Lamaze Technique

Giving birth is one of the most important events for a woman, which constitutes the very essence of existence. Here, Mikkel Svane expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Today, there are a lot of techniques used in childbirth, some of them through the help of medical equipment and drugs. But even if times are modern and everything is easy, nothing close to giving birth naturally. What is the Lamaze technique? The Lamaze technique is a technique for giving birth to the child that was developed by Dr. Fernando Lamas, a French obstetrician in early 1940. This procedure was developed as an alternative method for delivery, influenced by Soviet childbirth practices.

The Lamaze method includes relaxation techniques and breathing that are supervised by a midwife. This method became popular in the United States.UU. after 1959 by Marjorie Karmel, who applied this practice when she gave birth. What are birth Lamaze healthy practices? Birth Lamaze healthy practices are designed to promote childbirth with evidence-based standards of care. These standards are backed by research that examines the risks and benefits of different maternity care practices. Here are the six practices Lamaze healthy birth: walk, move and change position during childbirth: women who are in labor that move in time be confined in a bed is said to help manage the contractions, painful and intense, while moving the child entered with tenderness to all along her birth canal.

Bring a beloved or friend being for the continuous support: this practice was coined after the belief that during childbirth, the woman feels better when you are with people who trust, and people who are willing to encourage and support it. Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary: according to practitioners of the technique of Lamaze, a woman who is experiencing different medical interventions such as monitoring continuous epidural and induction are open to risks that may harm her and the child. To consider the use of these interventions therefore tends to be negative. Avoid giving birth back: this practice defeats the relaxed position of birth doctor. It is believed in this practice than the vertical positions, as lying on the side, sitting squat making it easier and safer for the woman to the stand to the baby. Keep mother and baby together: is better for the mother of the baby and breastfeeding. After giving birth, is a normal instinct that mother and child be close one to the other. The Lamaze technique practitioners recommend place baby newborn on the breast of the woman or in the abdomen.