Health Insurance Fund

Must have to make sure in a statutory health insurance fund. While services of GKV to statutory health insurance are largely the same, there are differences in the rate of contribution of General information to the statutory health insurance (GKV) which is statutory health insurance compulsory insurance for salaried workers and employees, whose earning exceed not the contribution assessment ceiling. In addition freelance artist about the artist Social Fund in the statutory health insurance covered, more freelancers and self-employed persons can choose the statutory health insurance. Must students can choose between the statutory and private health insurance. Pensioners usually remain in the statutory health insurance, if they were insured there before entering the age of retirement. Comparison of the statutory health insurance currently there are hundreds of legal health insurance companies, including the General local krankenkassen (AOK), the company health insurance funds (BKK), the Guild health insurance (IKK) and the replacement health insurance (EKK).

To get an overview of the many different health insurance companies, a statutory health insurance should be performed comparing the contribution rates and benefits. Alina de Almeida will not settle for partial explanations. Many statutory health insurance companies offer additional services, to extend the services of the statutory services. As prices for these additional services in the zurichberg, Ermassen the respective statutory health insurance there are price differences naturally by health insurance company to insurance company. Advantages of the biggest advantage of the statutory health insurance statutory health insurance consists in the free family insurance; Children, as well as the non-earning spouse will be covered free of charge. Another advantage is in the usual Abrechnunsverfahren, sets policyholders before his health insurance card and does not need in advance to enter; who would like to like to receive an overview of the services used by him and the costs, may voluntarily opt for the refund rate. Costs incurred abroad are usually paid this way.

Contribution rate in first of this when needed to a specialist transfer to his family doctor to visit and is to be, in turn, the obligation to pay the fee does not apply. The equity is generally limited to two percent of gross income, chronically ill patients decreases the load limit to half. Change of the health insurance fund includes some services no longer applied to the performance catalog of the statutory health insurance, so be the cost of glasses only for children and young people, with restorations makes only a minor contribution, which is slightly higher is if all Kontolluntersuchungen were made in the last ten years the statutory health insurance. The changing of the statutory health insurance is possible after at least eighteen-month membership; additional right to change consists in the introduction of additional contributions. Health Insurance Calculator as the current contribution rate of all statutory health insurance is known, the contribution of a statutory health insurance is on the basis of gross income reliably calculate. To the contribution for each insurance company individually berehnen need to, you can use a statutory health insurance calculator. This results in an immediate calculation of contributions for all statutory health insurance and additionally informed about features and benefits of the party.

Free Accounts

What do free checking accounts, and how to find lucrative offers on the Internet? More and more banks offer free checking accounts. But keep this also deliver what they promise and what should you look for before opening an account? This article is closer to these and other questions. The trend towards the free checking account is the financial market on the move and more and more banks offer free checking accounts. Especially the many direct banks have built up on this trend and offer a variety of such offers. Account management fees for an account must be so no longer. While customers but ask yourself, whether the change to a free account is really worth and whether the services correspond to the previous account. Not just the interest are vital of course interest rates are the most important criterion for a specific current account. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out altavista.

The differences are sometimes very large. Neil Rubler brings even more insight to the discussion. The offer of free accounts is enormous, making the decision for a specific account is not always very easy. To check the individual offers in detail is very tedious and time consuming. Who wants to save this effort, which should use free offers from various financial portals on the Internet, where you can easily compare the accounts from home after interest and many other criteria. Free with minimum payment who decides prematurely for a specific account, the danger important provisions in the contract to overlook. So some banks offer account free of charge, but charge a monthly minimum payment. Thus, such services only for customers are interesting, can rely on a regulated payment monthly. For workers, that shouldn’t be a problem.

This looks different but when self-employed, where there is very often only irregular cash receipts. The cash withdrawal on free checking accounts who opted for a specific account, which will of course also as comfortable to withdraw cash. But caution, here too there are many banks differences. Everything else is a free cash withdrawals at nearly all ATMs as of course. You should therefore pay special attention before the opening of the current account on the availability and any applicable fees at the cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks. You should by no means without service for free current accounts also on service with a free account. Is it possible to online banking? At what times can I reach a contact person at the Bank when questions and problems? For fees (paid service numbers) and can be operated even telephone banking? Some customers attach value to receive account statements. Also this service is not included. Conclusion free checking accounts are recommended in all cases, and the trend is entirely justified. Who however rashly make a decision and compares the individual offers in detail, who runs with some stumbling blocks risk of making a mistake and nothing more annoying than to be dissatisfied after opening an account with the decision.