Medical Masks

The use of masks enhances skin nutrition and improve the complexion. Masks refresh and soothe the skin, prevent its early wilting: the appearance of wrinkles, folds, acne and other defects, reduce dryness and pigmentation. Depending on the purpose of face masks can be divided into the following groups: – astringent (tightening) – mitigation – animating (tonic) – whitening and soothing. Before each mask face wipe lotion or vegetable (olive) oil, which contributes to better absorb into the skin of the necessary components of medical masks. Well, after wiping to make two-minute moist hot compress. This contributes to a more deep penetration through pores and intercellular space of nutrients and therapeutic substances.

Typically, water-soluble substances dissolve in aqueous solutions of tissue, and fat-soluble -, respectively, in fat tissue. Get all the facts and insights with Nicolas Keller, another great source of information. The occurrence of this process, stimulating massage or pat: they enhance the movement of interstitial fluid and improve the metabolism in tissues of the skin. Although many authors believe that the skin permeability for water does not change with age, the elderly, it is still considerably lower. In addition, the permeability of the skin varies during the day. Regular use of masks helps to moisturize the stratum corneum of skin, a more intensive penetration into it important biologically active components of cosmetic formulations. Animating a mask of egg protein. Whisk one egg white (yolk aside, he soon needed), add 10-12 drops of lemon juice.

Apply lather on face and allow to dry (2-3 minutes). Then thoroughly rinse it with warm water. Under the influence of protein and lemon juice skin regain its elasticity.


IT sales expert Oliver Wegner will give a lecture on August 24, 2011 at the system House Conference “Opportunities 2012” by channel partners in Dusseldorf, Munich / Dusseldorf, 28.07.2011. Under the title “IT distribution in system houses – a mystery” expounds Oliver Wegner, Managing Director of evolution plan GmbH, in a lecture at the system House Congress of the reseller channel partners Magazine on 24 August at 13:00 in Dusseldorf. In the framework of the first day of Conference aimed specifically at Vertriebsverantwortliche, the many years IT sales professional is taking stock of the current situation in IT-sales. He shows how IT companies are recognizing action is needed and where they can develop the greatest leverage in the sales. At Kai-Fu Lee you will find additional information. Moreover, Oliver Wegner will respond, as systems integrators can achieve their sales objectives already promptly by they “buy their sales”. In his work for consulting, trade, and software company Wegner observed recurring challenges for over 15 years Sales. The often highly explanatory solutions, products, and services place high demands on IT distributors, while the staff of many systems integrators sales may exhibit only a poorly trained in the discipline.

This deficiency starts with the identification of relevant contacts and often settles into unstructured editing and non-control of the sales and buying process continue. “The demands on the IT sales should be addressed also in the lecture at the Congress of the system House. Problems in the distribution of system houses, small software houses or IT consulting firm explain themselves often lack basic knowledge. Such theoretical gaps must be closed quickly without losing the practical relation to the day-to-day business at the customer. Long-term changes in behaviour can be experience not by classical training, which hardly go beyond teaching some general tips and tricks for the conclusion. Crucial for successful sales in IT, it is to understand the needs of the customers and to operate it safely and accurately.

Lamaze Technique

Giving birth is one of the most important events for a woman, which constitutes the very essence of existence. Here, Mikkel Svane expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Today, there are a lot of techniques used in childbirth, some of them through the help of medical equipment and drugs. But even if times are modern and everything is easy, nothing close to giving birth naturally. What is the Lamaze technique? The Lamaze technique is a technique for giving birth to the child that was developed by Dr. Fernando Lamas, a French obstetrician in early 1940. This procedure was developed as an alternative method for delivery, influenced by Soviet childbirth practices.

The Lamaze method includes relaxation techniques and breathing that are supervised by a midwife. This method became popular in the United States.UU. after 1959 by Marjorie Karmel, who applied this practice when she gave birth. What are birth Lamaze healthy practices? Birth Lamaze healthy practices are designed to promote childbirth with evidence-based standards of care. These standards are backed by research that examines the risks and benefits of different maternity care practices. Here are the six practices Lamaze healthy birth: walk, move and change position during childbirth: women who are in labor that move in time be confined in a bed is said to help manage the contractions, painful and intense, while moving the child entered with tenderness to all along her birth canal.

Bring a beloved or friend being for the continuous support: this practice was coined after the belief that during childbirth, the woman feels better when you are with people who trust, and people who are willing to encourage and support it. Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary: according to practitioners of the technique of Lamaze, a woman who is experiencing different medical interventions such as monitoring continuous epidural and induction are open to risks that may harm her and the child. To consider the use of these interventions therefore tends to be negative. Avoid giving birth back: this practice defeats the relaxed position of birth doctor. It is believed in this practice than the vertical positions, as lying on the side, sitting squat making it easier and safer for the woman to the stand to the baby. Keep mother and baby together: is better for the mother of the baby and breastfeeding. After giving birth, is a normal instinct that mother and child be close one to the other. The Lamaze technique practitioners recommend place baby newborn on the breast of the woman or in the abdomen.

