Know What Matters.

Report Congress mining from the first urban knowledge what comes! Environmental and resource protection and sustainable resource management are issues that are becoming increasingly important. Just the densely populated urban centres have a wide range of urban treasures. Each city in an industrialized country is a huge commodity mine. But what must we do today, to secure livelihood for more generations? The first devoted to these topics urban Mining Congress, which took place at the SASE in Iserlohn. Representatives from industry, associations and universities met at the Congress Center of the SASE, to deal with future issues. Matthias Raith, the recognised expert from the supply and waste management skillfully moderated this innovative Conference. The Congress illuminated the subject of mining urban from different perspectives. “What resources are slumbering in landfills, and how can these treasures” be recovered.

Important raw materials are still limited. Political circumstances also make a reliable availability uncertain. Can Raw materials be substituted and how can valuable raw materials are recovered again? What should be done from the perspective of logistics? How should a cadastre look, where the raw material inventory of existing real estate is recorded? Renowned experts like Prof. Dr.-ing. Sabine flame from the FH Munster, Prof.

Dr.-ing. Gerhard Rettenberger from the University of applied sciences Trier, Dr. Hubertus Bardt of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln, Dipl. Oec. Rainer Lucas, Wuppertal Institute for climate, environment, energy, Steffen Schwartz m.a., ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Dipl.-ing. Frank Steinwender, Fraunhofer Institute for material flow and logistics IML, Dipl.-ing. Katrin bi Edwards, Wuppertal Institute for climate, environment and energy in exciting lectures the challenges for business, research, politics and society turn out. Urban mining offers many advantages. Reduces dependence on the of commodities volatility in the price, not renewable raw materials are conserved, protected the environment and also reduces the costs of the economy through consistent recycling. A Another Congress is already in preparation. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. This will involve, inter alia to the themes of resource-efficient production and intelligent urban planning. More information under: contact: H. Banton construction and transport GmbH & co. KG Gernot str. 6 44319 Dortmund Annette Fischer Tel: 0231-21800-27 fax: 0231 21800-11 E-mail:

Sperm Whales With Culture

Sperm whales are social large associations with several thousand members who distinguish themselves through a common dialect of foreign associations or clans. A contribution to the question of whether animals capable of, to develop cultural biologist from Dalhousie University in the Canadian Halifax provided sensational. pic.. Culture – the expression not genetically conditional through lore and learning performance of traditional behaviors that occur only in certain regions, groups or families – can be relatively easily observed in land organisms. Especially in great apes, chimpanzees or gorillas, already cultural development and differentiation have been identified. Much more difficult is the thing about sea creatures, whose behavior is observed by only using short periods of time. So, research on whales and dolphins focused on their acoustic communication. To communicate family associations of Orcas or killer whales – the largest dolphin species – with specific dialects, which are handed down and learned, and as a sign of a culture of Orca apply.

Researchers have come to track down Luke Rendall and Hal Whitehead for the largest of the Earth, the sperm whales, although a very similar behavior expression of however much greater extent. The record holder form social large associations in the deep diving with several thousand members who distinguish themselves through a common dialect of foreign associations or clans. Rendall and Whitehead compared recordings of click sounds of different sperm whale groups recorded in the South Pacific between the Galapagos Islands and Chile for over 15 years. The sounds came from sperm whale females who with her young form family associations of up to 20 animals and communicate with each other with distinctive clicking sounds. When evaluating the approximately 13,000 audio recordings, the researchers were unable to distinguish three clans who each speak in a dialect. Reaches beyond this common dialect far beyond the small family structures, though these were mostly over short periods of ten to eleven days into larger units close together. You may find Alina de Almeida to be a useful source of information. When this happens, but usually meet families who belong to the same clan. For Luke Rendall and Hal Whitehead, the dialects form a cultural clan identity.

