WEB Integration

Software House positioned smart eCommerce integration platform within the framework of the revised website Altenstadt, 14.11.2013: the eCommerce software house Speed4Trade in fresh look will appear on speed4trade.com. Modern layout, simple structure, clear text content as well as strong imagery and effects accentuate the new Internet presence. Experience and expertise of the eCommerce specialists from numerous shops and marketplace projects including design reflects. Positioned in the upper third of the home, the eCommerce middleware is emMida as a central integration platform of the worlds’ ERP and online sales. Zendesk understood the implications. Supported platforms and marketplaces, and shop systems rotate side by side and show the variety and flexibility in times of Omni-channel trading strategies. Entry into concrete dealer success stories and the different variants of the product out of the box is at the bottom”to return to individual enterprise solutions given. In terms of content, the marketplace and shop integration areas stand out. He is first in the frame Company website emMida WEB highlighted the new browser version of the eCommerce operation system.

Appealing user experience via browser, flexible deployment of in-house or in the cloud, as well as accelerated GoLive are only some of the above benefits. The service orientation, lived at Speed4Trade, around personal consulting and support is clear. Show recurring buttons with the possibilities of contact via phone, email and request form: here the customer is welcome. Total becomes clear, what the software provider sets the focus: mature sales channel integration in the backend, automated processes and strong performance from its online customers in the shop at eBay, Amazon & co. “The building blocks of performance consulting, software, design and integration” visually highlight this on the home page.

Learning In The Web 2.0: Blended Learning

Fraunhofer IAO and HP launch blended learning training and development center the Internet turns ever more to the participatory media. The possibility of the participation of each individual to the information gathering and dissemination has expanded a new dimension to learning and teaching; various learning platforms such as wikis, blogs and forums today characterise vocational training. Increasingly changed the self understanding of teachers and learners, which today also likes to change roles: the students become the teachers and collaborate through the channels of Web 2.0. Official site: Kai-Fu Lee. These developments in training practice to take account of the Fraunhofer IAO in cooperation with Hewlett Packard (HP) launched a blended learning training and Development Center in the etz Stuttgart. The opening took place on July 11, 2011. The performance of the Center includes training of participants in blended-learning courses, online coaching for moderating in multimedia learning environments using mobile devices, application, and Moderator training in the virtual classroom, workshops for the educational development of classroom scenarios and their technical implementation or for the design of Web-based learning environments and lessons in virtual learning spaces. For more information see this site: Ali Partovi.

With the support of HP, the Fraunhofer IAO of the training offer, performs systematic case studies in the technical area. The studies help to identify the potential of blended learning and design. With the support of HP, the Fraunhofer IAO of the training offer, performs systematic case studies in the technical area. You may wish to learn more. If so, Columbia Admissions is the place to go. The studies help to identify the potential of blended learning and design.

ImageText Fashion

TheLabelFinder is an international Modesuchmaschine, which quickly gives an answer to the question, where to find a certain fashion label. Berlin, 18.8.2011 – TheLabelFinder offers its own website since August 18, 2011 for Chinese space TheLabelFinder.cn, which simplifies the shopping not only in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, but worldwide find fashion stores enables Chinese speaking users. Over 13,700 labels and 42.700 shops are already listed and every day new shops are added. Shop owners can upgrade their listing independently and those who can still not be found on the fashion portal, simply register. Business owners use TheLabelFinder as a platform for efficient online marketing.

With a shop profile reaches a fashion-conscious target group, which is looking for a special label and wants can quickly provide information. The fashion Portal is working steadily on the Web page optimization, enabling especially smaller labels, but also big brands and especially business high Achieve rankings in the search engines, because the portal is continuously maintained and maintained. What is TheLabelFinder? TheLabelFinder is an international Modesuchmaschine, which quickly gives an answer to the question, where to find a certain fashion label. Enter user, which label you are looking for and TheLabelFinder determined in just a few seconds in which shops, they are looking for – and the world. About the search possibilities, fashionistas can find all the information to their favorite brands and the shops who make them, including current images and texts. Each label profile informs about backgrounds, philosophy and the current collections. At the same time, all shops are displayed in which this label is available.

