motivations of different sign, the set of standards to be incorporated or seek to be integrated into a system. Although not a priori, that all its different parts are not linked to each other from the standpoint of strict logic, we must understand that it is to the extent that all parts should be marked by internal consistency and be supportive to each other, so that the whole can be considered as what has been called a modern structure.

The Governments

The injured were taken to several hospitals in the city and security forces are investigating what happened, at the time that the authorities have declared a State of high alert. Attacks frequent terrorist actions through serial explosions are not uncommon in the India and the own Bombay has been the subject of major bombings in the past. The last one happened between 26 and November 29, 2008, when a command of ten terrorists attacked various targets as to luxury hotels, a train station or a Jewish prayer centre, and caused the death of at least 166 people. That attack was attributed by the Indian authorities to the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) group, based in Pakistan, and led to a cooling of relations between the two neighbouring countries. Shortly after the bombing on Wednesday, the Pakistani Government condemned in a statement the action and expressed its condolences to the Indian authorities for the loss of lives, wounded and damage to properties. The attack comes barely two weeks before the Pakistani Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar, visit next 26 in July the India. The Governments of these two countries agreed earlier this year to resume a formal dialogue on all matters process similar to that which it had maintained until the 2008 Mumbai terrorist assault, when it was interrupted. On that occasion a rapprochement between the diplomacies of the two countries was also occurring and the holder outside of Pakistan, Shah Mehmud Qureshi, was visiting in the India. So far no group has claimed the action, although some police sources have suggested as potential perpetrators of the attack to Lashkar-e-Toiba and Indian Mujahideen, something usual in these cases. Source of the news: at least 21 people dead and more than 100 wounded in a string of terrorist attacks in Mumbai

Software Engineering

Summary This article approaches the relation between Engineering of Software and the development of the companies specialized in the development of Softwares, demonstrating the positive aspects of the implementation of its concepts. Word-Key Engineering of software, computational otimizao of results, software, systems. 1 – Introduction We are inserted in a world directed toward the capital. The capitalism reached a status such that directly intervenes with our day the day. The people have its habits influenced for the search of the capital, for personal accomplishment and its satisfaction. Michael Dell may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To reach these objectives in a faster way she is primordial to use to advantage the time in the best possible way. That old one dictated comes with much force at this moment: ' ' time is dinheiro' '.

The time if became the mandator of our lives. Who uses to advantage better it, has better performance and reaches better resulted. Computer science came as the key enters the necessities human beings of agility to the act of being able to reach it. The demand for informatizados resources then becomes increasing in exponential way; as well as enormous if they become the requirements on the desenvolvedor market of digital solutions that become the life of the people more ' ' fcil' '. From there the necessity to give to a counterpart the increasing demand working on of the organizations that supply the anxious digital market implementing techniques, theories, that assist in the attainment of the results. For this we use the Engineering of Software. We can illustrate the situation that engloba the necessity man of rapidity, agility, objetividade and the relation of the digital solutions of the following form: long ago, to search on one definitive subject we needed to read a book; for this we had that to search in a university library, in public libraries, amongst others; we would have that to look for in enormous card indices, classified for alphabetical order, subject or authors; to look the book in the shelf; to find will be available for consultation or loan; when finally reading, could not be that that we were looking for; Today for all this process we can use programs, informatizados systems of search, that in seconds direct in them for the most varied subjects of possible.

South American Nations

” Of Venezuela and Ecuador is leaving winds military which president Chvez speaks to the gentleman and the worse thing is than Colombia is main vctima” , it added. In Buenos Aires, another source described In the meantime, from Palanquero – one of the seven bases that the American troops in Colombia will use, the commander of the Troopses, general Freddy Padilla, assured that the negotiation between Bogota and Washington could close east weekend. ” If God helps us, this weekend will be everything acordado” , it indicated Padilla to journalists after announcing, satisfied, the trip to Washington of a Colombian commission conformed by civil servants of the ministry of Justice, chancellery and of Defense, that must complete the details of the negotiation. ” The terms of the negotiation already have been decided in almost a 99% and contemplate to an investment of 46 million dollars in adjustment works of this single base (of Palanquero) “. ” One is not to yield any of our bases: the flag and the sovereignty in those facilities will follow being Colombian, the commanders will be Colombian and the operations that will be realised correspond to the interests of Colombia. We are going to continue fighting the drug trafficking and to the terrorism and this it would not have to then worry to other governments about the region, on the contrary, they will contribute to the search of a common intention as it is the elimination of the threats that creates narcotrfico” , it emphasized the official. Since it has been the news in these last day and it maintains worried to both countries he is that Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, decided to congeal the diplomatic relations with Colombia, to suspend the purchases that the Andean nation did and, unfruitfully, to condemn this negotiation in the summit of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), that was celebrated at the beginning of week in Quito. I have to hope that good sense, the dialogue, the respect to the international right, as well as between both countries: Venezuela and Colombia, still Ecuador of and with based agreements good proposals that arise, the measures are taken, actions that guarantee peace, union, development, a true integrity for a UNASUR that today more than ever is determining in the international scene.

