Cellular Biochemical Salts

This combination of cellular biochemical salts can be used regularly to promote systemic balance in the brain and the nervous system, acting as a tonic for the brain. Cellular biochemical, also called cell salts, salts are composed of minerals that occur naturally in a cellular level in our bodies and all organic matter on Earth (plants, rocks, and soil). Kalium phosphate (potassium phosphate derivative) is a cellular biochemical salt and a natural component of all liquids in the body. It acts as the food of the nerve, and is naturally present in all cells of the brain and nerve tissues. Additional information is available at Code.org. Kalium phosphate (also called Kalium phosphate) is an excellent nerve tonic and a soothing natural, helping calm nerves and decrease restlessness. Kali.

PHOs. It supports a healthy brain and nervous system, and can help relieve occasional nervous tension in the body. Get all the facts and insights with Ali Partovi, another great source of information. Natrium muriaticum (sodium chloride derivative) – water is the means by which food and chemical products of the brain are transported in the blood to the cells and taken from cell to cell. The function of this cellular biochemical salt is keep the water balance in the body by controlling the movement of water in and out of cells. Natrium muriaticum cleans naturally and gently while system that moisturizes the tissues. Natrium muriaticum should not be confused with table salt, and can be used safely by people who require low-salt diets. Calcium phosphate is a cellular biochemical salt that assists the body in its natural function of creating new cells.

The effective production of the cell blood is important to ensure good circulation of blood. The cells in our body are constantly dying and being replaced each day. Get more old, it is important to maintain cell production happening as fast as cellular deterioration. Calcium phosphate promotes health food, is a vital component of digestion, cell growth, and energy levels. It is a excellent general tonic for people of all ages. Original author and source of the article.

Burglar Alarms

Major-gsm Alarm Major-gsm is from the control panel, Major MR-GSM gsm dialer with built-in and a set of wireless sensors for various purposes. The protected area is equipped with all necessary wireless sensors and control panel, Major-gsm. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Peter Asaro. When intrusion, fire, broken glass, leaking gas or water, is triggering one of the sensors and alarm Major transmits alarm and voice sms messages to mobiles and fixed telephones. Responding to the alarm call gsm alarm, the owner may, in a voice menu to turn off the siren, listen to the premises, to remove Major-gsm c protection, etc. Built-in battery in case of power failure support the work of Major-gsm alarm within 3-4 days. The system can connect up to 20 different wireless sensors and remote controls to 5. Major-gsm Pro Alarm Major-gsm Pro is actually an improved Major-gsm. Preserving the appearance and all functions of Major-gsm,

System Major-gsm Pro has a number of significant advantages over its “little brother”: gsm alarm Major-gsm Pro supports up to 160 different wireless sensors and transmitters for each sensor Major-gsm Pro can now be individually programmed mode drawdown in the Magor-gsm Pro now implemented a special protocol transmission of alarm messages Contact id is used for panel protection function has been added sms-notification of arming / disarming in Major-gsm Pro Realized logical formation of a voice message that includes information about the area and type of actuated sensor Major-Tel Alarm Major-Tel is nothing more than an analog Major-gsm working with a wired telephone line. If you have it is possible to use a phone line for alarm, you can use the Major-Tel as a cheaper version of the alarm system installation and configuration Major Major alarms Since the family of Major Alarm using wireless sensors, then installation of wireless alarm Major is very simple.

You simply need to add the necessary sensors on the premises using the hardware that comes in the kit. Sensors can also be mounted on a two-sided tape. Setting the alarm for the villas and houses Major performed with the aid of the keyboard located on the control panel. Detailed instruction in Russian will help you in just a few steps set an alarm. Major-gsm. The kit Major control panel with battery motion sensor Smoke detector reed switch (sensor open doors / windows) 3 remote key External microphone adapter 220 gsm antenna with a magnet Siren 120 dB Fasteners Instructions Additional sensors Major K Major-gsm alarm, you can connect up to 160 wireless sensors and transmitters. You can pick them up in the “sensors” and “Accessories”. And as a Major alarm can connect 8 loops wire sensors. For their connection in a set provides resistors.

Start Search Control

To start a manual search of channels to use the arrows Up or Down on the remote control switch to the menu item ‘Start Search box and click “OK”. After the search to confirm the preservation of channels found (by pressing the cursor left and click “OK”). Pressing the Exit, close the menu. Receiver set. If there were problems with all channels Tricolor, then reset receiver to the factory: Turn on your receiver. Click on the remote control button ‘Menu “. The Main Menu receiver. Click ‘OK “to enter the submenu” Settings “. Enter the desired pin (factory setting pin – 0000). C arrows Up or Down on the remote control go to the menu item “Factory settings” and click “OK”. A warning appears on the full reset settings on your receiver. Press the red button i. In dialog box appears, confirm the settings reset (by pressing the cursor left and click “OK”). Wait about one minute until the reset occurs. Turn on the receiver button on the remote control.

Click ok three times to start the automatic channel search. During the automatic search you can see a list of found channels in the left pane and a list of channels on the right side. You can stop the Automatic search to the end (you need to press the Exit, and then “OK”) and use the “Manual Search”, as described below. Click on the remote control button Menu. Click ok to sign in submenu “Configuration”. Enter the desired pin (factory setting pin – 0000). Use the arrow keys “Up” or “Down” on the remote control go to the menu item “Manual Search” and click “OK”. In the “manual search” you must verify that the menu item “Frequency” is set to 12,226 (or 12,225). If set to another value, you must go to the menu item and using the number buttons of remote control to enter value of 12,226. Also check the option “flow rate” and if necessary, set the value of 27,500. To start a manual search of channels to use the arrows Up or Down Remote Control go to the menu item ‘Start Search box and click “OK”. After the search is necessary to confirm the preservation of channels found (by pressing the cursor left and click “OK”). A few clicks of the button Exit Exit the menu. Setting completed.