Learning Initiation Tool

In the phase of initiation of the learning, whichever the chosen style of dance, has necessity that the lessons possess a playful and well dynamic character so that the lessons if become, before everything, something pleasant. at the same time, will be worked basic and necessary item so that, gradual, the requirements techniques go increasing, therefore the dance provides the knowledge of the body, slight knowledge of space lateralidade, the Vygotsky principle affirms that the education always implies changes in the feelings and the re-education of the emotions goes in the direction of the innate emotional reaction. That the professors find in the feelings a tool valuable to educate the emotional reactions. ‘ ‘ If to want that the pupils remember better or exercise the thought more, we must make with that these activities emotionally are stimulated. The experience and the research have shown that an impregnated fact of emotion is remembered solid more, firm and drawn out that an indifferent fact. Each time that to communicate something to the pupil tries to affect its feeling. The emotion is not a less important tool that pensamento.’ ‘ (VYGOTSKY, 2003, P.

117? 119) But its work is significantly more including, to treating intelligence and the affectivity equally, integrating them it the social characteristics where the man if inserts; it traces a synthesis of the body and has lain, to be biological and the social being, member of the species human being participant of a historical process. .