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Save money with! New gift voucher portal with vouchers or coupons, you can save money. Since this is used nowadays often, the metrics Europe AG launches a portal on this topic. The company offers current coupons for online and offline use of 180 partner companies within the framework of a new market presence. The a coupon or coupons in principle for this, that the customer has a possibility to save money, is nowadays widely known. And since the use of the World Wide Web, the possibilities have become more far-reaching.

Where you still cumbersome had to start at different companies and mail-order firms directly search for appropriate discounts and coupon codes, these are today much easier through different Web pages. These Web sites collect appropriate codes and they offer the users free of charge. So, not cumbersome searches the customer on appropriate Web pages, but see the offers of the well-known companies such as Amazon, eBay, Neckermann, Otto or Zaatari at a glance. This the customer must assume often that usually within a short time, a coupon is no longer valid and so the website operator with the update come even more behind. The company metrics Europe AG offers therefore something completely different in the context of a market presence. You may find that Paul Daversa can contribute to your knowledge. On the website, Internet users can find current coupons and coupons from 180 partner companies, which he can use for free without having to register themselves in advance.

Coupons, discounts, and promotions from areas such as technology, travel, fashion, furniture, etc. are clearly displayed on the Web page and are basically regularly updated. Thus, the problem of already expired promotions and the disappointments associated falls away. Because an update is done through the cooperation and links with the partner, steadily and almost automatically. It uses a completely different and apparently rational principle, sofa deals that actually leads to the offered retrenchment in context of vouchers and coupons. Already at first glance the user on the page of the provider of sofa deals is also called “top deals” and the “deals of the day” and thus particularly rewarding and money-saving promotions. These are basically of course by the various partners provided and are accessible via the Web page of sofa deals.

ERP Commerce

Berlin of Germany great prices idealo cooperates with xt: Commerce, developer and supplier of one of the most successful online shop systems in Germany. Early April brings xt: commerce shop software release start! on the market, which will be for all online merchants to the free download available. Is included among other things the plug-in xt: MultiConnect that any xt: commerce shop – in addition to other marketplaces – connects the price comparison portal idealo. Dealer can thus upload their products from the shop to idealo, import orders and synchronize stock levels or prices with the shop. For merchants who already have an xt: commerce shop have, worth integrating xt: MultiConnect, to offer your products on portals like idealo. The plug-in can be downloaded at any time and tested free for 30 days.

There is more information here. With the plug-in solution by xt: Commerce can offer data dealers – no matter whether specialized dealer or online store with tens of thousands of articles- at idealo transmit even faster and easier. We know the efficiency of xt: appreciate MultiConnect and greatly appreciate the cooperation “, so Dirk Bartels, CPO at Germany’s great prices idealo. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem. About xt: Commerce: the xt: Commerce GmbH is a developer and supplier of one of the most successful online shop systems in German-speaking countries. On the basis of xt: Commerce 4 contains the service portfolio of the company numerous products and services around the topic of online trading. Through the modular plug system, the software is at any time expandable and suitable for companies of all sizes.

Well-known companies such as Volkswagen, OSRAM or teapot set xt: Commerce one successfully. Also small and medium-sized enterprises make up over 10-year experience of xt: Commerce in the online trading advantage. For example, xt is one of the most popular shop extensions: Office, which xt: Commerce System. It can be simply connected to the online shop and will be in this form only by xt: Commerce offered. With about 100,000 Members heard the xt: Commerce online community, the largest in the industry, offering over 500 Add-ons and around 250 templates in the xt: Commerce store unparalleled opportunities to optimize shop. Together with selected partners, including ERP providers, hosting providers and payment provider developed the xt: Commerce GmbH new trend-setting technologies and application extensions for the existing online shop software. For more information, see. Idealo: Idealo is Germany’s leading online price comparison. At, users can compare prices of offers over 90 million at 30,000 retailers. In addition, idealo provides detailed information on product features, shops and availability of the desired article. More idealo services are portals to the research of cheaper air travel (, hotels (, energy suppliers ( and financial services (, as well as apps for Android and iOS. At the headquarters of the in the 470 Employees operate year of company founded in 2000 in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

We Think And Googln Still

We have search engines that affect society, economy and technology. The world-wide-web is a phenomenon that a dream of people actually made, namely to combine many of the peoples and countries of the world: with fast information, talks on the phone, information and business opportunities and connections. In home pages you can present now cheaper and easily accessible with its business or concern, or you can get quickly information about companies, people or products. Search engines, such as such as Yahoo have accelerated the development of the Internet and clearly designed for mutual communication, because they have structured the Internet and maps. A finer sort special search engines, such as Autoscout24 (for automobiles), down in the vacation (for travel), Arthene (works of art by professional artists) worry about monster de (job offers) or online phone books. So it was possible that nowadays also a new users relatively quickly the Information you can get. Society, economy and technology the Internet and closely related the development of search engines would have been impossible without the readiness in society, without the enthusiasm for speed and the new technologies and the resulting new opportunities to educate and entertain. On one of journalism and reporting on new developments to the success has contributed to the other in the response of people who provided your knowledge online and so rapid development was possible.

