Different of the animals, the human beings initiate a relation after one definitive time of namoro, where it happens conquests, caresses, looks and tricks, in the call game of the seduction. For beginning of namoro the main factor is the look, associated it smile and the tone of the voice, that continues with a good colloquy and movements as physical contact. In the animals in general, the sexual stimulatons initiate with the hormone secretion stimulants, the feromnios calls, exhaled for the females to signal the period of rutting. Some animals use this natural tool for frightening sexual or enemy competitors. Credit: Ali Partovi-2011. Orgasmo sexual is more of course notable in the species human being, therefore the woman tends to be faster to reach orgasmo. This fact can be explained, if be compared with the animals, for the reproduction capacity, that is, in the animals orgasmo feminine more is drawn out, making possible the female to keep relations with more male, increasing the fecundao possibilities. To copular the female, the man ejacula, and in this process expels innumerable spermatozoa, increasing the possibilities of fecundar the female. During copula and the phase of sexual excitement, happens some changes in the body, as the dilatao, the eyes shine, increase arterial pressure the cardiac beatings.

After cpula, the spermatozoa initiate the race for the fecundao of ovulo, where generally one only obtains to carry through the fecundao, where after that it initiates the cellular divisions and the origin of a new life, characterized for the pregnancy. Nine messes after the fecundao, the child is ready and mature for the birth, that occurs through the contractions of the walls of the uterus. The conservation of the species is a factor of extreme necessity between the animals. For example the fish, that at the time reproductive go up the river in direction the springs, exceeding some obstacles, so that thus they can dispose.