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telconnect GmbH website relaunch brings fresh wind just the market for mobile phones is constantly in motion. Today international sales structures are needed for the cellular distribution, because only such fair prices and good conditions you can negotiate. The telconnect GmbH is successfully for six years in this field and has best business relationships. Now it was time for a relaunch of the company website. The global mobile thrives on wholesale, located on the prevailing fast pace in this segment to set. Because nothing is older than the phone yesterday”is not quite so drastic it yet, but of course are only the latest models of the mobile phone industry in the focus of the clientele. To meet this requirement, the telconnect GmbH ( in addition to the traditional distribution focuses mainly on the export of mobile phones. Solid cooperation and partly also long-term business relationships, integrating in a international trade network reassure the customers to access to always on the newest products and economic services.

This stays on the pulse of the time, the company and offers always the best service in the industry. A relaunch of the website is done to present online presentation, online up to date on the date the company. The user interface is now optimally adjusted to the needs of customers, a fresh, figurative speech shows how the wind is blowing. All relevant information can be found quickly and easily. Of course, the site offers also international customers the opportunity to use these pages. Simply click on the country flag top left on the page and already the page is reflected, for example, very Spanish! About telconnect GmbH 2005, the company under the trade name launched telconnect as a sales representative and dealer for mobile phones. Managing Director Stefan Bollmann put GmbH a year later with the change of name to the current telconnect.

Also in 2006, the move took in new premises and the launch of the Pan-European distribution instead. Only a year later, Stefan Bollmann increased the capital of the company and moved the company headquarters to Eppelborn. The branch in wages but still remained sales seat with its good infrastructure as logistics and B2B -. In the following years the areas were strengthened intense order processing and logistics, so it is not surprising that today over 1,000 customers in 30 countries in and outside Europe put on the service from telconnect. Using state of the art computer systems, today 14 staff working to improve the service for customers, optimize routes and times and to occur for new customers as an attractive partner in the area of mobile wholesale.