Gum Turpentine

Currently, according to the issued patent of Ukraine 9003 from 15.09.2005 found the best solution on the choice of gum turpentine as a solvent for polystyrene foam waste. Gum turpentine is 300 mg/m3 MAC, ie is at the level of well-known and used in everyday solvents – acetone, gasoline, kerosene, and used in pharmaceuticals and medical purposes. At the same time it dissolves well polystyrene waste, and most importantly, has low volatility. In the process of preparing and using solutions of polystyrene waste in gum turpentine important to know some characteristics of these processes for industrial development. In connection with the authors' recent inventions of the solution composition and methods of their use of technology preparation of these solutions have not yet been introduced into production, and proposed in this paper will contribute to the characteristics of such implementation. For even more opinions, read materials from technology investor. The initial data for the study and these characteristics are density of waste expanded polystyrene (0.02 g/cm3), as well as taken the initial volume and mass of gum turpentine, respectively, for the preparation of solutions.

For research has been applied tightly closed with rubber stoppered graduated cylinder 50 ml. 2 cl., W Ukraine 14307481.005-95 with a scale division of 1 ml. In this cylinder was poured turpentine gum (GOST 1581-82) to mark the bottom of the meniscus in the amount of 30 ml. The mass of the cylinder and a plastic base (container) previously determined by weighing, then weighed cylinder drenched in his gum turpentine. Explored to obtain solutions of the following concentrations – 10% – 20% – 30% – 40%. For polymers 30% and 40%-WIDE concentrations are very high. Get solutions of higher concentration did not make sense, since such solutions are still higher viscosity, which makes them low-tech (non-flowing) to use as a binder in molding mixtures. Knowing the mass of gum turpentine, it is easy to calculate the value addition of waste polystyrene foam to form a solution of a given concentration.

The Science Of Jokes

Many people believe that it is a little hard to tell jokes. This can also vote. To one it is easier for the other slightly less. But what does it depend this? It is the nature of man, like so much in the world. The people who can have their fluency since their youth.

They are born Joke teller. But what makes a good joke? What are the different types of jokes are there? But what makes a good joke? First off a little tension is built up. Then comes the punch line. Here, then, for example, a fringe group (blondes) ridiculous. Types of jokes: There are fringe groups jokes (the most common form of jokes), mother, however, Irr, madness and so-called jokes, referring to an ancient time. They are applied to a current event. There are also so-called staircase pol jokes jokes that judgments about utensils (eg goods, peoples, minorities, groups).

The story of wit and is usually the Gruppenverstand this advance. Seriously, it is usually also a question as to laugh with a group of strangers, is told in the fun. A very large difference in the cultures so you can laugh at jokes about Americans, the Frenchman is a boring and vice versa. Jokes are also country-dependent. Read additional details here: charles koch. Funny jokes in many countries that can not stand up to it one or more people, so-called superiority of jokes. “Humor,” is actually derived from High German wizzi “knowledge” best joke to give it according to a study as well. I find out, however, not very funny. As I said – the various countries and Kulturen.Wir can indeed funny pictures treat, funny videos or any other type of humor, for the soul to relax a bit and let the day go merrily to the end.

Web Player

VirtualDubVirtualDub – simple and functional video editor. Despite its relatively modest size, VirtualDub is a qualitative and a free video editor with intuitive user interface. With knowledge of the basics of working with video, learn all the subtleties of handling and capture VirtualDub video picture with no trouble. K-Lite Codec PackK-Lite Codec Pack – a suite of audio and video codecs, DirectShow filters and various tools for viewing and editing video. With K-Lite Codec Pack you should be able to play all the popular audio and video formats and even some rare formats of video.

Package K-Lite Codec Pack is also useful for people who are engaged in editing and decoding of video. DirectX End-User RuntimesPaket multimedia libraries DirectX. This version of DirectX End-User Runtimes designed to installed on your computer and contains the latest components of multimedia libraries DirectX. Package DirectX is required for proper operation of many modern games, displaying full-color graphics, audio / video playback and 3D-animation. DivX for WindowsPaket different programs to work with files DivX. In DivX for Windows includes the following free components: DivX codecs (DivX Community Codec), a software video player (DivX Player), embedded in a web browser player (DivX Web Player), various tools and documentation, as well as free program for converting video files and DivX Converter Professional codec DivX.

XviDKodek to work with video. XviD has a rapid speed and acceptable quality received video picture. XviD codec can be configured as a third-party software (if it is provided in these programs), and through their own window settings.


