The Science Of Jokes

Many people believe that it is a little hard to tell jokes. This can also vote. To one it is easier for the other slightly less. But what does it depend this? It is the nature of man, like so much in the world. The people who can have their fluency since their youth.

They are born Joke teller. But what makes a good joke? What are the different types of jokes are there? But what makes a good joke? First off a little tension is built up. Then comes the punch line. Here, then, for example, a fringe group (blondes) ridiculous. Types of jokes: There are fringe groups jokes (the most common form of jokes), mother, however, Irr, madness and so-called jokes, referring to an ancient time. They are applied to a current event. There are also so-called staircase pol jokes jokes that judgments about utensils (eg goods, peoples, minorities, groups).

The story of wit and is usually the Gruppenverstand this advance. Seriously, it is usually also a question as to laugh with a group of strangers, is told in the fun. A very large difference in the cultures so you can laugh at jokes about Americans, the Frenchman is a boring and vice versa. Jokes are also country-dependent. Read additional details here: charles koch. Funny jokes in many countries that can not stand up to it one or more people, so-called superiority of jokes. “Humor,” is actually derived from High German wizzi “knowledge” best joke to give it according to a study as well. I find out, however, not very funny. As I said – the various countries and Kulturen.Wir can indeed funny pictures treat, funny videos or any other type of humor, for the soul to relax a bit and let the day go merrily to the end.