La Paz

As far as the senderismo, Granma saluted when his head Abimael Guzmn was catched by Fujimori in 1992. The right can be very hostile to I castrate but also it must recognize that he has played an important roll in being demobilizing the guerrillas and to cause that several of their leaders and movements have integrated to the present democracies representatives, and so ayudao is had to stabilize an unusual time in Latin America. For the first time during around two decades where almost all the region has had elect governments in multiin favor elections. Even though that I castrate has pushed its groups of comrades of arms towards going to the ballot boxes, it persists in maintaining the dictatorship of the official party, system that it sees like democratic more then, according to him, there is less social inequality more and popular participation. If when Fidel celebrated his 65 birthday saw as his great benefactor disintegrated itself (the USSR), when arriving at the 8 decades of life he could see that, although lost to socialist block, the relations with the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean happen through their better moment. Hugo Chavez landed in Havana in the 80 birthday of Fidel. The Venezuelan president has made to be enough breaking through the encirclement from the USA to the island.

Havana has impelled with La Paz, Managua and Caracas the Treaty of Commerce of the Towns, the same that is opposed to the ALCA of the USA. Fidel has seen fall to several friendly presidents his in the continent (Brazil 1964, Bolivia 1971, Chile 1973, Peru 1975, Granada 1983, Nicaragua 1990) but never before he has felt surrounded by so many near governments..

Video Editing

Devede is a product that allows the disc generation of different formats from video. It is very useful since it creates the files and it turns the files origin if it is necessary. In addition, it has the possibility of redimensionar the size, and even of applying a desentrelazado filter of eliminating those so annoying lines when visionamos planes in constant movement. License like lpg, and next I pass a small basic tutorial to you. Installation. In its official page, we have the option to lower in .tar format, or package .deb. In any case, in my Ubuntu 9,10 (Karmic Koala), the package is available in its version 3.13.1, reason why, through Synaptic he is as simple as to select it and to install it. Starting.

In Applications/Sound and Video, you will see the direct access DeVeDe. The first screen that appears is the following one: We leave from the hypothesis to choose DivX/MPEG-4. Next it appears to us the main screen: In the main screen, we consider: The menu file in case we want to keep the structure from the work that we commanded to DeVeDe to recover it at another moment, To add to say to him to DeVeDe what archives we want to include in the generation, the occupation for calculations of if we went or not of the support destiny and the format by defect. Important it is also the section of Options outposts, of which we will speak more ahead. If we added a file and we selected to the options outposts mainly Recomiendo two things: The eyelash ” Format of vdeo”.

In her we can decide what so large we want for the video destiny. You are careful with the option ” By defecto” , since if it does not detect it well, the result will badly be determine the proportions. In my case, to me it has happened trying to turn a file of video DVD to Divx and the result was with the extended image, So, to avoid problems, I recommend to you that you select the so large destiny directly. You also have well-taken care of with the aspect ratio (4: 3 or 16:9). The eyelash ” Calidad”. In her you will find the way to eliminate in annoying interlace of the videos to reproduce in television. There are several options to desentrelazar, but the one that I have tried it is the option of FFMpeg, and goes very well. If some has proven another one, can leave a commentary. You must think that these options are applied to the present video, and not to all altogether, so you do not forget in forming them (those that you want to form). And only you have left to add all the videos to the list, to give the button advanced and to specify where you want to keep the result. DeVeDe will generate a file to you .avi by each one of the videos including in the list. Original article in