Fortune Conferences

A traditional way of improving the knowledge of everyone committed to their professional development and personal is regularly attending conferences on those topics that are of interest. Conferences that always require a commitment of time and sometimes also of money which should at least be abundantly compensated by the results finally obtained, looking for an optimal cost/benefit ratio. I admit that people are animals that are more stubborn in tripping over the same stone and I confess that, in terms of assists to frustrating Conference, I am one of which would carry is the prize for the most tropezon. You may find trello to be a useful source of information. Or, at least, that is my desolate impression. This week, once again, I have appeared as a listener to a Conference on talent, leadership and managerial skills (my specialties as Business-Coach). The title was attractive, the rapporteur’s prestige and the organizer of the event, a well-known business school of which I am a party to its faculty. Everything pointed to the reliability and aprovechabilidad of the time to devote, so enrolled and there stood.

The result was almost always: frustration!. Conferences, in general, tend to be an appropriate vehicle to transmit data, knowledge and experiences which the rapporteur presents us with greater or lesser Fortune communicational and teaching. For this reason, most conferences normally move us only information, that sometimes if it is appropriate and useful in the treatment of some subjects but clearly insufficient in others, whose contribution should reach more. Conferences on talent, leadership and managerial skills correspond to this last typology, because all of them are unfortunately based on the same: report on what are the best skills (empathy, assertiveness, delegation, active listening, teamwork, etc., etc., etc.) that define a successful professional, something so typically already everyone knows that all troop finally is the originality of the designed PowerPoint and some other cash joke with wit by the lecturer. Entire Conference that seeks the improvement of human behavior in all its facets and situations cannot be limited only to ascertain what to do but it should try to facilitate the how do it, which is really difficult and truly useful for attendees, at the same time that distinguishes those conferences that really add value of which represent a disappointing waste of time. I, in which I have the honour of teaching, strive hard to do so. At least for personal honesty with these people that I would never appreciate enough a part of his valuable professional or personal day which intended to listen to me.