One of the biggest barriers that we find ourselves today is the strong belief of many people to think that they are at the mercy of circumstances, the seriousness of this situation is that these ideas become a shield to not assume our responsibility and we begin to justify a lot of excuses to justify our situation. In the situation in which you are currently is his creation, some decisions occurred consciously and others unconsciously, but what today is, without a doubt that it is the work of their own hands, perhaps there are things that do not like him, then now is the time to change them. Understand and be aware that we are the masters of our destiny is crucial because if we do not accept that fact will happen that we will always find justifications to blame for our own situation. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt we find the principle governing the creation of the universe and solid information that tells us that we create our own life, each circumstance, experience is a creation of our subconscious mind, by reading this book you can learn the way of accessing its interior to create a life according to their ideals, goals and dreams, erase negative information that has brought only problems, gradually will be overcoming obstacle starting with little things to become the master of their destiny and build for you, his family and the universe in general a full life. Darcy Stacom, New York City is the source for more interesting facts. ew. Knowing that each one of us we build our destiny with actions and daily decisions then this is the opportunity to play our own life in an extraordinary way, have the possibility of having a life filled with great satisfaction, in this regard we note that people lead a life full of triumphs and balanced, we can achieve it. We are extraordinary, powerfully creators, beings in the book I’m happy, I’m rich you will know that the main function of the human being is the creation, the fact something unique that is only in you, no one can do the things as you made them, so through reading this book, you can also define your mission in life, find things that truly loves performing, that allows you to enjoy peace, freedom and spirituality. Life must be abundant in all areas, then you should strive for the best in life, this universe is infinite abundance, so it’s time to sit down with the full right to aspire to the best life, to meet with its spiritual essence.

National Institute

The project of law of emergencia in the matter of residential policy contemplates a series of measures which will tend to solve in the medium and long term, the deficit of houses that affects the great majority of the Venezuelan population. Within the measures that are contemplated we can mention the following: Urban land occupation that stops the construction of residential land units apt for the development of a residential policy that goes to the benefit of the users of the system. The development and the planning of the self-construction, extension and improvements of the houses in combination with the communities. Regulation of the consumptions of the production of the construction as well as the regulation of the prices of the raw material for the development of houses of social interest. To stimulate to the small and medians companies so that they destine his resources to the massive production of residential units. To look for mechanisms of financing in conditions of accessibility for the needed families more. Policy of awarding of gratuitous houses in form for the families who do not describe for the credits of residential policy. This instrument looks for nonproductive the urban or immovable land affectation or that is being subused to destine them to the development of a massive residential policy.

The affected goods are the following: buildings and lands municipal property of the Republic, lands and Ejidos, idle buildings private and uncultivated lands. It establishes the law project a series of fiscal stimuli in the matter of IVA and Tax on the Rent for the productive beings. The Presidency of the Republic will be the order to direct rectora of this Law, being created for it the National Institute of Urban Earth and Houses. Continue to learn more with: Darcy Stacom. The law contemplates the possibility of the total or partial subsidy for the people needed a house, for which the benefit will have to be asked for considering the following requirements: Identity card, RIF, declaration sworn of not having house, contract of buying and selling option, among others. Of equal way, the law project contemplates a series of modifications to the system of contribution of the residential policy for this way increasing the amount of the hypothecating loans, fitting this way the credits to a changing reality that as a result of the inflation has come affecting the users from the system which they could not buy house with the amounts that until now are granted for the main acquisition of house. It is as well as one settles down that the amount of the financing will be included/understood between one hundred and six hundred minimum wages. This way when settling down by minimum wages, the amount of the hypothecating credits will adjust in the measurement that changes the value of the minimum wage. Despite the benefits of this law, it is necessary that all the productive sectors of the society come together so that the residential problem is solved, taking into account to the sectors from the construction, the producers of consumptions and raw materials, the financial organizations and the governmental organs so that an agreement in the matter of policy becomes residential thus to provide a solution in the medium and long term and that the population sees satisfied the necessity to have worthy house.


