General Microbiology

Microbiology: Mikros (= small) + Bio (= life) + logos (= science) Definition of Microbiology: area of the science that dedicates the study to it of the microrganismos, a vast and diverse group of unicellular organisms of reduced dimensions, that can be found as isolated or grouped cells in different arrangements (chains or masses), being that the cells, exactly being associates, would show an independent physiological character. Microorganisms: bacteria, fungos (leavenings and mildews), protozorios, microscopical seaweed and also the viruses (entities acelulares). Habitat: Currently it is known that the ecosystems and places inhabit all. Sprouting of the microbiology as Science: According to necessities of the society, epidemics suffered for the humanity, invention of the microscope. Evolution of the microbiology: Second half of century XX happens after which had the application of physical, chemical techniques, biochemists and genetic. It is differentiated in you discipline particular: General, agricultural, Industrial, medical microbiology and veterinary medicine.

The microbiology is a science that it looks to study organisms of miniature sizes that only can be defined under the comment through microscopical, being called of microorganisms. Amongst these the viruses are enclosed, protozorios, fungos and seaweed. Therefore a microbiologist becomes very difficult to have an ample knowledge of all these microorganisms. Being thus, the researchers look for to specialize themselves in the different areas of the microbiology, appearing then: Bacteriologists, Virologistas, Micologistas etc. The study he is of basic importance, not only in the direction of if knowing what the microorganisms also make of maleficent for our organism, as is the case of the infections, but for some beneficial aspects that they can bring for the humanity. We can cite the antibiotic development diverse, whose discovered he led to a revolution in the treatment of infectious illnesses, that were devastadoras until middle of this century. For much time the biologists had considered the existence of only two great kingdoms of beings livings creature: the animal kingdom and the vegetal kingdom.