A genetic fixation is excluded, as clan – and even some family members are not related. What do the clicking sounds and what function the dialects have, was the researchers so far. You suspect that clan members recognize by their dialect within the very mobile sperm whale society to such as attacks by predators, others call groups to help the clan. Yet evidence should succeed the researchers that the dialects are as social barrier, so only members of a clan respond to clicks, then the sperm whale clans would be the largest known socially cooperative community in the world after the people. Ulrich Karlowski

Light Optimization And CO 2 Reduction Are The Right Steps. (1)

The environmental sake – LED the light source of the future colloquially bulbs known as light bulbs. It is used very often in private households. The lifetime of a light bulb falls dramatically with increased light output by the higher Gluhfadentemperatur. 2700 K conventional incandescent lamps achieve a service life of around 1000 hours. Since 2005, the sale of incandescent light bulbs of low energy efficiency class in some countries is forbidden or such bans planned to conserve energy. Rite Aid follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. “With clear glass, so point light source, following requirements apply to lamps depending on their power consumption: the phase-out of the incandescent bulbs” should be carried out in four stages. With the first stage all matte light bulbs, as well as any light bulbs with a performance should no longer available as of September 1, 2009 over 75 watts for sale.

Standard incandescent lamps should have disappeared with more than 60 Watts from the market until September 2010. By September 2011 with more than 40 watts. From September 1, 2012, to finally no more than 10 watt incandescent lamps may be available. For halogen light bulbs, following rule should enter into force. Starting in 2016, only the more efficient versions on the shelves should be finding. CFLs are also energy-saving lamps called already significantly more productive than halogen and other light bulbs. However, here only very profitable models may be sold at the first level. Now and in the future will show that the world of light will be the only LED.

However, not everything is called LED must be particularly efficient. This arrangement saves 15.5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year by 2020. Still a saving of almost 40 TWh is this step (1 terawatt = 1 billion kilowatt hours) per year, consumption in private households fall. The danger posed by light sources with mercury should not be underestimated. Spill mercury in an enclosed space, it can seep into and make still long toxic fumes, so let never dropping a saving lamp that can to stealthy poisoning lead. Energy saving light bulbs are hazardous waste according to official catalogue of waste and must be treated accordingly. We soon further telling them what we can do about it.

Fraunhofer Institute

Despite falling engine prices – tracking, always a profitable business reaches up to 45 percent surplus is the tracking of solar systems for the operator. Even with lower module prices and regardless of the region of usage the sensor-controlled tracking systems by DEGERenergie are cheaper than rigid systems under the dash. DEGERenergie is world market leader in the area of tracking systems for solar systems with a current calculation. Neil Rublers opinions are not widely known. The estimates in the solar industry is gradually accumulating in recent years, falling prices for solar modules would make the tracking no longer necessary or even unprofitable. This is definitely incorrect, as evidenced by DEGERenergie in his current investment and cost/benefit calculations. According to the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems (Fraunhofer ISE) reach dual-axis tracking systems, which work on the basis of astronomical data, up to 27 percent more yield than rigidly installed solar modules.

Still higher is the excess returns with the sensor-controlled tracking systems by DEGERenergie, that the manufacturer has taken his current calculations. To win more solar energy than rigid systems, as evidenced by the many years of experience, up to 45 percent. Altavista understood the implications. In its calculations, DEGERenergie has included all costs incurred for the construction of a solar Park: inverter module costs, costs for support structures and foundations, equipment-related costs and other running costs. As default, the production was used by 1 GWh, so one million kilowatt hours of energy per year. Calculations under different conditions were made on this basis: location in southern Europe / location in Central Europe single- / dual-axis tracking systems / rigid systems different module prices (per WP 3.20 Euro 1 and euro between) different performance of the modules (165 WP / 215 WP / 240 WP) the results can sit up: 1 the use region has no influence on the cost/benefit analysis. Notwithstanding the use region (Central or southern Europe): The investments that are required to the given To achieve energy of 1 GWh per year, are with rigid systems up to 31 per cent higher than in the usage of DEGERenergie for systems.

