Austrian Institute

The Austrian Institute for light and colour forms from April 2014 to the light and color consultant, as well as light- and color Energizers from. Information evenings on the 02.03.2010 and on the 08.04.2010 in Vienna. In three modules light, color, and the respective specialization the Austrian Institute provides the opportunity to receive extensive training and to obtain the diploma for light and colour consultation or light – and colour energy light and color for the first time. The two special modules for the professions of light and color consultant or light – and FarbenergetikerIn to the selection are available in addition to the two compulsory modules light”and colour”, in which basic knowledge is imparted. The training period is 16 months and ends with diploma thesis and diploma examination. Building, housing, planning, design the diploma course light and color analysis”focuses on the participants on consulting and brings all important aspects such as color chemistry, materials and surfaces design, building and interiors, solar construction and planning strategies and Wohnpsychologie. To read more click here: altavista. Therapy, relax, consult the Diploma course light and color engineering and therapy”has its focus in the areas of light and colour radiation effect on the organism, theories and therapies desire or uva Dinshah, almond, Ryberg, Martel. Similarly, relaxation training and consulting skills components of the course are.

In addition to the head of the Institute Prof. Karl A. Fischer among international researchers and teachers the lecturer team as Alexander Wunsch (Heidelberg, light Biology), Univ. Prof. Dr.

Richard Funk (Dresden, benefits and dangers of artificial light), Univ. Prof. Dr. Herbert climate (Vienna, bio photons/Biophysics) or the Swedish light researcher and architect Karl Ryberg. In addition to numerous placements to the topics lighting design, interior design, color psychology, or colour light treatment parts of the course are.