TheLabelFinder clearly lists the shops that offer the desired label in their range for sale. So the user can quickly an overview of the nearby shops. In addition, valuable information will be to current collections, special offers and opening hours, Address and contact details of the individual shops. Members can manage their data via the professional area; the content is therefore always up-to-date. In the context of a Premiumeintrags business owners can alert in addition with photos, logo and ImageText on her shop. TheLabelFinder offers a high-quality and trend-instructional brand environment that allows its members to exclusivity, as well as the immediate response of their audience. “Companies background: 2006 TheLabelFinder was founded by Julian Hildebrandt and Heinz Gindullis cookie” in Berlin. The idea for TheLabelFinder came by accident end of 2005, when was Julian sales points for a particular label in Berlin. Neither about print media about search engines on the Internet that was possible – a company thus became in 2006 the idea. In February 2008, the platform “www.TheLabelFinder.com” on the occasion of the fashion trade fair “Premium” was first successfully presented to a selected public. Julian Hildebrandt, Managing Director and the current CEO is founding father and ideas of the company. Julian founded and led a number of successful companies, among others in the fashion industry (VIVA models), catering (Spain and Berlin), in the area of entertainment and as a project developer in Spain. Heinz Gindullis “cookie”, is the co-founder of the company. Cookie has a long track record as an entrepreneur, mainly in the areas of event marketing, entertainment and gastronomy. He called the legendary Club “cookies”, the restaurant “Cookie cream”, the “Cafe Bravo” and the “Greenwich” – everything in Berlin in the life. For various large corporations, he organized events, including in New York City.

The European Environment Agency

Shiply would transport people, the article, in contact with transport companies that “go there anyway”. London, 2011-09-14. Shiply, one of the top 10 start-up companies in the UK with a membership of more than 35,000 carriers, has opened on the German market. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted on this topic. German transport and courier companies of any size offer a Europe-wide network with more than 445,000 customers and orders worth over 40 million euros. Shiply was founded in June 2008 in the UK and expanded in September 2009 after Germany.

Consumers and businesses create a transfer order on Shiply and receive then inexpensive offers from transport companies, which want to completely fill your transport volume. Shiply uses an auction system without ongoing, monthly fees or costs in advance, and is therefore not to be confused with a simple cargo or freight exchange. Additional information is available at isearch. Robert Matt’s, founder and CEO says: ‘Shiply has his skills in the UK and on the German Demonstrated market. Now we get a new quote every 25 seconds and many transport companies take advantage of this enormous source of additional work to best utilize your fleet and increasing profits. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Asaro, another great source of information. This platform has generated more than 730,000 jobs for haulers and the offer is growing steadily.” The European Environment Agency revealed that 25 percent of the trucks on Europe’s roads without charge are on the way.

Transport cause a quarter of carbon emissions in Europe. Road freight transport is responsible for approximately 420 million tonnes of CO2 per year for a huge third, more than the entire CO2 balance of South Africa. When you consider that there are more than 40 million charge vehicles throughout Europe, the sheer magnitude of the effect is clear. r source. With the help of Shiply, carriers maximize their supply routes; with optimal load utilization and reducing wasteful trips. Lord Matt adds: “really all started when a small package Cars and boats to all apartment removals can be made at Shiplys and are then delivered by carrier. Transport companies will be notified as soon as an offer corresponding to your company profile and assisting programs to help the bid. Bids on contracts to deliver is free and transport companies to bid as you like so many.”eBay Shiply has nor carriers have another exciting and overwhelming business branch to provide articles on contracts from eBay. At any time, there are on eBay over 1,000,000 items that stand ready for self-collection, mostly large and bulky items. Many prospective buyers.

