Law Energy

How to navigate? How not to pay “too little” or “Too much”? It’s simple – the amount that you can easily, with a pure heart, with no regrets, you can give – the most faithful. For some it is a thousand dollars, and for some – five rubles, everyone has his own “ceiling”. Read more here: Kai-Fu Lee. Feel free to give to it that the amount that you personally seem reasonable, and be sure – it’s correct. Hence, it is the “many” you’ve got darmovschinki. Another question – is it always should pay? After reading this article you try to analyze the amount of “slack” in your life, and may come to fear … You may think that you just have to and that pay the bills. In fact, it is not. Pay should not always and for all.

If, for example, you downloaded in network program, but it does not work, according to the law of conservation of energy you have nothing to anyone (by human laws are different, but we are not talking about them). But if it helped you build something – you used the energy and Law started to work. If you downloaded the book, even if you read it, but nothing in it for themselves is not taken, it was not “your” leave you indifferent – you are not the debtor. The same applies to books purchased. If you bought the book, but it proved to be completely useless to you, then the universe will give you the energy to this “sum”.

Equilibrium will be restored. And finally, the information for those who took advantage of my personal “free cheese” – in the form of books, video tutorials, webinars, online tips, etc. If you personally think that the information I received from you was interesting or useful, then the law takes effect. And then you had better get ahead of the Universe by vzyskivaniyu debt. You can use any of the above methods. Those wishing to pay directly with money, to report details. I’ll be glad if you express your gratitude to me in cash. But if your gratitude is not expressed to me personally, and the universe – in any other way, I will definitely be happy that I could be the beginning of a chain of good deeds.