As a global medium emerged in this interaction, which is used by the search engine in its present form and the mass of information from millions of people daily. This web system would have remained not viable without the structured search engines and the development of ever-larger data storage. How experimental this Internet actually developed, describes David Filo in the film: Internet power of “Search engines as follows: the Internet was not a commercial space, the users were not businessmen, but students and researchers who experimented with the new thing” Jerry Yang Yahoo integrated as the first Internet service provider advertising and proved that you could earn with Internet money.

Since December

Earlier this year was a opened another Office in London. Amiando’s headquarters is still located in Munich. The growth and the successful company history confirm amiandos corporate strategy. Today, amiando has a total of 75 employees, four offices and is a subsidiary of XING AG. Green ticketing climate-neutral event with amiando and ClimatePartner which amiando’s great success is also attributable to the introduction of constantly innovative products. Since June, customers can improve balance of their events in cooperation with ClimatePartner CO2. The CO2 emissions of each participant are individually identified and compensated on request by the support of an forest protection project in Mozambique.

We are proud to be able to look back on a successful company history. Our success shows we are as popular with event organizers. With XING as parent company and our expertise in event-ticketing worldwide unique products are possible for us, that we develop for our customers over the next few months and years are. “, Felix Haas, CEO and co-founder of amiando. Read additional details here: Viacom. About amiando amiando is the pioneer of online event registration and ticketing. launched in 2006, amiando today Europe’s leading online tool, is to simplify professional event organization. the organizers of small and medium-sized events amiandos products help to achieve a level of professionalism that was previously reserved for large corporations and event agencies. More than 180,000 events worldwide use amiando already.

All the tools are ready, online based and require no software installation. amiando, prestigious names such as BMW, UNESCO, Telefonica O2 and the leading technology blog TechCrunch counts among its global clientele. “For its innovative products amiando with numerous prizes awarded, including by the World Economic Forum in Davos as a technology pioneer 2010” and the eco Internet Award “as best business customer portal. Since December 2010 belongs amiando to XING AG, operator of the professional network XING. The headquarters is in Munich, Germany; more corporate offices are located in London, Paris and Hong Kong.

ATM Advertising

Since mid-October, the Web site of the Augsburg advertising specialists codes2go glory shines. With the relaunch, the top product, the codes2go map, will be presented better. Since mid-October, the Web site of the Augsburg advertising specialists codes2go glory shines. With the relaunch, the top product, the codes2go map, will be presented better. The Augsburger advertising specialist yndeo made recently about talking, published as the new version of the codes2go card was. “Due to the new James Bond film, Skyfall” Augsburg presented a special agent version of encryption card.

To optimally market the advertising medium even after the theatrical release, now also the website of a complete overhaul was subjected. The codes2go card is one of the most successful advertising. Unlike the lighters (now frowned upon because of the smoking ban) and pens (today hardly anyone needs) is a really promising advertising the encryption card from Augsburg. Can the customer comes in handy be used in everyday life, to PIN codes and passwords effectively to secure, but also serves as an optimal advertising medium, because company logo and graphics to accommodate! codes2go a real increase in security for all budgets everyone knows the problem: simply no longer springs at the checkout in the supermarket or at an ATM the combination for the debit card. The snake behind one is longer, and the grumbling of other customers is also unsettling. codes2go solves this problem easily.

The encryption system on the map is easy to use, but impossible to crack. So customers can carry safely your secret numbers without fear, that anyone with any loss abused the cards. Useful promotional material are the key to marketing success the company logo is a very important marketing tool for most businesses. Who manages to make the logo in the everyday life of the target group regularly present, where success is assured. Well-known examples are pace, Facebook and Apple – who sees the logo immediately recognizes the brand due to the high presence. Also codes2go already looks back on a successful history. Major brands such as Sony, ePlus, BMW have already recruited the encryption card. Relaunch of the Web site after the successful launch of the secret AGENT cards, EDITION and the huge demand is after codes2go the useful give away now with a new Web site advertised. The new site is clearly designed and follows a clear design. The focus on the usability of the page. So the way of the map and the various versions of plastic card are presented in detail to greeting card with transfer medium. Design and technical realisation are by Sven Kulpmann, Webworkers from Augsburg, which AGENT design had previously worked with EDITON of the secret. The proven team, around the Chief Uli HAB, heard Lisa Figas, who took care of the text for the new page. codes2go – how it works the encryption card on the codes2go map can be saved numbers and number sequences, which are required for example for debit cards. The owner of the card chooses a secret security word and then enlists his passwords on the map. The resulting code can be cracked only when the safety Word is known. Now test the encryption system at our secret agent online game ( press contact and booking: codes2go project leader: ULI h address: Maximilian str. 35-37, 86150 Augsburg phone number: 0821-50876285 E-Mail: Web page:

Unique Investment Opportunity For Fans Of Technology

Auction around the domains and Oberschleissheim, almost every day the technique evolved April 17, 2012. There are blogs and online portals, reporting over the appropriate products, of course many. Often an easy to remember and short Internet address missing operators but the best for ever remains in the head. Finally, the name contributes significantly to the success of the Web site. The publishing industry press releases two ideal starting points to the auction with and, you can of course also profitably sell the two domains. Apply for a long time real estate in urban areas as a lucrative investment. Here, it doesn’t matter whether you permanently itself uses this and so the rent saves or sometimes profitably sold.

Trade with virtual real estate or land that is relatively young, but in principle similar to: Internet domains. You are the poster child of a Web page, so here is a very short and concise name. Has this something to do also with the growing technology industry, technically ambitious blog operators and editorial online media should quick access. On 19 April at 18: 00 starts an auction to two high-profile Internet addresses: and For seven days so until April 26, 2012, interested parties have time to submit their bids for one or both of the domains. Details can be found by clicking Steve Wozniak or emailing the administrator. However, because will be sold on the world’s largest and prestigious domain dealers, a buyer certification at this is required. This can take several days and prevents fun commandments. The publicly visible page of the auction can be achieved via the sales link on the respective domain.

While a five-figure sum is expected for, according to domain experts could achieve even a six-figure sale price. “The reason is, that the term apps” is internationally understandable and now represents a very important part of the entire software industry. Therefore it is suitable Domain not only for programmers and developers, but also for software-related online – or download-shops, as well as affiliate links on app stores. The uses for range from (German) technology magazines technology shops to technical services. The options to earn money with the two domains are just as versatile. To Florian Friedrich, Managing Director of industry press Verlag GmbH, which owns and is currently: Because the multibillion dollar business of domain trading long yet not full, practically all short top domains can be marketed with the time profitably. It is through your own Web projects with paid advertising, renting the Internet address to other operators or through subsequent resale, which itself every now and again even prices beyond the 500,000-euro limit can be achieved.” The industry press publishing house: The industry press publishing is a young, aimed specifically at online media Publisher, the 2006 in the Munich North was founded. Corporate publishing, as well as the designing of keyword-domains are the most important areas of the business. In addition to numerous websites like, and, more than 2,000 additional domains are in the portfolio. On behalf of customers, the industry press Publisher creates content for Web sites and editorial content of all kinds. The offer includes even professional reviews of modern consumer electronics components, which are realised in cooperation with the ISO certified laboratory AV t.o.p. Messtechnik GmbH. Contact: industry press Verlag GmbH Mr. Florian Friedrich Mittenheimer str. 12, D-85764 o wear home Tel.: 089 / 340 64 41-131 email:

Image Editing

The start-ups is aimed at photographers, graphic designers, bloggers and Web site operators, as well as small businesses regularly need artwork or logos. Pixel slave is a neugrundeter provider of outsourcing services in the field of imaging and logo creation. The company was officially founded on July 1st and went online with your own website. Offering the company addressed to operators who need a regular large image quantities especially graphic designers and photographers, as well as site and online shop. According to owner Sebastian Prestele, it is the stated goal of the company “to create temporal space our customers, we take time consuming and not very profitable tasks. The customer can focus therefore on revenue-generating measures.” Especially in the area of imaging, retouching, and roughly cut out the image set, which will be taken over by third-party increases continuously for years. In this growing market, slave would include pixel through personal service and customer care services for foot.

So far feedback has been positive and first strategic partnerships could be closed already. One of the unique features of the young company is the flat rate in the area of the cut out, which regardless of the complexity of the task a fixed price is offered. This can lead to a cost savings of up to 30% compared with flexible prices. All other services, such as logo creation, creating WordPress headers or the coloration of images, restoration of pictures, etc will be carried out also at fixed prices and not as usual after work time calculated. The customer know therefore exactly in advance what costs it will. Pixel slave is a young company at the start, which continues the trend of companies in the field of outsourcing in German-speaking countries. (