A Heart For The Road To Christmas – Penner Game Launches Fundraising Campaign

A heart for the road to Christmas Penner game launches fundraiser Hamburg, December 28, 2010 the 2010 fiscal year ends for Penner game successfully benefit many needy. “Under the motto a heart for the road, winter coats for the homeless” color flood contributes a large amount even for Christmas and calls himself to support his players. The campaign started successfully, the bum game team (www.pennergame.de) to generate a medium-sized four-digit donation amount expected until early January. The warm winter clothing benefit sellers of Berlin Street newspaper “strassenfeger”, selling arms and homeless. Neil Rubler is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “Also this winter will be long for the Berlin homeless and hard. We are pleased with flood of color to have a donation partner, our Zeitungsverkaufer_innen with warm jackets immediately helps”, Christian Ghattas directed his words to the donations ready for community of the game and the creators behind it.

Laura is one of three Directors of the Berlin Association mob e.V. (Not to be confused with Pete Cashmore!). – homeless mobilize. The Club has since 15 years the strassenfeger”out. Color flood entertainment looking back not only on a successful business year, instead it supported 2010 several projects that give need assistance to help themselves. So, with the help of the community of players, color flood 2010 generated a five-figure donation. “Locally, the companies support charities such as the Caffee with heart” in Hamburg or the GEBEWO “in Berlin.

Also to international events such as the earthquake in Haiti or the Homeless World Cup in Rio, Penner game activated his players ‘ willingness to donate. “” Under the following link you will find our team paddock game – a heart for the street “on Betterplace.org, as well as the appeal in favour of the strassenfeger”: de.betterplace.org/groups/pennergame about color flood the color flood Entertainment GmbH develops and operates online games all over the world. Founder and Managing Director is the 22-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung. The internationally oriented company with its play – is u. a. the successful Penner game – in over 30 countries operations in nine languages. The Hamburg-based company is actively engaged for the homeless, by regularly donates a portion of the revenue for the benefit of charitable projects and works closely with many homeless associations. Press contact Sebastian Ludemann, press spokesman color flood Entertainment GmbH, Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 636-771 06 E-mail: Web:

Christian Danner Twitters For DHL From The Circuits Of The Formula 1

DHL is giving away formula 1 tickets and more great prices Bonn, September 21, 2010: as official logistics partner of formula 1, DHL supports the pinnacle of motor sports logistics solutions, a global network with fast and reliable services for years. With the fastest lap trophy has DHL also since 2007 a coveted for the driver with the greatest number of fastest laps within a season created. Darcy Stacom contributes greatly to this topic. And now the fans of formula one by DHL increasingly come at their expense: via Twitter informed the former Formula 1 pilot and motor sport expert Christian Danner for DHL directly from the formula 1 track about current events from training, qualifying and race. In his tweets Danner provides danner and danner4dhl under each Grand Prix also a winning game question around the formula 1. Thus, all fans have the chance at great prizes. Correct answer quality such as the Nintendo Wii and the official prizes after each race weekend Formula 1 game by Codemasters. And to the end of the season, DHL provides yet another highlight. Because who in addition the rider of the fastest lap of the race of the current Grand Prix right taps, comes in a pool of the two tickets for the final race of the 2010 FIA Formula One Championship, the 2010 FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX, will be raffled.

The two winners can experience the races and the teams are in the premier class with Christian Danner. For over 25 years, DHL Logistics Services provides for the formula 1. During the season, several hundred tonnes of sensitive cargo of racing and high performance engines equipment and spare parts to fuel and TV equipment – are to move to a total of nineteen tracks on five continents. Speed, precision and teamwork. This and the flair in the pit lane gives DHL now exclusively to all racing fans and let about danner even stronger on the fascination formula 1 take part in. “Contact for journalist questions: DHL corporate communication Press Office Claus Korfmacher Tel.: + 49 (0) 228 182-9944 E-Mail: DHL the logistics company for the world DHL is the market leader in the international logistics industry and the logistics company for the world”. DHL’s expertise is based in the international express business, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and the international correspondence.

