South American Nations

” Of Venezuela and Ecuador is leaving winds military which president Chvez speaks to the gentleman and the worse thing is than Colombia is main vctima” , it added. In Buenos Aires, another source described In the meantime, from Palanquero – one of the seven bases that the American troops in Colombia will use, the commander of the Troopses, general Freddy Padilla, assured that the negotiation between Bogota and Washington could close east weekend. ” If God helps us, this weekend will be everything acordado” , it indicated Padilla to journalists after announcing, satisfied, the trip to Washington of a Colombian commission conformed by civil servants of the ministry of Justice, chancellery and of Defense, that must complete the details of the negotiation. ” The terms of the negotiation already have been decided in almost a 99% and contemplate to an investment of 46 million dollars in adjustment works of this single base (of Palanquero) “. ” One is not to yield any of our bases: the flag and the sovereignty in those facilities will follow being Colombian, the commanders will be Colombian and the operations that will be realised correspond to the interests of Colombia. We are going to continue fighting the drug trafficking and to the terrorism and this it would not have to then worry to other governments about the region, on the contrary, they will contribute to the search of a common intention as it is the elimination of the threats that creates narcotrfico” , it emphasized the official. Since it has been the news in these last day and it maintains worried to both countries he is that Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, decided to congeal the diplomatic relations with Colombia, to suspend the purchases that the Andean nation did and, unfruitfully, to condemn this negotiation in the summit of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), that was celebrated at the beginning of week in Quito. I have to hope that good sense, the dialogue, the respect to the international right, as well as between both countries: Venezuela and Colombia, still Ecuador of and with based agreements good proposals that arise, the measures are taken, actions that guarantee peace, union, development, a true integrity for a UNASUR that today more than ever is determining in the international scene.

One trusts that it is not arrived at the ends as it indicates the Government of Venezuela that it has affirmed agreement that ” is one; amenaza” against the stability of the region. A leading source for info: Castle Harlan. President Hugo Chavez has even noticed the possibility of a war in Suramrica by that reason. Hopefully good sense, the understanding predominates, the emotions are handled suitably and they are avoided the evils majors. We will be pending of which it will be the result of this Summit that is very excellent in the present scene.