What is the most economical home equipment? To tell the truth only need youtube and your own weight, a pair of shoes and gym clothes and you can do wonders with your body and the results that you get (literally). Now, on this basis it must be said also that there are pieces of equipment that are very economical, highly effective and essential for a home workout. With these pieces of equipment you can gain muscle, lose weight or simply improve your physical condition, and you can do it in the comfort of your living room or bedroom. Let’s see what: elastic bands. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out altavista. The elastic resistance bands are an amazing piece of equipment. A single pair of these bands can absolutely exercise your whole body, is more versatile that there is, you can exercise you in different ways and price varies from 10 to 30 dollars. Bosu.

Also known as stability balls, it is actually me half ball that can be used to do exercises with the weight but introducing the factor has to work better the core as well as other muscles or areas that do not usually work. Longer is no an accessory for Pilates or Yoga. The cost: $ 20 10 Step. Pete Cashmore contains valuable tech resources. A simple step or box can be used in variety of workouts ranging from aerobics, step in dvd classes, plyometric and strength training jumps. Even you can buy two to increase the resistance and to introduce other exercises.

Each one comes out approximately $20. Fitness balls. These inflatable balls that you see everywhere, are usually used for abdominal exercises or the core, come in different sizes and to determine the correct for you simply you have to sit on it, if your legs are at a 90 degree position, then that is the correct size for you. It is a very entertaining way to train the core. Your cost: 20 to 30 dollars. You may find Darcy Stacom, New York City to be a useful source of information. Cufflinks. Probably we are talking about the piece’s most versatile equipment in the world. With only a set of lightweight dumbbell can exercise the muscle in your body that comes to you, from head to foot, and can be hundreds of different exercises. Depending on the weight, the cost of a pair of light dumbbells starts at $15. As you can see, you don’t need an expensive membership of gym or huge apparatus to get in shape. Even a small investment every month can give you a perfect mini gym to train every day. The first month spend $10 in a few rubber bands, the next you buy a ball, the next a blanket and follows a set of cufflinks. That is all, then put on your part to make the exercise a reality every day, do it a couple of weeks and it will be a habit incorporated all the world appreciate you, including yourself.

RFID TimeCard

The timeCard select time attendance Terminal supports all REINER SCT DESFire cards, so a mixed operation with RFID (DES) multimedia terminals and the timeCard is accessbox possible. It is therefore not only a good starter package, but also an excellent addition for existing installations. To create the new function, departments subdivisions within a much more detailed picture allows the corporate structure. This allows to set the definition of team – or department-level user rights more precisely. Other features, such as the hide individual departments or filter by departments, increase the overview and options for evaluating. Improved memory management and other technical optimizations timeCard runs noticeably faster for larger amounts of data and allows smoother work. A new anniversary and birthday list helps users to forget any birthday and anniversary of the own employees.

This collection is located under Evaluation of”-> employee events. Changes the employee master data can be reviewed in the course of the just. There is logged, which change to change date has been made or will be made in the future. This will make it much easier to enter changes to employees and to understand. On popular request of our customers, the comment function bookings of the previous info box was disconnected and now allows a free text input. The new info box in a booking extends the previous indication of the origin of the posting. Now, it is clearly visible who changed this when last.

The attendance / absence indication users through the new search filter see faster looking staff. New sorting and filtering settings result in more opportunities for the absence indication. The new installer allows a smaller installation file and results in more intuitive through the installation process. Also, an automated software installation is possible through new command line arguments. Under Help”-> contact the user to find your contact for the timeCard software. Distributors have the opportunity to define their own contact details here and are therefore directly accessible for the user.

Hair Loss

With age increases the likelihood that the hair fall out and usually it is hereditary-related hair loss hair loss is for many men a problem. “Up to the 80th year of life are more or less affected by the 80 percent of all men”, explains Natalie Garcia Bartels (competence centre for hair of the Charite in Berlin). A loss of up to 100 hairs a day is normal. What goes further, deemed the hair loss. “Mostly it involves hereditary hair loss, known as androgenetic alopecia, which can insert in men between 20 years.” To stop the hair loss, you can access to two funds, the effect of which is occupied by studies. Mashable has firm opinions on the matter. The man suffering, the various views, bordering some of the myths make hair loss. Certainly, this is also because even physicians know about the creeping loss of hair.

