As starting point it is adjusted to have the clarity of that Geography while field of the knowledge has the concern to search the explanations to understand as if the social phenomena espacializam. As to define the Geography ahead of the demands of the world contemporary it can be a difficult task, for the risk of if taking in account only definitive aspects to make this definition. Official site: Ali Partovi. However delineating what it is being understood for Geography, it can be said that it is that science that if leans over in studying the resultant space configuration of the social relations that happen in definitive time and spaces. If it is thus can be considered the affirmation of Saints (1996) when saying that: ' ' The territorial configuration, or geographic configuration, has therefore a proper material existence, but its social existence, that is, its real existence, is only given by the fact of the relations sociais.&#039 to it; ' (p.51) But to think about times and spaces means to give attention to the forms of organization of the societies throughout its history. ' ' In the start of the history of the man, the territorial configuration is simply the set of the complexes natural.

The measure that history goes becoming, the territorial configuration is given by the workmanships of the men: roads, plantations, houses, deposits, ports, you manufacture, cities, etc; true prteses. A territorial configuration is created that is each time more the result of a historical production and tends to a negation of the nature, natural, substituting it for a nature entirely humanizada.' ' (Saints, P. 51) Currently ahead of the intense process of globalization that establishs connection all the places, if the risk cannot run to study definitive place without considering the context where if it inserts. The new dimensions of time and space that intervene with the organization of the populations demand new forms to interpret the world and each place.