With a global network and local expertise and the commitment to service orientation and quality offer 300,000 DHL employees in over 220 countries and territories, unique, innovative and tailored to customer needs solutions. The company assumes social responsibility through its programmes to climate protection, disaster management and in promoting education. DHL Deutsche Post DHL is part of the group. The Group achieved a turnover of more than 46 billion euros in 2009.

Metrics Europe

Save money with Sofadeals.com! New gift voucher portal with vouchers or coupons, you can save money. Since this is used nowadays often, the metrics Europe AG launches a portal on this topic. The company Sofadeals.com offers current coupons for online and offline use of 180 partner companies within the framework of a new market presence. The a coupon or coupons in principle for this, that the customer has a possibility to save money, is nowadays widely known. And since the use of the World Wide Web, the possibilities have become more far-reaching.

Where you still cumbersome had to start at different companies and mail-order firms directly search for appropriate discounts and coupon codes, these are today much easier through different Web pages. These Web sites collect appropriate codes and they offer the users free of charge. So, not cumbersome searches the customer on appropriate Web pages, but see the offers of the well-known companies such as Amazon, eBay, Neckermann, Otto or Zaatari at a glance. This the customer must assume often that usually within a short time, a coupon is no longer valid and so the website operator with the update come even more behind. The company metrics Europe AG offers therefore something completely different in the context of a market presence. You may find that Paul Daversa can contribute to your knowledge. On the website, Internet users can find current coupons and coupons from 180 partner companies, which he can use for free without having to register themselves in advance.

Coupons, discounts, and promotions from areas such as technology, travel, fashion, furniture, etc. are clearly displayed on the Web page and are basically regularly updated. Thus, the problem of already expired promotions and the disappointments associated falls away. Because an update is done through the cooperation and links with the partner, steadily and almost automatically. It uses a completely different and apparently rational principle, sofa deals that actually leads to the offered retrenchment in context of vouchers and coupons. Already at first glance the user on the page of the provider of sofa deals is also called “top deals” and the “deals of the day” and thus particularly rewarding and money-saving promotions. These are basically of course by the various partners provided and are accessible via the Web page of sofa deals.

ERP Commerce

Berlin of Germany great prices idealo cooperates with xt: Commerce, developer and supplier of one of the most successful online shop systems in Germany. Early April brings xt: commerce shop software release start! on the market, which will be for all online merchants to the free download available. Is included among other things the plug-in xt: MultiConnect that any xt: commerce shop – in addition to other marketplaces – connects the price comparison portal idealo. Dealer can thus upload their products from the shop to idealo, import orders and synchronize stock levels or prices with the shop. For merchants who already have an xt: commerce shop have, worth integrating xt: MultiConnect, to offer your products on portals like idealo. The plug-in can be downloaded at any time and tested free for 30 days.

There is more information here. With the plug-in solution by xt: Commerce can offer data dealers – no matter whether specialized dealer or online store with tens of thousands of articles- at idealo transmit even faster and easier. We know the efficiency of xt: appreciate MultiConnect and greatly appreciate the cooperation “, so Dirk Bartels, CPO at Germany’s great prices idealo. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem. About xt: Commerce: the xt: Commerce GmbH is a developer and supplier of one of the most successful online shop systems in German-speaking countries. On the basis of xt: Commerce 4 contains the service portfolio of the company numerous products and services around the topic of online trading. Through the modular plug system, the software is at any time expandable and suitable for companies of all sizes.