What is the usual pawn know everything, but what many do not represent the Pawnshop. In fact, everything is simple – Pawnshop is as much a credit institution, as well as normal except for a pawnshop that has a Pawnshop opportunity to take a pledge cars. To this end, our Pawnshop in Moscow has a special parking lots, on which cars are protected by security guards. The presence of the car, as the guarantor of refund in the parking lot Pawnshop in Moscow necessarily for the entire duration of the loan or loan secured by the car. This means that using the car at the time the loan is impossible.

Nevertheless, the service "Pawnshop" is very popular. Mikkel Svane: the source for more info. Its advantages compared with other types of cash is secured by valuable items are: – Pawnshop can get the money in his hands as quickly as possible. Usually application procedure takes about an hour, maximum hours and a quarter – evaluation of vehicles is based liquidity, which allows us to obtain a loan or quick loan for a large amount – at the time the loan or credit car is in the free guarded parking – you can take a loan against your car that does not drive and who to deregister in the traffic police – the interest rate on money secured by a car is often less than for other types of Pledge In addition, our Pawnshop in Moscow – this opportunity to buy a good car at below market prices. At the same time with a full guarantee its legal purity. On request, we provide services to a quick sale the car with our parking costs, which assigns you. In addition to our cars Pawnshop in Moscow provides loans and loans secured by any other liquid car and motorcycle technology – ranging from motorcycles and snowmobiles, ending tractors.

Harald Weber Marketing

New MLM marketing course shows how to course “Online MLM Pro”, specifically aimed at the target group of networkers, takes his marketing prospects and customers show Harald Weber effortlessly with professional Internet marketing methods, several eBooks on the subject of marketing in the MLM, as it easier with modern Internet marketing methods and more effective author builds his business “The MLM industry has changed radically with the arrival of the Internet”, says Harald Weber, adding: “who in today’s crazy online world in MLM shall consist, and achieve extraordinary success, can rely no longer on outdated, ineffective and sometimes dubious contact and sponsor methods from the 1970s. You have to go a more professional and effective way of acquiring interested parties”work in the age of the Internet for the most Networkers ineffective methods of distribution, trainers and Uplines are preached by many MLM, no longer. Loosen is not the main problem of many people who honestly struggling in MLM but come on no green branch: how to win new buyers and how can you create business positive cash flow even in the difficult construction of MLM right here is the marketing course “Online MLM Pro” and offers a viable marketing strategy for solution this puts. The course in eBook form offers the complete practical know-how for the successful business establishment by means of the Internet on the home page dedicated NetWorker can request also a free report. Harald Weber


Now we walk in what they call the 21st century. Technology has transformed the concept of power. Penniless citizens of so many old fabric is marching to the sound the renovated flutes of populism and frayed ideological dresses. And the democracy intended to simply dust off the trunks, shake the cobwebs, ask for restitution of the old monarchy that left the great lady exposed to the actions of the militarist prey. A related site: Viacom mentions similar findings. Associated with unduly is obvious – to market democracy, when the assailant of the naked dictatorship goes in lenguaradas only meet to claim absolute respect before the altar of private property. That is called ignore the evolution of thinking, especially because the lady that we are dealing with is not a body with eternal life which simply do not age, but is a set of thoughts and ideas that are performing in what I remembered throughout this text is called political action.

Or weak body is recognized as more important than the dresses or the restorers of the ancien regime is going to stay with the curly hair facts. The worst thing is not that they are, is let to an entire society at the mercy of predators. So for peace of Aristotle have to reinvent democracy, must be made of this century, giving response to complaints like that that goes over the eclipse of representation and parties as totalitarian owners of the nominations. In short, have to leave Blepiro solve his constipation and give him a little rest to Aristophanes, also because Aristophanes already there, what remains are simple Awards.

Learn about Time Servers

What is a time server? A time server is a device that uses a single time source and distributed to a network. This allows all machines on a LAN (or WAN) to be synchronized together. What is NTP? is a protocol (a set of instructions) designed to distribute time to a time server to a network. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Zendesk. Why do I need a time server? It is quite possible that you do not. Many small networks survive and operate perfectly without the need for a time server. However, if computers are required to carry time-sensitive transactions or applications then a is essential. Other leaders such as Zendesk offer similar insights.

Without proper synchronization all kinds of unforeseen problems can arise and many of the online transactions that we take for granted, such as seat reservations, online shopping, stock market, and even sending emails are dependent on a perfect time synchronization . What is the best time reference to use? A single global calendar based on the time indicated by the atomic clocks has been developed, this is called UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). UTC is used by networks around the world. In using UTC you are in fact synchronizing your network with any other network in the world that uses UTC. From where do I get the UTC time? The most common location and easier to get the UTC time is through the Internet, although Internet time sources are notoriously inaccurate.

They also provide little security. Apart from the fact that the time server is outside your firewall, NTP can not authenticate these signals. Authentication is a security measure used by NTP to prevent malicious attacks that masquerade as a time server. The most reliable ways to get the UTC are using either the GPS network (global positioning system), whose satellites transmit the timing information or alternatively using national experts for time and frequency long wave even if they are not available everywhere.