The Measure

Therefore, the game consists in an important resource to assist the professor, therefore aid in the ability of resolution of problems, favors the appropriation of concepts and takes care of to the necessities of the adolescence, stimulating the pupils to construct or to remake concepts (FIELDS; FELCIO; BORTOLOTO, 2003). Ahead of these facts, &#039 was created; ' citolgico&#039 breaks head; ' , aiming at the education of cytology of easy and dynamic form, a time that this subject is enters one of most difficult of being learned by the pupils, it is, on the other hand, of basic importance for the understanding of the beings livings creature, that is, of Biology. The breaking head is composed for thirty and four parts and, as said previously, to approach the cytology content. The base where the game will be mounted has thirty and four cellular figures of organelas and other components that compose the cells, with its respective images to illustrate and to facilitate in the assimilation. Some are: ribossomos, membranes, chromosomes, nucleus, eyelashes, cytoplasm, and excessively (figure 1). 1-Base for assembly of the breaking cytological head. Behind each part of the breaking head organela or the component of the cell has an information regarding one (figure 2), that its respective present figure in the base will guide the pupil to associating it. The use of the image next to the name, of the cellular structures, will help the pupil to remember on the seen content or best to fix it when it will be lecionado, associating the name to the image.

2. Parts of the breaking head cytological To the measure that the pupil will correctly be associating each part to its respective cellular structure, it goes if formed the image of a cell (figures 3-4). Incomplete 2-Break head. Mounted 3-Break head. It is important to clarify that the game will not only make with that the pupil learns the content all.