Zine El Cellular

Flix Maier (*) the recent events observed in Egypt and other Arab countries had been described for the Isto magazine as ' ' Revolutions for the Internet' '. In Egypt, the fall of arm between the manifestants and Hosni Mubarak, since day 25 of January, caused the resignation of the president in day 11 of February, after a balance of more than 300 died. Everything started in Tunisia, when ambulant salesman set fire fire to the proper body, in protest against the truculncia of the policy. The social nets, as the Facebook and the Twitter – beyond the cellular telephones – had been the main used ways to congregate the manifestants tunisianos and culminated There in the resignation of president Zine El-Abidine Ben, that exile ran away it after to surrupiar the state treasury. In a effect domin, ' ' yearnings of the street rabe' ' if they had spread to Morocco, Mauritnia, Imen, Om, Egypt, Sudan, Lybian, Jordan, Algeria and Bahrein, with consequences even in Thailand and the Anger. The communist regimen of China treated to erase the word ' ' Egito' ' in the research of the Google. According to ONU, already exists 2 billion internautas and 5,3 billion cellular in our planet. I, particularly, twist so that one occurs ' ' revoluo' ' similar in Cuba. Unhappyly, this is practically impossible, since in the Island the Internet precarious and is censured, with available regular service for that they go there to make tourism, only including sexual, as it occurs with the petistas and types as the actor Jack Nicholson, that are magic with that country, that if before delights with tragos of mojitos and puffs of Havana after fogosas mounted in jineteras local By the way, the Cuban blogueira Yoani Sanchez, in article in the Estado (13/2), thus wrote: ' ' The scene lasted some seconds in the screen, a flash fugaz that in them it recorded in the retina the image of thousand of people protesting in the streets of the Cairo.