One trusts that it is not arrived at the ends as it indicates the Government of Venezuela that it has affirmed agreement that ” is one; amenaza” against the stability of the region. A leading source for info: Castle Harlan. President Hugo Chavez has even noticed the possibility of a war in Suramrica by that reason. Hopefully good sense, the understanding predominates, the emotions are handled suitably and they are avoided the evils majors. We will be pending of which it will be the result of this Summit that is very excellent in the present scene.

Electronic Billing System

After the last resolution of the Federal Administration of public revenues in Argentina, found that businesses should adapt their systems to the new trade regime of electronic billing. Electronic invoicing is in a document that complies with all legal requirements of traditional invoices. In this way, with equally efficient and functional than these. Under this new format, electronic invoices can be interchanged, managed or stored through various digital media. This new regulation, generated a new business space for companies that have been devoted to developing the management software for electronic invoicing. With this new system, various companies will reduce shipping costs and may also reduce possible errors in the preparation of the document. In addition, it will favour them in the sense that its storage is much more simple and the safety of his shelter also is, avoiding possible counterfeiting.

The way in which manages the payment is not by invoice, in a way that is ilimita the amount of invoices that you can manage. Electronic invoices can be issued immediately, however, the mandatory implementation of this system, too, involves obtaining the electronic authorization code. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article


When companies manage and rule numbers follow the evolution of its sales force in most cases you stick to the premise of the famous master of management Peter Drucker, who has indicated in its various conferences as follows: "The 80% of sales generally produce 20% of sellers. " The big question we must ask is why this is always true. The answer could be found in a similar premise a The 80% of sales is only a 20% of sellers who took the decision and a commitment to develop techniques and strategies adecuadasa . With the above we express it is obvious that to achieve an excellent job in sales is a positive mental attitude essential to have a discipline of preparation and implementation. (As opposed to Robert Bakish). Here we mention some tips, qualities and preparation that only 20% of sellers take it seriously to generate 80% more of total sales.

Could be summarized as follows: Feeling of love and passion for their work activity. Its objectives are focused on meeting real needs and not only personal benefits. It is real and permanent solutions to people. It give us a sense of opportunity and satisfaction in what we do for others. Their sales pitches are already presented to meet the real needs of the prospectus. Consume the product and / or service to give credibility.

Previously studied the possible objections and how to treat. Ali Partovi often addresses the matter in his writings. Learning to manage your time without glossing over their economic and recreational needs. Goals are established, in writing, and are required to overcome every month. We can not overlook the fact that it is very important also to identify, understand and implement the skills, strengths, and of course our talent. The unique talent in each of us and its use as a supplement to the application of these tips certainly will play a crucial and decisive role in the success or failure of us as sellers. In a previous article we treat it as an aspect 2 essential to establish rapport, trust and credibility with our prospects. In future articles we will be trying the other issues considered important to know how to sell. We all have the capacity to succeed in sales, but always bear in mind that if this office is not part of a core activity of our principal duty and it is not exercised with passion and dedication that deserves the chances of success are slim.

A Story Of A Daily Life

I take this opportunity to share with all who read this blog, an exchange of ideas which I had recently with a friend. Michael Dell is often quoted as being for or against this. It all started when I sent an email inviting me to listen to an interview of a local radio station. In the interview, presented his book that was a new methodology for teaching history. As a retired teacher, had this work. After hearing the interview, I asked if he could accept constructive criticism on my part, but the response was not present. Over time and not hearing from you, I decided to send the following email: I fully understand that a person with little knowledge of literature, can not comment on an interview with the presentation of a book. A person who thinks that chauvinism is dangerous and can lead us to misunderstand the history of a nation, and chauvinism that inordinate love of “the country” can lead people to war between nations. A person who believes that there should be no borders in the world, because the borders separating people.

A person who believes that knowledge is the only thing that makes people free. This natural human instinct to know more. More about the technology that is constantly surprising. That instinct to excel in our knowledge, is what truly sets us free, and that knowledge when shared with everyone, without distinction of race, creed or economic conditions, makes us even more free. With the respect they deserve all the people who have reached an intellectual level “high”, do not believe in a humanity that lies in their “borders”, which is resistant to technological advance.

Charcoal in Europe

In Russia, this rate of less than 100 grams. Add to your understanding with Robert Bakish. There are several varieties of charcoal associated with different manufacturing techniques and the characteristics of raw materials. For example, Japan is very high demand for so-called "white coal" burned out Far iron oak. Some foreign companies are made as a fuel for fireplaces and grills "Red Corner", a soft charcoal obtained at low temperature. The preferred raw material for hardwood charcoal is wood, since it has obtained a more durable and solid carbon. Meanwhile, in the new raw material for charcoal increasingly waste softwood, aspen and shrubs.