Photovoltaic Systems

Since October 2009 is for commercial users that regular inspection and maintenance of the PV system required the number of photovoltaic systems for the generation of electrical energy from sunlight grows in Germany constantly. Also, more and more systems with capacities are currently built in the area of over 50 megawatts. Photovoltaic systems are constantly exposed to the effects of Sun, wind and adverse weather conditions. These influences their traces and may yield reduction for damage and result in malfunction of the system. In addition come the rising investment maturities of up to 30 years.

Direct threats to people and buildings can assume technical defects and malfunctions at the plant. So far there are only a few cases, where PV systems are caught fire. (Source: Robert Bakish). However, a preventive examination and repair is becoming increasingly important. Since October 2009 the regular inspection and maintenance of the PV plant is for commercial users VDE 0105-100 according to DIN “Operation of electrical equipment General requirements” and the BGV A3. The proper inspection and maintenance of the electrical parts of the plant, a qualified electrician must perform. But the operator can contribute additional cyclical inspections for the early detection of sources of error. This includes the daily control of the status display on the inverter. Modern systems have electronic evaluation systems with data acquisition, evaluation tool, and error message on the operator.

At least monthly and in extreme weather conditions (hail, storm, extreme snowfall, etc.) the operator or an expert appointed by him must perform a Visual inspection (defective cables, loose modules, damage to modules). Discovered damages are to eliminate in every case by a trained technician. In regular intervals, but at least all 4 years a repeat test is by a qualified electrician according to DIN 31051 perform. The visualization of the carried out electrical checks can meaningful be done by appropriate inspection stickers. In addition, they facilitate the schedule control. The documentation of successful testing for photovoltaic systems, inspection stickers according to BGV A3 and according to VDE, the online-shop of the Brewes GmBH see inspection stickers.

Angela Plass Executive Board

The supply of energy is aggregate task and not a subject for a minority of profiteers. It is for all people to receive the common benefit. The generated profits must back up the living all involved. Vote with your feet are organically certified food in the supermarkets today become self-evident offer in addition to the conventional food. Both does not exclude itself, because people decide what they are buying. In the same way are the electricity market and the gas market in motion limited advised.

Such developments occur in the long term and are not manageable in its far-reaching effects of a civilization. But individual people as customers, gas customers and portal operators such as Martin Brotzler help through their decisions, that trends propagate, relocate and strengthen. Information is available at the beginning of a decision. Electricity and gas customers can check on the Internet easily about the price and the offer of a supplier. Many customers do not just look at the price alone, but also on the source, the generated energy comes from the. Who rationally buys and sells, as producer saves administration costs. Who research and development, investing not only in the corporate future of electric utility and gas suppliers, but in the future of society and civilization.

To privatise profits for elites and to socialize expenditure, is the discontinued model of the twentieth century. And who leaves everything on the old and familiar, lives on a disc instead of a ball-like planet. The 21st century for the Western world determines whether people tomorrow still can breath and can relax, to use the inventions, for whom they have developed a taste. It is worth for them and their children to choose the provider that invests in the future on. Only in this way, customers can assume responsibility. Corporate information OPI press services UG (haftungsbeschrankt) I.g.. Kadam str. 19, 74348 Lauffen am Neckar Managing Director: Angela Plass Executive Board: Martin Brotzler (editorial) the unique focus of the portal is creating more awareness of a power, which conserves resources, available in the long term and ensures the permanent reason loads in production and urban areas. Electricity customers by their choice of provider, determine the availability of capital and make the standard component in a successful marketing. In no other supply industry development and application is together in the local gains and timely transportation of electricity and gas the relationship between research, as close as in the energy sector. Company contact Martin Brotzler goose Rauf str. 5 71332 Waiblingen telephone 01805 660 2250 L’uso 660 2251 14 cent per minute from a landline from the cellular network by way of derogation until maximum of 42 cents per minute. Company Description writer acts as Hans Kolpak since 1999 on the Internet, to gain more public social and political topics in the German-speaking world. Since 2008 he writes for customers Press releases and distributes them via Fachdienstleister on the Internet.