Now we walk in what they call the 21st century. Technology has transformed the concept of power. Penniless citizens of so many old fabric is marching to the sound the renovated flutes of populism and frayed ideological dresses. And the democracy intended to simply dust off the trunks, shake the cobwebs, ask for restitution of the old monarchy that left the great lady exposed to the actions of the militarist prey. A related site: Viacom mentions similar findings. Associated with unduly is obvious – to market democracy, when the assailant of the naked dictatorship goes in lenguaradas only meet to claim absolute respect before the altar of private property. That is called ignore the evolution of thinking, especially because the lady that we are dealing with is not a body with eternal life which simply do not age, but is a set of thoughts and ideas that are performing in what I remembered throughout this text is called political action.

Or weak body is recognized as more important than the dresses or the restorers of the ancien regime is going to stay with the curly hair facts. The worst thing is not that they are, is let to an entire society at the mercy of predators. So for peace of Aristotle have to reinvent democracy, must be made of this century, giving response to complaints like that that goes over the eclipse of representation and parties as totalitarian owners of the nominations. In short, have to leave Blepiro solve his constipation and give him a little rest to Aristophanes, also because Aristophanes already there, what remains are simple Awards.