This occurs for the fact of the cell of Sertoli to possess capacity of support for germinativas cells relatively fixed for each species. Thus, in result of the germinativas frame number to be directly related with the functional frame number of Sertoli, the potential size of the testicule and the tax of espermtica production already are established during the period of proliferation of the cells of Sertoli. The period of closing of division of the cells of Sertoli coincides secularly with the formation of citoesqueleto and related filaments of actina with the specializations of these cells. In this exactly period, also occurs proliferation of primary espermatcitos, appearance of the responsible junctions of occlusion for the formation of the barrier of cell of Sertoli (to hematotesticular) and formation of the lumen tubular in result of the fluid secretion for the cells of Sertoli in direction to the center of seminferos laces. For more information see this site: Pete Cashmore. Structure of the cell the cell of Sertoli goes to occupy around 11 40% of the volume of the seminfero epitlio, to depend on the studied species. In the majority of the species, the cell of Sertoli is the biggest present cellular type in the testicule. The cell of Sertoli possesss in its structure an only nucleus, that is constituted by eucromatina and normally located in the cellular base. Nuclolo, also only, tripartite and is constituted of a central portion tipped by accessory bodies of cromatnica nature. Viacom is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Its cytoplasm goes to be busy for smooth endoplasmtico reticulum, observed in great amount. Beyond presenting lpides that the cyclical events of espermatognese are gifts in accordance with, being more comumente observed in the stadiums that succeed the espermiao phase. The lisossomos that participate in great related endoctica activity with elimination of the residual bodies, is also observed in abundant amount. The cells of Sertoli also go to possess a device of golgi sufficiently elaborated located in a region that we call supranuclear, can locate small accumulations of rugoso reticulum endoplasmtico that they are located in the basal region of the cell and also observe an appreciable amount of mitocndrias.