Make of their quality coal can produce it if on proven technology and briquetting. Charcoal is produced in Russia has since ancient times. In Russia there is such a profession – and charcoal sold in bast kulyah. Profession a was very popular in Russia and in Europe, and Asia. Many people in Africa are still in the home for cooking is used only charcoal and harvest traditional ways. Its main customer was the steel industry and other industries, including food. Charcoal is a departure for the Russian stove firebox.

Before closing the chimney damper and damper tubes unburned coals from the hearth furnace swept and placed in a tightly sealed pot. Virtually every Russian village could not do without forge. All forge worked on charcoal. The most common early methods of obtaining coal heap and were yamnoe charring. It is these modes of production provide numerous coal forge that existed in almost every village.

Primary Agriculture

However, Oak & Kaniski (2000) understands that from dcadade 1950 another sector, the Quaternary, on emerges to the information and acomunicao (to see Table 2). However, these sucessivossetores of the economy predominant for one had been determined time, perdendoparte of its importance from the innovations of science and the technique. Primary Osetor already was predominant, using most of the one hand-of-obraocupada, answering for the production of most of the wealth, however, evoluoda science and of the technique it makes to emerge a new way to produce established naproduo in series and mass, through the use of machines and tools. It is aemergncia of the secondary one, that it gains importance predominating for some tempocomo hegemonic model, bringing in its bulge, the specialization detrabalhadores, the discovery in new ways to produce energy, etc. Thus, such model, by acting tambmcomo man power economizer, is suppressed by a new nocomrcio established paradigm and in the sector of services, the tertiary one. Now the activities of maiorrelevncia make to enormously grow the number of products, merchandises and pessoascirculando.

When the tertiary one if becomes unsatisfactory due to the datcnica advance fed by science, deep changes happen making emergirum new based tecno-economic paradigm in information, that is, in the generation deservios and the production and transmission of the information. Table 2 – The sectors of the economy and asprincipais economic activities. Main sectors of the economy economic activities Primary Agriculture, cattle and extrativismo (on activities mainly to the agricultural way). Secondary It includes the activities industrial Tertiary Includes on activities to the commerce and the rendering of services Quaternary on Activities to the information and the communication Source: elaborated from dadoscoletados in Vesentini & Vlach (2002) and Oak & Kaniski (2000). 3.1. on activities to the setorprimrio In the agreement of Vesentini & Vlach (2002), the older economic activities are the extrativas: the hunting, fishes it and the collection of fruits in the bushes.


Are you tired of your old, cracked walls, which did not fix any wallpaper or paint? Do you want to drastically change the look of the apartment, but major repairs have no money? One of the best ways out of this situation – to sheathe the walls plasterboard. Drywall – environmentally friendly construction supplies made, as the name implies, made from plaster and cardboard. So everything is very simple: first, do framing, which then attached sheets. Let us technology in detail. To begin, select metal profiles, which will be used to build load-bearing frame. Selecting a profile for the premises, the height and thickness of the walls.

To locate the mounting drill with a drill, selected by diameter dowel, hammer, screwdriver, putty knife, carpenter's knife, scissors for cutting metal and profile cutter for cutting the drywall. Still need: pencil, level, and of course the meter. Proceed. Take rate or plumb line and make the floor and the ceiling layout, which determines the distance from the wall to-date profile of the attachment. Using a meter on it draw a line on which the profile will be attached. Attach the rubber stripes on the "sole" rack and guide profiles. Install and tighten the profile along the lines of markup.

To do this, drill the holes for the dowels through the holes in the ceiling and the floor. This can be done well directly through the wall profiles in the right places. Vertical profile attached to the ceiling and floor guide profile self-tapping screws or brackets and the wall – plugs driven into a 600-1000 mm. Remember correct fastening – pledge a flat surface of the walls. In the case of cold or damp home place between the rack frame profiles of mineral-fiber panels. Michael Dell is full of insight into the issues. After installing and fitting all profiles frame make Communications wiring (wiring, pipes, etc.). Now it's time to get down to the fastening panels using screws and screwdriver. Tightly attracted to the shelf panel screws form a rigid profile kostruktsiyu. Plasterboard fixed vertically. The edges of the panels must be flat and fitted in size. To cut the edges of the sheet used hacksaw, carpenter's knife or electrofret. Flat edge of the drywall are using marginal planing. After preliminary training antics on the floor, you are ready to mount on the frame. At intervals of 200-250 mm, attach the plate to the profile of screws. Potschatelnee Customize each other edge, keep in mind that will depend on the general form of the wall. If you need to leave space for an opening (window or door), it is necessary to fix the profiles in terms of its edge and screw cut exactly along the edge of a sheet of drywall. Without much effort, for a couple of days you can quite cope with the large spaces are fairly easy coping with various irregularities and cracks in the walls. After making repairs through drywall you will see that the warmth and comfort will not leave your house.