Well-known companies such as Volkswagen, OSRAM or teapot set xt: Commerce one successfully. Also small and medium-sized enterprises make up over 10-year experience of xt: Commerce in the online trading advantage. For example, xt is one of the most popular shop extensions: Office, which xt: Commerce System. It can be simply connected to the online shop and will be in this form only by xt: Commerce offered. With about 100,000 Members heard the xt: Commerce online community, the largest in the industry, offering over 500 Add-ons and around 250 templates in the xt: Commerce store unparalleled opportunities to optimize shop. Together with selected partners, including ERP providers, hosting providers and payment provider developed the xt: Commerce GmbH new trend-setting technologies and application extensions for the existing online shop software. For more information, see. Idealo: Idealo is Germany’s leading online price comparison. At, users can compare prices of offers over 90 million at 30,000 retailers. In addition, idealo provides detailed information on product features, shops and availability of the desired article. More idealo services are portals to the research of cheaper air travel (flug.idealo.de), hotels (hotel.idealo.de), energy suppliers (strom.idealo.de) and financial services (geld.idealo.de), as well as apps for Android and iOS. At the headquarters of the in the 470 Employees operate year of company founded in 2000 in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

We Think And Googln Still

We have search engines that affect society, economy and technology. The world-wide-web is a phenomenon that a dream of people actually made, namely to combine many of the peoples and countries of the world: with fast information, talks on the phone, information and business opportunities and connections. In home pages you can present now cheaper and easily accessible with its business or concern, or you can get quickly information about companies, people or products. Search engines, such as such as Yahoo have accelerated the development of the Internet and clearly designed for mutual communication, because they have structured the Internet and maps. A finer sort special search engines, such as Autoscout24 (for automobiles), down in the vacation (for travel), Arthene (works of art by professional artists) worry about monster de (job offers) or online phone books. So it was possible that nowadays also a new users relatively quickly the Information you can get. Society, economy and technology the Internet and closely related the development of search engines would have been impossible without the readiness in society, without the enthusiasm for speed and the new technologies and the resulting new opportunities to educate and entertain. On one of journalism and reporting on new developments to the success has contributed to the other in the response of people who provided your knowledge online and so rapid development was possible.

As a global medium emerged in this interaction, which is used by the search engine in its present form and the mass of information from millions of people daily. This web system would have remained not viable without the structured search engines and the development of ever-larger data storage. How experimental this Internet actually developed, describes David Filo in the film: Internet power of “Search engines as follows: the Internet was not a commercial space, the users were not businessmen, but students and researchers who experimented with the new thing” Jerry Yang Yahoo integrated as the first Internet service provider advertising and proved that you could earn with Internet money.

Since December

Earlier this year was a opened another Office in London. Amiando’s headquarters is still located in Munich. The growth and the successful company history confirm amiandos corporate strategy. Today, amiando has a total of 75 employees, four offices and is a subsidiary of XING AG. Green ticketing climate-neutral event with amiando and ClimatePartner which amiando’s great success is also attributable to the introduction of constantly innovative products. Since June, customers can improve balance of their events in cooperation with ClimatePartner CO2. The CO2 emissions of each participant are individually identified and compensated on request by the support of an forest protection project in Mozambique.

We are proud to be able to look back on a successful company history. Our success shows we are as popular with event organizers. With XING as parent company and our expertise in event-ticketing worldwide unique products are possible for us, that we develop for our customers over the next few months and years are. “, Felix Haas, CEO and co-founder of amiando. Read additional details here: Viacom. About amiando amiando is the pioneer of online event registration and ticketing. launched in 2006, amiando today Europe’s leading online tool, is to simplify professional event organization. the organizers of small and medium-sized events amiandos products help to achieve a level of professionalism that was previously reserved for large corporations and event agencies. More than 180,000 events worldwide use amiando already.

All the tools are ready, online based and require no software installation. amiando, prestigious names such as BMW, UNESCO, Telefonica O2 and the leading technology blog TechCrunch counts among its global clientele. “For its innovative products amiando with numerous prizes awarded, including by the World Economic Forum in Davos as a technology pioneer 2010” and the eco Internet Award “as best business customer portal. Since December 2010 belongs amiando to XING AG, operator of the professional network XING. The headquarters is in Munich, Germany; more corporate offices are located in London, Paris and Hong Kong.