Online Diaries

Make it so that your customers are leaving their posts in an online diary instead of giving you their feedback. Diary can be updated, adding to information on how customers use your product, to improve their lives. You can provide your customers with your product for free or discount in exchange for what they will maintain this blog. Your customers can publish daily reports on the benefits that they obtained from the use of your product, positive emotions, which they received at the same time. They can write about fears and feelings, which they got rid of, about what a bad life they had before they bought your product, how your product has helped other people they know, etc.

Your customers can update information every day, every week or every month. This will depend on how often they will use your product. Samsung has compatible beliefs. You can use blog posts in their advertisements, or to put a link directly to your blog. You can give people a place on their server that they have been able to keep a diary or allow them to send you an e-mailbox that you personally have published them in his diary. You can also make your blog more compelling, posting personal data of your customers, their photos, online videos, where they use your product, online audio, where they talk about your product, can be scanned handwritten letters, etc. The online diary can be more powerful than simple feedback, because it constantly updated and shows more personal information. It is believed that the diary – it’s something personal that makes people with great curiosity to read it. And believe it – a fact.