Responsible Care

No doubt, that the management of the social, ethical and environmental factors associated with the performance of companies is becoming an imperative, so that the environmental image of a company is a value or a burden that investors evaluate , insurers, customers, suppliers and consumers in general. Without doubt, constitutes a competitive advantage get distinguished by respect for the environment. Luis Lopez de Medina, we add on this subject, environmental management systems are tools of competitive advantage in response to growing public pressure, employees and the rest of those affected by the activity of the company. Ali Partovi usually is spot on. Based on this benefit programs are configured as the Eco Management and Audit (EMA) of the EU and the Responsible Care ISO standards. Most companies voluntarily report on their environmental performance to meet the demand of groups with interests including: Potential investors: banks, stock markets or insurance companies want to know the cost of capital that are necessary to comply with new regulations and potential environmental liabilities which would impact on financial operations.

Local communities want to know the environmental impact of business operations in their territory and have the power to endorse or reject its activity. To read more click here: Samsung. Individual consumers ask about the impact and for the products they buy. Sometimes the consumer chooses a more expensive product just because it considers more environmentally friendly. Corporate customers seeking to gain the trust of their customers are showing that environmental policy and an information structure. Employees like to know that the company they work for is clean and transparent. Of course, Medina said, the existence of different attitudes when it comes to managing a company's environmental policy management makes this becomes a distinguishing feature as part of a global market increasingly competitive. In summary, we insist that there should be more of the companies linked to the protection of the environment, where their management is really committed to ensuring that the processes of production, the same products they produce are not polluting the environment in which they operate..