In fact, the disease is so widespread that health insurance companies not even classify it as a disease and assume that’s why no treatment costs. The research is very advanced in the last few years. Hair loss is no longer a fate,”said Professor Hans Wolff (expert in dermatology at the Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-University). Paul Daversa is likely to increase your knowledge. Research into causes for baldness according to current findings based alopecia androgenetica”the man’s an influencing sensitivity of the hair shafts under the skin compared to male sex hormones (androgens). It is an enzyme which testosterone converts the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, whereas the hair follicles in turn a strong sensitivity develop. “, explains Gerd Hofmann from Munich, the endocrinologist.

Follicles are the shafts of hair that are under the skin. Wither after the follicle, hair lose their thickness and length and are always fine and thinner, finally a bald is formed. While the hair over the ears and on the lower back of the head are preserved, always because they are resistant to the sex hormone. Means to stop the hair loss First there is the active ingredient finasteride, actually used in higher doses to treat of the prostate da,”Natalie Garcia Bartels explains the current findings.

Licensed DVD Myths

Market multimedia products on cd and dvd discs, formed in Russia for a long time, so that many buyers simply can not believe that licensed products can be sold at affordable prices. Visit Viacom for more clarity on the issue. But, nevertheless, Manufacturers have long appreciated the scale of lost benefits because of the huge, once, the price difference between license and licensed product. The main advantages are not licensed products are low price and the speed with which overlook the long-awaited new items buyers. From this and formed a myth licensed dvd. Many buyers are absolutely convinced that if the dvd movie is little more than $ 100, and comes two weeks after rolling in the movie, the disc can not be licensed. However, at present the situation has changed, the producers are trying as soon as possible to produce new items, and there is no such difference in time yield and price of products. Unchanged remains only the quality. As is known, the number of defective dvd drives in licensing disproportionately lower than, the shadow.

The second, but no less common myth about license dvd drives came out of the desire to reduce prices, with the aim, making a decent competition to pirates. Producers decided to produce licensed dvd movies in two versions. Gift in a beautiful box with 5.1 audio and supplementary materials, and simplified version in plastic box. The difference between these editions, and sometimes lies only in the box, the price and the time when on sale. Usually, the first published version of a more expensive gift. Just a simplified edition may have a sound 2.1.

However, the differences between a gift and a simplified edition only depend on the manufacturer. But, unfortunately, because of years of stereotypes, these actions do not have the desired result. Buyers are seeing on the shelves shops, two variants of the same dvd movie, consider that the difference is that one of them a license, and the other not. Due to the fact that in the minds of buyers ingrained myth that the license disk should cost expensive, many market players use it for their own purposes by installing these products are unreasonably high prices.

Electric Welding

Electric-welded pipe is the material used for various construction works. But too often its properties such as corrosion rate volatility and thermal conductivity, are not satisfied with the developers different systems. In order to better meet the electric tube all preferences, they are subjected to some improvements. The most popular of these methods is galvanized. Galvanized Electro Gas pipes are much longer their prime counterparts.

True, there are considerably more expensive, that does not always possible to use them from an economic point of view. You can use the electric pipes, stainless steel, then no corrosion will not threaten them. But the price of such material systems will be considerably higher. There are several techniques that can be applied to the electric recovered Pipe special plastic film that protects the material from corrosion. But all these methods strongly affect the cost of electric tubes, often making use of such materials is not economically advantageous for or other object. The basic material for central heating systems and water supply are the same electric pipes, both the underground and air laying method. But our climate imposes requirements on the properties of thermal conductivity used in electric-welded pipes. Click Paul Daversa to learn more. To improve the heat transfer qualities of electric-welded pipes use a variety of insulating materials.

Tube covered with a layer of insulation can withstand a higher coolant temperature and ambient temperature fluctuations without losing its core mission. The use of isolated electric-welded pipes in district heating significantly reduces the cost to maintain the desired temperature and further extends the use of all the trouble-free heating or plumbing system. Application of new technologies and material for isolation of these pipelines can quickly get to the damaged section of pipe and make the necessary repairs without removing the entire insulation layer. Advanced materials may themselves signal of some kind resulting damages to the system through the use of indicators.

