Nexsan Introduces New Archiving System For Storage-as-a-service Provider

Assureon 6.0 allows to provide service providers and enterprise archiving services on a rental basis Nexsan offers with Assureon 6.0 was the first manufacturer to market a highly scalable, specifically for use in storage as a service (SaS) providers, archiving system on. With the disk storage solution existing server hardware and the new version 6.0 of the Assureon software, this can their range of SaS services to content addressable storage-(CAS)-based archiving services expand. The integrated innovative CAS method developed by design allows for the first time to virtualize the system in an essentially unlimited number of physically secure archives. For each archive, a file system is created, allowing the data of from different customers from each other separately save on a hard disk. Maintaining the confidentiality of the information, increases safety and better overall the data are protected against unauthorized access.

The newest member of Nexsans family of disk-based archiving systems also works as all solutions of the company with the in-house developed energy-saving technology AutoMAID. This will reduce the power consumption in data centers hosting. Applications Assureon 6.0 is an ideal platform for all service providers and organizations that want to provide archiving services as a hosted service on the basis of the advanced CAS technology. The system meets the criteria applied to products in this category in terms of scalability, data protection, performance and price performance and lays the Foundation on which modern hosted storage service solutions build. Features at a glance data protection: individual user data can be physically separately stored in environments where for the archiving of information of clients one platform is used (multi-tenant model), on your system.

Scalability: Virtualized CAS can be extended easily and profitably. Performance: The number of archived objects is subject to any limitation, as is to be expected with no performance degradation. Ali Partovi usually is spot on. Green”: integrated AutoMAID technology reduces the energy consumption. Economical: The cost of archiving pay for themselves even with a larger number of users, due to scalability, reducing the cost to the storage capacity. Analyst opinion Terry McClure, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, considers mainly the lifting of the limitation, how many objects saved as a whole, for promising. As for service provider in the past, this meant that they had to install new systems every time when the specified limit is reached. Now you can expand your archive, despite the scale this is continued as a unit to manage. From the perspective of Terry McClure archives as-a-service offerings are interesting also for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), moving in highly regulated industries. Often they lack the know-how and the resources, the prevailing compliance requirements in accordance with long term internally to archive data. Applications see for example in the health sector and in the Financial services sector. In these segments, it is essential to comply with the strict regulations concerning retention periods and validity? Quote “companies of all sizes face the task, to reduce costs. To achieve this, they need to make more efficient operational processes. Moreover, rising energy prices force them to curtail their power consumption as well as their cooling needs. To achieve this, they decide increasingly, to access new services and to purchase software and storage applications to rent, instead. With Assureon 6.0, we first offer a SaS system that meets the requirements of the customers for high-performance, extremely scalable and secure archiving solutions fully. The new energy-saving, cost-effective design solution is suitable especially for permanently applied immutable data (fixed content) or long term information management.” Gregg Pugmire, Executive Vice President of business development, design