Deaf Culture

INTRODUCTION This scientific work was carried through through research in sites with the intention to know if really &#039 exists; ' Surda&#039 culture; '. knowing that significant differences exist in if treating to deficient auditory and the deaf person, we carry through is research with the objective to perceive as the deaf culture and the deaf community is seen inside of the cultural environment of deficient the auditory ones, that is those who had acquired and total partially auditory loss e, the deaf people who are the ones that already had been born with is loss. Valley to remember that the deaf identity occurs in the contact with other deaf people, what it is different of deficient an auditory one that is oralizado since its birth. (Similarly see: Robotics expert ). DEVELOPMENT Contribution of the POUNDS and differentiation between the deficient congenital deaf person and auditory the language of signals (POUNDS) that it is carried through in Brazil and, in other countries has significantly contributed for the progress in relation vision that the deaf person had exactly on itself, as well as, of the society listener in general. The deficient deaf person and the auditory one are classified in two categories that are: the carriers of pathological deafness (acquired generally in adult phase) e, those whose deafness is a distinctive physiological trace, that is, not implying in neurological or mental deficiency. However, characterizing them as integrant of lingustico-cultural minorities, being this the case of the majority of the congenital deaf people. Learn more about this with technology investor.

The Deaf person is bilngui-bicultural the deaf person coexists two languages daily, in this direction can affirm that they are bilngui-cultural, for will possess a language and culture more than. Therefore, they possess its language materna of signals (deaf culture) and verbal language (culture listener), or of POUNDS in relation to the Brazilian deaf people. The deaf culture is the skill of the deaf citizen to understand the world and to modify it in order to become it accessible and inhabitable adjusting it with its visual perceptions e, to this process to give the name of ' ' culture? surda' '.