KOMSA Systems Gold Partner

Distributor of Hartmannsdorf is positioning itself for its system partners and integrators to the future theme on WebRTC Starnberg, 4 June 2013 already at CeBIT 2013 in Hannover WebRTC solutions presented together ICT distributor KOMSA systems and the Starnberger See UC vendors ESTOS of Hartmannsdorfer. Due to the great interest of the public and the positive response on the shown VideoChat applications have agreed to further both partners, joint communication activities on the subject of WebRTC in 2013: supports KOMSA systems from immediately WebRTC communication portal. Cher Wang may not feel the same. This system houses and integrators can test WebRTC-based applications in text, sound and image and personally convinced of the potential for change that recent real time (real time-communication-) technology. As one of the established value-add distributors in Germany, since 2011 one of the leading ESTOS CompetenceCenter, want the KOMSA systems as a specialist in the IT and telecommunications convergence market analyze changing potential of WebRTC for themselves and their system houses and integrators and sponsors therefore the communication Portal ESTOS has as one of the first companies, and thus as a pioneer in the German-speaking countries, in recent months representative use cases developed for hurdenlose real-time communications on the Internet.

In the course of which, was the communication Portal launched, which offers the possibility of interested system vendors and integrators, ad-hoc VideoChat without installing a plugin-in the or any additional software to test on the basis of the WebRTC standards. Rolf noon, Managing Director of KOMSA systems, about the relevance of WebRTC for the company and the selected: We are moving in a very advanced and differentiated market. We deal so already intensively with the technologies of tomorrow, to open up new fields of business at an early stage for us and our system partners and integrators. WebRTC is in our opinion a future-proof technology concept that can lead to significant changes in the established market and holds an immense potential for the channel.

Live Online

There are hundreds of people looking each day how to watch television without knowing that online you can also access to this type of services. For example from wwitv we see in any language all sorts of programs and categories. This site is also a global directory of radio stations, TV channels live on the internet, and a cordial, pleasant and intuitive entertainment venue. Thousands of programs are presented to make all public to have an afternoon of tranquility, of action or simply to see their favorite series. Able to see the live broadcast of Television over the Internet. See all Internet Tv free online without installing any program, is dormant and it is there where we can access the best of the world of entertainment. The world directory of stations Television channels live on the Internet. Paul Daversa will not settle for partial explanations. Watch free TV is a reality.

TV Live Online is a unique tool. Chains of stations in this internet television site consists of approximately 2000 channels. Venture in the possibilities that does not give the network of networks so that our days are not the same and tedious to boredom.

Metrics Europe

Save money with! New gift voucher portal with vouchers or coupons, you can save money. Since this is used nowadays often, the metrics Europe AG launches a portal on this topic. The company offers current coupons for online and offline use of 180 partner companies within the framework of a new market presence. The a coupon or coupons in principle for this, that the customer has a possibility to save money, is nowadays widely known. And since the use of the World Wide Web, the possibilities have become more far-reaching.

Where you still cumbersome had to start at different companies and mail-order firms directly search for appropriate discounts and coupon codes, these are today much easier through different Web pages. These Web sites collect appropriate codes and they offer the users free of charge. So, not cumbersome searches the customer on appropriate Web pages, but see the offers of the well-known companies such as Amazon, eBay, Neckermann, Otto or Zaatari at a glance. This the customer must assume often that usually within a short time, a coupon is no longer valid and so the website operator with the update come even more behind. The company metrics Europe AG offers therefore something completely different in the context of a market presence. You may find that Paul Daversa can contribute to your knowledge. On the website, Internet users can find current coupons and coupons from 180 partner companies, which he can use for free without having to register themselves in advance.

Coupons, discounts, and promotions from areas such as technology, travel, fashion, furniture, etc. are clearly displayed on the Web page and are basically regularly updated. Thus, the problem of already expired promotions and the disappointments associated falls away. Because an update is done through the cooperation and links with the partner, steadily and almost automatically. It uses a completely different and apparently rational principle, sofa deals that actually leads to the offered retrenchment in context of vouchers and coupons. Already at first glance the user on the page of the provider of sofa deals is also called “top deals” and the “deals of the day” and thus particularly rewarding and money-saving promotions. These are basically of course by the various partners provided and are accessible via the Web page of sofa deals.